Cables to Go 30506 Owner's manual

Cables to Go 30506 Owner's manual
User’s Manual
USB 2.0 4-Port Manual Share Switch
Item No.: UH846
Safety Instructions
Always read the safety instructions carefully
Keep this User’s Manual for future reference
Keep this equipment away from humidity
Lay this equipment on a reliable flat surface before setting it up
If any of the following situation arises, get the equipment checked by a service
o The equipment has been exposed to moisture
o The equipment has been dropped and damaged
o The equipment has obvious sign of breakage
o The equipment has not working well or you cannot get it work
according to User’s Manual.
This USB 4-port manual share switch is a multi-function product, which enables four
computers to share a USB device or multiple devices by a hub. Quickly switch right
among computers by double click hot key (Scroll Lock). The installation is easy with
plug and play convenience.
Compliant with USB 2.0 specification
USB 4 channel switches ( 4 USB type-B connecters, 1 USB type-A connecter )
Supports 4 computer sharing with 1 device
Switch among computers by using hot key from keyboard
Provides bus-power of 100mA per port
4 LED (green) port status indicators
System Requirements
IBM – compatible PC.
MS Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
USB ports available
USB 2.0 4-Port Share Switch
4 USB type-B connecters (to computers)
1 USB type-A connecter (to a device or a hub)
Bus-powered, 500 mA each port
Push Button
Status Lights
Storage Temperature
4-port indicator LEDs
Working Temperature
Hardware Installation
Plug one side of USB cable into a USB port of PC and the other side into share switch
USB type B port. Each PC has right to access a device, when the related LED is on. If
any PC would like to have right to access the device, just double click Scroll Lock
1. Use one USB cable to connect PC1 and share switch USB type B port, whose LED
will blink couple times and keep light on, which means PC1 has right to access the
USB device.
2. Use another USB cable to connect PC2 and share switch USB type B port. The
system will detect this share switch automatically. Now the PC2 is ready to use, but
has no right to a device yet. You just double click the Scroll Lock button at
keyboard, the PC2 related LED will blink couple time and keep light on. Now PC2
has right to use the device. ( Same installation for PC3 and PC4 )
After connecting any USB device to our share switch, you are ready to use the USB
4-port manual share switch by double clicking Scroll Lock button ( Hot Key ) on
Remark: The button on the switch is for resetting the right of the device. After
pressing the button, you just double any Scroll Lock button of a keyboard, whose
PC will get right to access the device.
4 computers share 1 device
4 computers share multiple devices:
Remark: Please don’t switch the right of use during data transferring. It will cause
data lost.
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