Wireless Connection Installation Manual Android

Wireless Connection Installation Manual Android
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Wireless Connection Installation Manual
Last updated: October 2011
Department of Computing and Communications
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, Newfoundland
This document is written using a “vanilla” configuration of Android, any user of this guide should be
aware that third party programs may interfere with configuring the wireless network. This guide is
intended as a “best effort” setup. The steps detailed in this guide have been tested and working on
Android version 2.2, using the built in Wireless utility. Due to the nature of wireless networking,
additional wireless drivers and/or troubleshooting may be needed, but this would have to be evaluated
on a case-by-case basis and is to be understood by client and support personnel that all work is done as
“best effort”.
Android Mun Wireless Configuration
• A device running
ng the Android operating system, which supports the 802.1x security settings.
• Your wireless account, and SSID can be generated online
online, using the DAT form, at
1. Click the Menu button on your pho
phone, and tap “Settings” on your device
2. Tap “Wireless & Networks””
3. Ensure Wi-Fi
Fi is turned on, and tap “Wi-Fi settings”
4. Tap “Add Wi-Fi network”
5. Type in the SSID given to you when you complet
completed the DAT form (see requirements above),
select “802.1x Enterprise” for the security, and ensure the EAP method is “PEAP
PEAP” and the Phase
2 is “MSCHAPV2”
6. Scroll down the same
me page (from step 5) and type in your user name and password, then tap
7. Provided you are in a wireless service area, your device should now connect automatically, and
you should see the signal strength “fan” in you status bar.
8. If your device cycles through “scanning, connecting, disconnecting” this is sometimes normal
and you may connect normally in 30 – 60 seconds. If it does not, turn your Wi--Fi off and then
back on and let your device attempt on it
itss own again. If it still does not work, you may wish to
call the Service Desk at 864
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