Wireless Connection Installation Manual BlackBerry Curve (5.0)

Wireless Connection Installation Manual BlackBerry Curve (5.0)
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Wireless Connection Installation Manual
BlackBerry Curve (5.0)
Last updated: June 2011
Department of Computing and Communications
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, Newfoundland
This document is written using BlackBerry device running version 5.0, any user of this guide should be
aware that certain items may appear differently than displayed. This guide is intended as a “best
effort” setup. The steps detailed in this guide have been tested and working. Due to the nature of
wireless networking, additional wireless drivers and/or troubleshooting may be needed, but this would
have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is to be understood by client and support personnel
that all work is done as “best effort”.
BlackBerry Mun Wireless Configuration
• BlackBerry handheld with the following capabilities:
o 802.11g wireless
o WPA Enterprise security
• Your wireless account, and SSID can be generated using our DAT form, online at
1. Press your BlackBerry Button and select “Manage Connections”
2. Select the “Set Up Wi-Fi
Fi Network
Network” item:
3. Click “Next” at the Setup wizard
4. Select “Manually Add Network””:
5. Enter the SSID that was given to you when you processed the DAT form (either fac, stu, or guest),
and press “Next”:
6. Enter the Required information:
a. For the “Security Type” select “WPA/WPA2 Enterprise”
b. Select
elect “PEAP” as the Sub
c. Enter
nter your Username and Password
d. Select
elect “Thawte Premium Server CA” as the Certificate
e. Ensure “EAP-MS-CHAP
CHAP v2” is selected as your “Inner link security”
7. When you have confirmed all the above settings, select ““Connect”
itss first connection to the wireless network (fac is used in this
8. Wait for your device to establish it
9. Save the profile using the default name provided (in the example below “fac” has been used):
sented with the “Success” screen, click Finish.
10. You will now be presented
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