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Ethernet is an ideal medium to transport large volumes of data, at speed, across great distances. Previously, multiple networks carrying specific protocols were installed side by side to carry out unique tasks.
This inevitably led to project costs increasing as additional fiber optic or copper cables were installed to
deal with the increasing volume of data. Using Ethernet a single fiber optic cable can carry multiple protocols. Furthermore, manufacturers are exporting their legacy protocols onto Ethernet, designing new IP
based communication protocols and providing embedded Web-Pages within devices that offer real-time
information using simple tools like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
Early Ethernet were based on a hub or repeater. These units have no intelligence and therefore are unable
to identify any information contained within the Header frame of an Ethernet packet. This means that it is
not capable of determining which port to send the frame to. Therefore, every frame is sent to every port.
A switch, like a hub, has to forward and receive packets from one network or device to another. The
switch could forward all packets, but if this was the case it would have similar behaviour to a hub. It would
be more intelligent if the switch only forwarded packets which needed to travel from one network or device
to another.
ICP DAS Professional Provider of High Quality Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Products
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High Reliability Industrial Ethernet Switch for Rugged Environment
Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
Industrial rated Switches are intended to be
installed in both harsh climatic environments and
noisy electrical installations. Such Switches are an
excellent example of true industrial design
Very high operating temperatures (down to
-30°C and up to 75°C)
Wide DC operating voltages
Media Converter
The utilization of fiber optic data transmission for
industrial automation and process control has
become increasingly popular over the past
decade. A basic fiber optic system, using an
optical transceiver circuit and fiber optic media,
offers a wide array of benefits that are not available with traditional copper conductors.
IP67 Water Proof Switch
IP67 Ethernet Switches are designed for use in
industrial waterproof/harsh environments.The
rugged packaging and IP67 connectors guarantee
a total protection that can withstand a variety of
extreme conditions such as high temperatures,
extreme shocks & vibrations, dust particles or
even liquid immersion. They can be directly
mounted to any machine or convenient flat
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Real-time Redundant Ring Switch
The Real-time Redundant Ring Switch offers fault-tolerant industrial Ethernet with ring network topology.
The built-in ICP DAS proprietary Cyber-Ring technology detects and recovers from a fiber or copper link
failure within approximately 50ms – for the majority of applications a seamless process. Modbus/TCP,
Modbus/RTU and OPC supported, SCADA application can monitor status of Ethernet and fiber port with
Modbus or OPC protocol. And, the relay output facility can deliver warning signal while dual power or
network link failure.
Ring Switch
Ring Switch
Ring Switch
Backup path
Ring Switch
Managed Ethernet Switch
The ICP DAS Managed Switch provides a cost-effective managed Ethernet solution for industrial control
and automation. It provides lots of powerful managed functions, such as 802.1Q Tag-based VLAN, Portbased VLAN, 802.1p QoS (Quality of Service), Port Trunking, Spanning Tree, Cable Testing and Port Mirroring. These managed functions can be configured through RS-232 port via serial console or Ethernet port
using telnet or Web browser. In addition, the built-in Cyber-Ring technology offers real-time fault-tolerant
ring topology to increase the reliability and performance of network. This is an ideal Managed Switch for
industrial environments.
ICP DAS Professional Provider of High Quality Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Products
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