Persons booking/using Prospect Lake Community Hall are responsible for:
- Taking care of and returning the Hall Key to the Lock Box by the front door.
- If required, purchase, display, and obey all the requirements of a Liquor License.
- SET-UP and put away all the chairs and tables, as they were found.
(A suggested layout can be found in the rental info. binder behind the bar.)
- DECORATING: Helium balloons, confetti, rice are NOT permitted.
Do NOT use staples or tacks on walls, MaskingTape is permitted.
Do NOT hang decorations from TV Projector, wall or exit lights. Wall hooks
are provided. Wall damage will be deducted from your deposit.
-SOUND / VIDEO SYSTEM: Should be operated by experienced people; operating instructions
can be found and followed in the information binder.
- KITCHEN: Ensure the kitchen is left clean and tidy.
Use Appliances properly and safely in compliance with posted instructions.
Remove any left over food and drinks, wipe clean counters, sink, stove, microwave, cooler,
fridge and coffee urn.
Mop kitchen floor.
Ensure all garbage and recyclables are placed in the proper receptacles outside of hall.
Key is on the wall beside the kitchen door.
- HALL: NO Smoking is permitted inside. Hall occupancy limit is: 150 people.
Ensure all Fire Exit Doors are clear of chairs and tables.
Hall doors must be closed by 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday, 10:00 PM Sunday
to Thursday. (municipal noise by-law).
Noise complaints by neighbours will result in a $100.00 deduction from your deposit.
*N.B. If Police are called to your event your total deposit will be forfeited.*
Turn the heat timer to the Off position; please do NOT adjust heat setting.
Turn Off all interior lights; and check all doors are locked from the exterior.
- The Property including Parking Lot must be completely vacated by 1:00 am.
*Cars left overnight will not be towed away.
I the undersigned have read, understand and accept all the above conditions.
Date:___/_____/______ Booking Date:_____________________________________
Any questions please call 250-479-8018
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