AJ3980 AJ3980
CD clock radio
A touch of magic
touch screen control
Wake to your favorite tune
• CD playback and wake-up track
• Digital tuning with presets
Easy to use
• LCD touch screen control
• Big display for easy reading
• Dual alarm
• Alarm time display
Start the day your way
• Gentle wake (increasing alarm volume)
• Sleep timer
• Repeat alarm
CD clock radio
Standard product information
Clock/ alarm
• Quartz-operated clock
• Wake up to radio or buzzer
• Dual alarm
• Gentle wake (increasing alarm volume)
• Sleep timer (up to 60 minutes)
• Repeat alarm (9 minutes)
• Daily alarm reset
• Time indication
• Digital tuning
• 10 radio station presets
• Wavebands
• Frequency ranges
FM 87.5 - 108 MHz
AM 531 - 1602 kHz
Sound system
• Loudspeaker
64 mm (2.25”)
• Max. output power (RMS)
(+1 dB; D<10%)
100 mW
• LCD touch panel control
• Multi-functional display with amber backlight
• Smooth brightness control (fade in, fade out)
• Headphone socket
Power supply
• AC/DC adapter included
• 120 V, 60 Hz
• Self-powered back up built in, 3 minutes
• Material
• Weight
• Dimensions
3.53 lbs
6.2” W x 4.9” H
x 7.7” D
Packaging dimensions
8.0” W x 6.8” H
x 9.5” D
Master pack dimension 9.8” W x 7.36” H
16.4” D
Package weight
11.9 lbs
Quantity/ Mastercarton 6
Country of origin
OTC exchange
CD playback and wake-up track
Gives you the choice of waking up to your favorite CD
track, radio station or alarm buzzer.
Digital tuning with 10 presets
By allocating favorite radio stations a preset number,
it’s quick and convenient to return to them without
having to remember frequencies.
LCD touch screen control
Touch screen let’s you control CD, radio and time/ alarm
set features.
Big display for easy reading
Big LCD ensures good visibility of the displayed
Dual alarm
Two alarms that can be set independently.
Alarm time display
A continuous display shows both the current time and
the time that the alarm is set to go off, giving constant
reassurance to the alarm user.
Repeat alarm
Automatically resets the alarm for the same time on the
next day, so you don’t have to keep manually resetting
the alarm.
Gentle wake (increasing alarm volume)
Gentle Wake lets you customize your alarm volume to
the level you need to wake up.When the wake-up time
arrives, the alarm will switch on and the volume will
gradually increase until the sound wakes you up.
Sleep timer
Sleep timer can be programmed to allow music to play
for any period up to 60 minutes. Once the selected time
period has expired, the clock switches to stand-by mode.
UPC: 037849931844
Master Pack UPC: 10037849931841
Printed in Hong Kong 2003-01-15
Specifications subject to modification
without notice
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All rights reserved
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