rugby tag - Community Games

rugby tag - Community Games
Event Type - Team Event
Age Category – Mixed U11 Over 8 / Mixed U14 Over 11
Panel Size – 12 (Team 7 +5 Substitutes - Minimum of 2 Girls on Field at all times)
All Panel members Present at National Festival MUST Compete
Size 4 Ball will be used
Players playing may wear specially designed and manufactured “Sports Goggles” provided that (a) They only
allow the player to have properly corrected vision and do not substantially restrict any normal field of
vision. (b) They do not constitute a physical danger to the wearer or other players.
All teams must wear numbered tops
Substitutions: Players can rotate on and off as many times as require during the match.
The duration of the Match will be 15 minutes each half. In the event of draw, extra time (5 minutes a
side) is played. In the case of it still being a draw after extra time, sudden death (first team to score a
try wins) is played.
Pitch size where possible will be:
(a) Under 11 will be 40m wide x 60m in length.
(b) Under 14 will be 60m wide & 80m long.
Method of scoring
A try shall be worth 1 point.
After a try has been scored the game restarts from the centre of the field with a tap and
pass, by the non-scoring team.
Note: When playing on hard surfaces a try is scored by players merely running over the goal line with
the ball. The definition of the surface will be at the discretion of the referee.
a) No forward passes are allowed and will be penalised by a tap and pass being given to the nonoffending team. A forward pass is any pass where the ball travels in the direction of the opponent’s
goal line. Note: - A pass directly sideways is allowed.
The “Tackle” (Tag)
Only the player with the ball can be tagged and a tag is simply the removal by a defender of
one of the two tags from the ball carrier. Ball carriers can run or dodge potential taggers. Ball
carriers cannot fend off or guard or shield their tags in any way.
Note: -Defenders should keep their head to the side or behind the ball carriers body for safety.
The defender holds the tag above their head and shouts tag for all to hear. They must step
back at least 1m from the ball carrier allowing space from them to pass.
Defenders are not allowed to snatch the ball from the player’s hand.
Once tagged the player in possession of the ball must attempt to stop as soon as possible
and pass the ball within 3 seconds of being tagged.
Immediately after the pass has been made the defender must then present the tag back to
the tackled player. The defender can take no further part in the game until they have
returned the tag.
Note: Giving the tag back simulates time taken up by defenders when tackling in full contact rugby
and stops defenders being unrealistically active in some forms of touch rugby. It also maintains space
for the attacking team.
Players must receive back their tags as no player can take any further part in the game
without both tag properly in place on their belt.
Note: There should be no tags on the playing surface at any time.
Tap and pass
A tap and pass is used to start the game (from the centre of the field) or to restart it
at the place where the ball went out of play or where the infringement took place.
Note: If an infringement takes place over the goal line or within 5m of the goal line, then a
tap and pass should be awarded to the non-offending team 5m out from the goal line to
create some space.
At a tap and pass the ball is held in two hands and on the instruction “PLAY” By the
referee the player taps the ball with his foot and passes the ball to a team mate.
The player making a tap and pass must pass the ball and not just pick it up and run
The ball must be passed through the air and not taken from the hands of the first
To ensure safe practice the receiver of a tap and pass should start from no more
than 2m behind the passer.
The opposition cannot start moving forward until the player has tapped the ball.
At a tap and pass the opposition must be 10m back.
Ball out of play
If the ball or carrier goes out of play a tap and pass is given to the other team from the
Each team has 5 tags to score, on the 6th tag, possession changes (a turn over).
That the ball must be carried in two hands at all times.
The Sin bin.
Players can sin binned for 5 minutes for the following:
Deliberate aggressive fouling of any kind.
Continuous fouling or unsporting behaviour.
Sending Off:
A player may be sent off for the following:
Striking or kicking an opponent
Verbal abuse or use of bad language towards opponents or officials
A player who is sent off shall not be allowed to take any further part in that game or
in the following game that his team participates in
A player in the act of scoring is allowed one step after being tagged to score.
Tags worn one on each hip must be no shorter than 12 inches.
In the event of draw, extra time (5 minutes a side) is played. In the case of it still being a
draw after extra time, sudden death (first team to score a try wins) is played.
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