Philips MZ-1200/22 User manual

Philips MZ-1200/22 User manual
Micro Hi-Fi System
Technical and Rugged
Emotive Micro System with double layer, sand-blasted construction of aluminium,
lightweight, corrosion-resistant shell and twin shield speaker guards of carbon steel and
high-impact polystyrene.
• Sand-blasted aluminium alloy
• Limited edition
• Pocket size remote control
• Incredible Surround™ for enhanced audio enjoyment
• Treble and Bass Control for easy high and low tone settings
• Plays CD-RW and MP3-CD
Micro Hi-Fi System
• Output Power: 2 x 50 watts music power
• Sound Enhancement: Incredible Surround, Treble
and Bass Control
• Main Speaker: 2-way, Bass Reflex Speaker System,
3" full-range woofer, Speaker grilles detachable
Audio Playback
• Playback Media: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3-CD
• Disc Playback Modes: 99-Track Programmable,
• Loader Type: Motorised, Slot
Auto digital tuning
Station presets: 40
Tuner Bands: FM Stereo, MW
Tuner Enhancements: Auto Store, Easy Set (Plug
and Play)
• Aux in: Line in
• Headphones: 3.5 mm
• Other connections: FM Antenna, MW Antenna,
Line out
Alarms: CD Alarm, Radio Alarm
Clock: On main display
Display Type: LCD
Backlight colour: Orange
Indications: DIM mode
Eco Power Standby: 1 watt
• Included accessories: AC Power Cord, FM/MW
Antenna, Interconnect cable, Power box,
Telescopic antenna
• Remote control: 18-key with battery
• Set dimensions (W x H x D): 112 x 245 x 235 mm
• Main speaker dimensions (W x H x D):
112 x 245 x 235 mm
• Power box (WxHxD): 238 x 68 x 158 (7.2" x 3.2"
x 3.4") mm
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
572 x 362 x 330 mm
• Weight incl. Packaging: 12 kg
Sand-blasted aluminium alloy
Sand-blasted aluminium alloy
Limited edition
Limited edition
Pocket size remote control
Pocket size remote control
Incredible Surround™
Incredible Surround is an audio technology from
Philips that dramatically magnifies the sound field to
immerse you in the audio. Using state-of-the-art
electronic phase shifting, Incredible Surround mixes
sounds from left and right in such a way that it
expands the virtual distance between the two
speakers. This wider spread greatly enhances the
stereo effect and creates a more natural sound
dimension. Incredible Surround allows you to
experience total surround with greater depth and
width of sound, without the use of additional
Treble and Bass Control
Treble and bass are equalizer features that control
the high and low frequency sound levels of your
audio respectively. Treble specifically regulates the
amplification of the high tones in the music, while
bass controls the amplification level of the low tones.
Using the up and down keys, the listener can
conveniently place more or less emphasis on the low
and high tones, or leave treble and bass flat to play
back music according to its original recorded setting.
Treble and Bass Control lets you listen to your
music the way you like it.
Plays CD-RW and MP3-CD
Plays CD-RW and MP3-CD
Issue date 2016-11-16
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