Solar module SP65
When it comes to reliable and
environmentally-friendly generation of
electricity from sunlight, solar modules
from Siemens provide the perfect
solution. Manufactured in compliance
with the most stringent quality
standards, Siemens Solar modules are
designed to withstand the toughest
environmental conditions and are
characterized by their long service life.
Siemens Solar modules are covered by a
25-year limited warranty on power
output – your guarantee of trouble-free
solar power generation.
PowerMax® technology
Siemens’ proprietary PowerMax®
technology optimizes the energy
production of individual cells and solar
modules for all types of environmental
conditions. PowerMax® process
optimization includes a special refining
technique for ingots, a clean room
semiconductor grade production
process, and a multistage proprietary
TOPS™ (Texture Optimized Pyramidal
Surface) process. The TOPS process
incorporates the formation of textured
pyramids on the surface of the solar cell.
These pyramids are then specially
treated to passivate the surface. The
cell’s optical properties are optimized for
maximum absorption of photons from
the sun’s light. TOPS also maximizes
photon absorption from direct and
diffused light (typical under cloudy
conditions). This means that light
absorption is especially high, even at low
light levels. Siemens PowerMax® solar
cells deliver maximum energy
throughout the day.
Solar module
Rated power:
Limited Warranty:
65 Watts
25 Years
Certifications and Qualifications
• UL-Listing 1703
• IEC 61215
• TÜV safety class II
• JPL Specification No. 5101-161
• CE mark
• FM Certification
Intelligent module design
Solar module SP65
• All cells are electrically matched to assure the
greatest power output possible.
Electrical parameters
• Ultra-clear tempered glass provides excellent light
transmission and protects from wind, hail, and
• Torsion and corrosion resistant anodized
aluminum module frame ensures dependable
performance, even through harsh weather
conditions and in marine environments.
12 V/6 V
Maximum power rating Pmax
[Wp] 1)
Rated current IMPP
Rated voltage VMPP
Short circuit current ISC
Open circuit voltage VOC
45+_ 2
Thermal parameters
High quality
• Every module is subject to final factory review,
inspection and testing to assure compliance with
electrical, mechanical and visual criteria.
Temp. coefficient: short-circuit current
2.06 mA / °C
Temp. coefficient: open-circuit voltage
-.077 V / °C
Qualification test parameters 4)
Temperature cycling range
• 36 PowerMax® single-crystalline solar cells deliver
excellent performance even in reduced-light or
poor weather conditions.
Humidity freeze, Damp heat
• Cell surfaces are treated with the Texture
Optimized Pyramidal Surface (TOPS™) process to
generate more energy from available light.
Wind Loading
• Durable back sheet provides the module
underside with protection from scratching, cuts,
breakage, and most environmental conditions.
Maximum distortion
50 [2400]
Hailstone impact
Inches [mm]
1.0 [25]
Pounds [kg]
52 [v=23]
16.7 [7.6]
Voltage-current characteristic 5)
1) Wp (Watt peak) = Peak power
(Minimum Wp = 60 Watts)
• Laboratory tested and certified for a wide range of
operating conditions.
• Ground continuity of less than 1 ohm for all
metallic surfaces.
600 (1000 V Per ISPRA)
• Fault tolerant multi-redundant contacts on front
and back of each cell provide superior reliability.
• Solar cells are laminated between a multi-layered
polymer backsheet and layers of ethylene vinyl
acetate (EVA) for environmental protection,
moisture resistance, and electrical isolation.
Maximum system voltage
-40 to +85
Air Mass
AM = 1.5
E = 1000 W/m2
Cell temperature
Tc = 25 °C
Normal Operating Cell Temperature at:
E = 800 W/m2
Ambient temperature Tu = 20 °C
Wind Speed
vw = 1 m/s
Diagonal lifting of module plane
Per IEC 61215 test requirements
12 volt configuration
Current (amps)
• Built-in bypass diodes (12V configuration) help
system performance during partial shadowing.
Voltage (volts)
• Manufactured in (ISO 9001) certified facilities to
exacting Siemens quality standards.
Easy installation
Module dimensions
• ProCharger™-CR junction box accepts conduit,
cable or wire and is designed for easy field wiring.
Maximum cable
diameter: 4mm2
Type of protection: IP44
• Lightweight aluminum frame and pre-drilled
mounting holes for easy installation.
• Factory configured for 12V operation and may be
reconfigured in the field for 6V operation.
Your address for photovoltaics from Siemens Solar
• Modules may be wired together in series or
parallel to attain required power levels.
Performance warranty
• 25 Year limited warranty on power output.
Hole Diameter 0.26 inch (6.6mm)
Mounting hole dimensions are center to center
Further information on solar products, systems,
principles and applications is available in the
Siemens Solar product catalog.
Siemens modules are recyclable.
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