Smart solutions for safe and drug-free schools

Smart solutions for safe and drug-free schools
Smart solutions for safe
and drug-free schools
Keeping students safe with
proven and affordable solutions
Focusing on their safety,
so they can focus on
As an educator, you strive to create an environment that nurtures
personal growth and promotes
learning free of distractions and
threats. The U.S. Department of
Education agrees that without a
safe school environment teachers
cannot teach and students cannot
tions are effective, practical, and
affordable. They address school
needs head-on. Best of all, they
work in concert with one another
to provide a comprehensive safety
and security solution.
Peace of mind
in a risky world
Parents look to our schools to
Access Control
Video Surveillance
Intrusion Detection
Trace Detection
Fire Detection
Visitor Management
Comprehensive school
safety and security
from GE...
keep their children safe. But there
are overwhelming challenges
to maintaining safe and orderly
learning environments. Vandalism
and theft, bullying and intimidation, unwelcome visitors, weapons,
and drugs all make an educator’s
job one of the toughest in the
Providing students with a quality
education is a delicate balancing
act. The realities and demands are
many and are critical. At GE, we
understand the challenges facing
educators and administrators as
you struggle to protect students
and staff from harm. Our solu-
GE Security in action
GE is committed to partnering with educators to help keep
schools safe and drug free by
providing advanced solutions at a
reasonable cost. We believe it is
possible to dedicate your limited
resources to quality education
and at the same time implement a
tough and effective policy regarding safety and drugs on school
efit from lower installation costs,
greater system-wide efficiency,
and more powerful reporting capabilities.
As a comprehensive solution,
safety and security is easier to
manage. Shared monitoring and
control functions paint a more
vivid picture of events as they
occur. It better equips responders
with the information they need
for quick and effective action. And
when school safety and security
are on the line, action is one thing
that can’t risk a failing grade. After
all, helping children become more
successful learn­ers by creating
safe and drug-free schools is a
task worth mastering.
Safety in numbers
Individually each of our solutions
stands solidly on its own, providing protection and reducing risk to
your students. When implemented
together you benefit from the
synergy of shared technology and
application expertise, that result
in a whole that is greater than the
sum of its parts. Your schools ben-
Innovative solutions, shared technology, and
application expertise from GE makes schools safer
and more secure. To find out more, contact your
GE Security representative today, or visit us at
A pervasive problem...
Number of violent incidents on school
property that required police intervention.¹
Percentage of students who have been
offered, sold or given drugs at school.¹
Number of drug possession arrests among
juveniles in 2004.¹
A comprehensive solution...
Deterring violence, theft
and vandalism
Controlling access to
students and campuses
Video Surveillance
Perimeter, hallway, and school bus video
surveillance provides security coverage to
more of your school without increasing staff.
Integrated systems help detect and deter
crime and provide clear records when there is
an incident.
• Conventional, pan-tilt-zoom, and discreet
surveillance cameras
• Digital recorders
• Monitors
• School bus wireless transmitters
• IP-based networking
• System control
• Intelligent image analysis
Fire Detection
Intelligent multisensor smoke detectors reduce false alarms. Voice audio provides clear
evacuation instructions. Compact audible/visible signals cannot be confused with class
change tones.
• Fire alarm systems
• Intelligent smoke detection
• Emergency notification signals
• Integrated graphical controls
• Multiple language support for emergency
Access Control
GE access control systems protect students and staff
from intruders, and secure sensitive areas such as labs,
offices, workshops, and student records.
• Access control software
• Photo ID credentials
• Biometrics-based key management
• Card readers, keypads, and control panels
• Visitor management systems
Number of school-associated violent deaths
reported between 1992 and 2002.¹
Number of children too afraid
to go to school each day.²
Number of fires reported in schools
Detecting & reducing drugs
and explosives on campus
Source: NCES School Crime and Safety Report, 2005
U.S. Department of Justice & NASP
National Fire Protection Association
Detecting and
communicating threats
Sound and Communication
Engineered expressly for schools, GE sound
and communications systems reach classroom occupants in emergencies or just for
day-to-day needs.
• School intercom
• Video paging
• Duress alarm paging
• Timekeeping control
• Closed-circuit broadcasting
• Digital media management
• Video on demand
• Curriculum management
• Program distribution
Trace Detection
With growing concerns over threats from drugs and
explosives on school property, it’s more important than
ever to implement a tough and enforceable discipline
policy. GE trace detection technologies enable you do
just that.
• Narcotics detection
• Explosives detection
• Substance identification
Intrusion Detection
GE intrusion alarm systems guard students
and staff against intruders, and protect property from theft and vandalism.
• Alarm control panels
• Keypads and key fobs
• Motion, environmental, and glass break
• Magnetic contacts
• Intelligent, programmable locks
We can help. Contact your GE Security representative today!
Combining resources to make the most of your investment
As one of the world’s most diverse and best performing global enterprises, GE offers multiple solutions for your educational facility needs.
GE Industrial provides energy-efficient lighting, construction supplies
and services, electrical switchboards and more. GE Energy provides
high-reliability conditioned power systems, emergency power systems,
engineering designs, studies and services.
GE Commercial Finance also offers financial products and services to
meet the unique requirements of the education market, all backed by
the strength and AAA balance sheet of General Electric. Contact your GE
representative for more information.
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Educational facility security solutions
from a company you can trust
GE Security spans the globe as a
technological leader in the rapidly
growing security and life safety
industry—helping protect people and
property around the world. For more
than 25 years, we’ve been designing and
manufacturing video surveillance, access
control, intrusion detection, fire detection,
explosives and narcotics detection, and
key control solutions.
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GE continuously invests in research and
development to improve current security
technologies and create new ones. We
also design backwards compatibility into
our products so the latest innovations will
work in tandem with established security
technologies. Through technological
excellence, superior quality and an
investment in bold, creative ideas, GE
provides products and solutions that help
make the world a safer place.
What’s more, GE offers something that’s
hard to put a value on: the confidence
that comes from working with one of the
world’s most respected companies. One
that has been creating new technologies
and making lives better for more than
110 years.
Call 888-GE-SECURITY (437-3287) or
visit for more
imagination at work
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