The BAFTA YGD Idea Generator

The BAFTA YGD Idea Generator
The BAFTA YGD Idea Generator – Rules
This card game is designed to help generate quick game ideas that might inspire you to come up with a brand new
game entry for the BAFTA Young Game Designers Competition. There are 50 cards in the deck plus 20 blank cards for
you to create your own unique mix! You can play alone or in a group.
1. Sort the cards into colour coded groups and shuffle each group well (there are 5 groups – 6 if you are using the blank cards).
2. Keep the cards face down so you cannot see what is written on them.
3. Select one card from each group.
4. Turn over the cards to reveal the card details.
5. Come up with a game idea using the 5-6 cards you have selected.
6. Make sure you record your best ideas.
1. Each player writes (at least) one idea onto the blank cards and all cards in the deck are shuffled, mixing all card groups together.
2. Each player is dealt a hand of 6 cards at random.
3. Players are only allowed to see their own cards.
4. Decide who is going first.
5. Each player hold their cards in front of them (not showing any other player what is written on them).
6. When it is your turn you can either choose to throw away one of your cards (and pick up a new card from the remaining deck)
or to pick a card, at random, from the player to your right.
7. You have five rounds to try and build yourself the ideal deck. At the end of your five turns each player must then come up with
a game idea based on the cards they are left holding.
8. Share your game ideas with the group and the group decides which is the best idea by voting (you cannot vote for your own idea).
Want to mix it up a bit? Here are some ways to change how you play:
• What happens if you select more than one type of card? E.g. can you have a game using 2 or more mechanics?
What about adding in extra wildcards?
• Not happy with the game you’ve generated? What happens if you add another card at random? Don’t like a particular
card in that game idea? – what would you change it for? Even if the idea seems awful, think about what you might do to improve it.
• Use the blank cards to add your own unique twists. Got a particular theme in mind? Why not make your blank cards represent
that theme to really explore different types of games you could create?
• What is the minimum number of cards you can use to create a fantastic new game idea?
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