Samsung BF1N4T013 User manual

Samsung BF1N4T013 User manual
BF1 Series
Built-in Oven
user manual
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Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
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using this manual
Thank you for choosing a SAMSUNG Built - In Oven.
This user Manual contains important information on safety and instructions intended to
assist you in the operation and maintenance of your appliance.
Please take the time to read this Owner’s Manual before using your oven and keep this
book for future reference.
The following symbols are used in the text of this Owner’s Manual:
safety instructions
Installation of this oven must be performed only by a licensed electrician. The installer is
responsible for connecting the appliance to the mains power supply in observance of the
relevant safety recommendations.
Electrical safety
If the oven has been damaged in transport, do not connect it.
• This appliance must be connected to the mains power supply only by a specially licensed
• In the event of a fault or damage to the appliance, do not attempt to operate it.
• Repairs should be performed by a licensed technician only. Improper repair may result in
considerable danger to you and others. If your oven needs repair, contact a SAMSUNG Service
Centre or your dealer.
• If the supply cord is defective, it must be replaced by a special cord or assembly available from
the manufacturer or an authorised service agent.
• Electrical leads and cables should not be allowed to touch the oven.
• The oven should be connected to the mains power supply by means of an approved circuit
breaker or fuse. Never use multiple plug adapters or extension leads.
• The rating plate is located on the right side of the door.
• The power supply of the appliance should be turned off when it is being repaired or cleaned.
• Take care when connecting electrical appliances to sockets near the oven.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
WARNING: Accessible parts may become hot during use. To avoid burns young children
should be kept away.
WARNING: The appliance should be powered down before replacing the lamp to avoid the
possibility of electric shock. During oven operation, the interior surfaces become very hot.
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Safety during operation
safety instructions
• This oven has been designed only for the cooking of household foods.
• During use, the oven interior surfaces become hot enough to cause burns. Do not touch
heating elements or interior surfaces of the oven until they have had time to cool.
• Never store flammable materials in the oven.
• The oven surfaces become hot when the appliance is operated at a high temperature for an
extended period of time.
• When cooking, take care when opening the oven door as hot air and steam can escape rapidly.
• When cooking dishes that contain alcohol, the alcohol may evaporate due to the high
temperatures and the vapour can catch fire if it comes into contact with a hot part of the oven.
• For your safety, do not use high-pressure water cleaners or steam jet cleaners.
• Children should be kept at a safe distance when the oven is in use.
• Frozen foods such as pizzas should be cooked on the Big grid. If the baking tray is used, it may
become deformed due to the great variation in temperatures.
• Do not pour water into the oven bottom when it is hot. This could cause damage to the enamel
• The oven door must be closed during cooking.
• Do not line the oven bottom with aluminium foil and do not place any baking trays or tins on
it. The aluminium foil blocks the heat, which may result in damage to the enamel surfaces and
cause poor cooking results.
• Fruit juices will leave stains, which can become indelible on the enamel surfaces of the oven.
When cooking very moist cakes, use the deep pan.
• Do not rest bakeware on the open oven door.
• This appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without the adequate
supervision of a responsible person ensuring that they are using the appliance safely.
• Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
WARNING: Do not disconnect the appliance from the main power supply even after the
cooking process is completed.
Disposal Instructions
Disposing of the packaging material
• The material used to package this appliance is recyclable.
• Dispose of the packaging materials in the appropriate container at your local waste disposal
Disposing of old appliances
WARNING: Before disposing of old appliances, make them inoperable so that they cannot
be a source of danger.
To do this, disconnect the appliance from the mains supply and remove the mains lead.
To protect the environment, it is important that old appliances are disposed of in the correct
• The appliance must not be disposed of with household rubbish.
• You can obtain information about collection dates and public refuse disposal sites from your
local refuse department or council.
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Safety instructions for the installation
This oven may be installed only by an approved electrician. The installer is responsible for
connecting the appliance to the mains and in so doing for observing the relevant safety regulations.
• Ensure protection from live parts when installing the oven.
• The kitchen cabinet in which the oven is built in must satisfy stability requirements as specified
in DIN 68930.
Technical specifications
Input voltage / frequency
Volume (usable capacity)
Output rating
Net weight
Weight with packaging
Housing (W x H x D)
Oven interior (W x H x D)
230 V ~ 50 Hz
65 ℓ
max. 3400 W
approx. 35 kg
approx. 40 kg
595 x 595 x 566 mm
440 x 365 x 405 mm
Power connection
If the appliance is not connected to the mains with a plug, a
multi-pole isolator switch (with at least 3 mm contact spacing)
must be provided in order to satisfy safety regulations.
The power cable (H05 RR-F or H05 VV-F, min. 1.5 m, 1.5
~ 2.5 mm²) must be of sufficient length to be connected
to the oven, even if the oven stands on the floor in front of
its built-in cabinet. Open the rear connection cover of the
oven with a screwdriver and loosen the screws of the cable
clamp before you connect the power lines to the relevant
connection terminals. The oven is earthed via the ( )-terminal. If the oven is connected to the
mains with a plug, this plug must remain accessible after the oven is installed. Samsung will take
no responsibility for accidents that originate from a missing or faulty earth connection.
Installation in the cabinet
This is a built-in oven, which needs
to be installed into an upper or
lower cabinet.
• Observe minimum distances.
• Fix oven on both sides using
After installation, remove the vinyl
protective film from the door to the
appliance and the protective film
from the interior surfaces of the
min. 550
min. 590
max. 600
min. 550
min. 50
min. 600
min. 50
min. 560
min. 560
Upper Cabinet
Lower Cabinet
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parts and features
Oven controls
Time Control buttons
Window Display
Temp Control Knob
parts and features
Function Select Knob
Front design
The front panel is available in various material and color options including stainless steel,
white, black and glass. For purposes of quality improvement, the appearance may be subject
to change.
The Function Select Knob and the Time Control Knob are pop - up knobs. Simply push to
turn. (Optional)
CAUTION: Be sure to attach the accessory correctly to the racks. Trays need to have at
least 2 cm space towards the bottom of the oven, otherwise the enamel surface could be
WARNING: Be very carefull removing meals and/or accessories out of the oven. Hot meals,
accessories and surfaces can burn you!
Baking tray
The baking tray could be used for the preparation of cakes, cookies and
other pastries.
Dripping tray (Optional)
The (deep) dripping tray is good for roasting. It can be used in
combination with the small grid to prevent liquids from dropping onto the
bottom of the oven.
Big grid
The big grid should be used for grilling and roasting meals. You could use
it with casseroles and other baking pots.
Telescopic slide guide (Optional)
• To insert the grid, baking or roasting pan, first slide out the telescopic
guides for one particular level.
• Place the tray or pan on the guides and push them back completely
into the oven. Close the oven door only after you have pushed the
telescopic guides into the oven
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oven use
Time setting
When connecting the power for the first time, please use the product after setting the
Set hours | 01
Press Time button, hours
figure will blink.
Set minutes | 02
Press Time button, minutes
figure will blink.
Press Time Control
button, set desired time
03 | Confirm time
Press Time button again, to
set the current time.
Set Alarm
Set alarm | 01
Press Alarm button, alarm
figures blink.
Press Time Control button
to set Alarm Time.
02 | Confirm alarm
Press Alarm button to
If you want to stop the timer operation, set the Alarm to 0:00.
While it is operating, press the Time Button to display the clock for the current time.
Using the Fast Preheating mode
If you use the FAST PREHEATING option, you can increase the temperature
up to the set value in no time.
This will drastically shorten your waiting time until the preheating is done.
Use the FAST PREHEATING option to increase the temperature to the set
value until the preheating is completed. Then switch to Cooking mode before
However, you do not need to use FAST PREHEATING for grilling food.
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Using the Cooking mode
02 | Set temperature
Select the desired
temperature by turning the
Temp Control Knob.
oven use
Set cooking mode | 01
Turn Function Select
Knob, set desired the
cooking mode.
Grill temperature
1: Low
2: Medium
3: High
Set the temperature for all
cooking other than grilling.
If you select the Grill function and set the temperature between 50 °C and 250 °C, or if you
select Normal Cooking mode and set the temperature between Grill 1 and 3, you are asked
to reset the temperature with a buzzer and popup message.
Only Lamp On
Oven functions
The heat generated by the convection is shared evenly in the oven by fans. This
function should be used for frozen dishes and baking.
Suggested temperature: 170°C
Top Heat + Convection
The heat generated by the upper heating system and the convection is shared
evenly in the oven by fans. This function should be used for roasting crusty dishes
like meat.
Suggested temperature: 190°C
Heat is emitted from the upper and lower heating system. This function should be
used for standard baking and roasting of almost any type of dishes.
Suggested temperature: 200°C
Bottom Heat Convection
The heat generated by the lower heating system and the convection is shared
evenly in the oven by fans. This function should be used for pizzas, bread and
Suggested temperature: 190°C
Large Grill
Heat is emitted from the large area grill. This function should be used for
scalloped dishes like lasagne and grilling meat.
Suggested temperature: Medium
oven use_7
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test dishes
According to standard EN 60350
The recommendations for baking refer to preheated oven.
Type of Food
Dish & Notes
time (min.)
Small Cake
Baking Tray
Sponge Cake
Baking tin on Big grid
(Dark coated, ø 26 cm)
Apple Pie
Big grid + Baking tray
+ 2 Springform cake
tins (Dark coated, ø
20 cm)
Big grid + 2
Springform cake tins
(Dark coated, ø 20 cm)
1 Placed
Preheat the empty oven for 5 minutes using Large Grill function.
Use this function with the maximum temperature setting of high.
Type of Food
Dish & Notes
time (min.)
White Bread
Big grid
Large Grill
1st: 1-2
2nd: 1-1½
Beef Burgers
Big grid
Deep pan
(to catch drippings)
Large Grill
1st: 7-10
2nd: 5-8
8_test dishes
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cleaning and care
Hand Cleaning
Make sure the oven and accessory is cool before cleaning.
Oven Interior
Oven Exterior
• For cleaning the exterior of the oven, use a clean cloth and a mild cleaning agent or warm
soapy water.
• Dry with kitchen roll or a dry towel.
• Do not use scourers, caustic cleaners or abrasive products.
cleaning and care
• For cleaning the interior of the oven, use a clean cloth and a mild cleaning agent or warm soapy
• Do not hand-clean the door seal.
• Do not use scouring pads or cleaning sponges.
• To remove stubborn soil, use a special oven cleaner.
• The cover casing should be cleaned using hot water, detergent and a soft nylon brush.
Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, hard brushes, scouring pads or cloths, steel wool, knives
or other abrasive materials.
Stainless steel oven fronts
• Do not use steel wool, scouring pads or other abrasives. They may damage the finish.
Aluminium oven fronts
• Wipe the surface gently with a soft clean cloth or microfiber cloth and a mild window cleaning
• Wash the accessory after every use and dry it with a kitchen towel. If necessary, lay in warm
soapy water for about 30 minutes for easier cleaning.
Door Removal
For normal use, the oven door must not be removed but if removal is necessary, for example, for
cleaning purposes, follow these instructions.
CAUTION: The oven door is heavy.
1. Open the door and flip open the
clips at both hinges completely.
2. Close the door by approximately 70°. With both
hands, grasp the sides of the oven door at its
middle and pull-lift until the hinges can be taken
cleaning and care_9
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Door Glass Removal
The oven door is equipped with three sheets of glass placed against each other. These sheets can
be removed for cleaning.
1. Remove the two screws
on the left and right sides
of the door.
2. Detach the covering and
remove glass 1 from the
3. Lift glass 2 and remove
the two holder glass
rubber from the top of
the sheet, Clean the
sheets with warm water
or washing-up liquid and
polish dry them with a soft
clean cloth.
The Door-Glass is different from 2EA to 4EA model by model.
But, the method of the disassembly and assembly is same.
When assembly the inner glass 1, put printing to direction below.
Bulb Exchange
Danger of electric shock!
Before replacing any of the oven bulbs, take the following steps:
• Switch oven Off.
• Disconnect the oven from the mains.
• Protect the oven light bulb and the glass cap by laying a cloth on the bottom of the oven
• Bulbs can be purchased from the SAMSUNG Service Centre.
Rear oven lamp
1. Remove cap by turning anticlockwise and remove the metal
ring, the sheet ring and clean the glass cap. If necessary,
replace the bulb with a 25 watt, 230 V, 300 °C heat-resistant
oven light bulb.
2. Clean the glass cap, the metal ring and the sheet ring if
3. Fit the metal and the sheet ring to the glass cap.
4. Place glass cap where you have removed it in step 1 and turn
it clockwise to keep it in place.
10_cleaning and care
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warranty & service
What should I do if the oven
doesn’t heat up?
• The oven may not be switched on. Switch the oven on.
• The clock may not be set. Set the clock (see section
“Time Setting”).
• Check to see if the required settings have been applied.
• A household fuse may have blown or a circuit breaker
may have tripped. Replace the fuses or reset the circuit.
If this happens repeatedly, call an authorised electrician.
What should I do if, even
though the oven function and
temperature have been set, the
oven does not heat up?
• There may be problems with the internal electrical
connections. Call your local service centre.
What should I do if an error
code appears and the oven
does not heat up?
• There is a fault in the internal electrical circuit
connection. Call your local service centre.
What should I do if the time
display is blinking?
• There was a power failure. Set the clock (see section
“Time Setting”).
What should I do if the oven
light doesn’t illuminate?
• The oven light is faulty. Replace the oven light bulb (see
section “Bulb Exchange”).
What should I do if the oven’s
fan is running without having
been set?
• Following use, the oven’s fan runs until the oven has
cooled down. Call your local service centre if the fan
continues to run after the oven has cooled down.
warranty & service
Error and Safety codes
An error of the oven may cause
low performance and problems
in safety. Stop using the oven
Call local SAMSUNG service
Oven has continued operating
at set temperature for prolonged
Turn oven off and remove food.
Allow oven to cool before using
If you did not select an appropriate
temperature for the mode.
Select the correct temperature for
the mode.
(see section “Using the Fast
Preheating mode”)
1) * refers to all numbers or characters.
warranty & service_11
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Code No.: DG68-00269B
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