Manual Firmware Update Instruction

Manual Firmware Update Instruction
Instruction | YI Technology
Manual Firmware Update
Normally YI Home camera updates the firmware online via YI Home Camera App, no manual
work is needed. You are able to encounter some kind of problems as below even the Wi-Fi works
well: No voice prompts since power on; App can’t pair the camera; App connection always fails;
The status light is always yellow or flashing, etc. It’s recommended to manually update the latest
firmware to fix the problems.
PC with Internet Access
TF Card (microSD Card)
TF card reader
Update Instructions
1. Format the TF card to FAT32 (file system) via card reader (Default parameter in
Windows® format tool).
Note: YI 1080P Home Camera 2 can support up to 64GB TF card, which needs to be
formatted to FAT32 with third-party tools.
Instruction | YI Technology
2. Download the latest Firmware file from
3. Copy the file to the TF card’s root directory
 YI Home Camera
It should be named with “home”. (Case sensitive and no file name extension)
YI 1080P Home Camera 2
It should be named with “home.bin”.
YI Dome Camera
It should be named with “home_v201”.
Instruction | YI Technology
4. Safely remove the card reader from PC, and insert the TF card into camera, then power
it on.
5. The camera firmware will be updated automatically. The whole process may take 2-3
1. Re-pairing the camera may be needed in some cases, just follow the voice prompts.
2. If the camera is still out of use after update, it’s recommended to reset the camera and
then re-pair it with the App.
3. If you fail in updating process or still have problem, please contact our customer Service.
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