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How do I configure the bit rate and
what are the effects?
Article ID: GV15-12-21-c-1
Release Date: 12/21/2012
Applied to
GV-IP Camera, GV-Video Server and GV-Compact DVR
How do I configure the bit rate and what are the effects?
You can configure the bit rate from the Video Settings page on Web interface.
Log in the device’s Web interface. The live view window appears.
From the menu, select Video and Motion, Video Settings and Streaming 1. The Video
Settings page appears.
Scroll down to the Bandwidth Control section and select VBR or CBR to adjust the bit
VBR (Variable Bitrate): The quality of the video stream is kept as constant as
possible at the cost of a varying bitrate. The bandwidth is utilized much more
efficiently than CBR. Set the image quality to one of the 5 standards: Standard, Fair,
Good, Great and Excellent. Configure the Maximal Bit Rate, which is the
maximum bit rate that the device allows. Select a bit rate from the drop-down list or
select Auto if you do not want to enable this function.
CBR (Constant Bitrate): The bit rate is maintained relatively stable by varying the
quality of the H.264 stream. Select a bit rate from the drop-down list.
Click Save to store your settings on the Video Settings page.
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