Samsung RT50EBPN User manual

Samsung RT50EBPN User manual
user manual
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Thank you for purchasing a Samsung product.
To receive a more complete service,
please register your product at
Free Standing Appliance
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This product has been determined to be in compliance
with the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC),
the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2004/108/EC),
RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU), Commission Delegated
Regulation (EU) No 1060/2010 and the Eco-Design
Directive(2009/125/EC) implemented by Regulation (EC)
No 643/2009 of the European Union.
(For products sold in European Countries only)
If the appliance generates a strange noise,
a burning or smell or smoke, unplug the power
plug immediately and contact your nearest
service centre.
Failing to do so may result in electric or fire hazards.
If any foreign substance such as water has entered
the appliance, unplug the power plug and contact
your nearest service center.
Failing to do so may result in an electric shock or fire.
100 mm
50 mm
If the front of the
appliance is slightly
higher than the rear, the
door can be opened
and closed more easily.
< Case1 >
< Case2 >
Case 1) The appliance
tilts down to the left.
• Turn the left adjusting leg in the direction of the arrow
until the appliance is level.
operating the
Case 2) The appliance tilts down to the right.
• Turn the right adjusting leg in the direction of the arrow
until the appliance is level.
Now that you have your new refrigerator installed and in
place, you are ready to set up and enjoy the full features
and functions of the appliance.
By completing the following steps, your refrigerator
should be fully operational.
If not, first check the power supply and electricity source
or try the troubleshooting section at the back of this
user guide.
If you have any further questions, contact your
Samsung Electronics service center.
1. Place the refrigerator in an appropriate location with
reasonable clearance between the wall and the
Refer to installation instructions in this manual.
2. Once the refrigerator is plugged in, make sure the
interior light comes on when you open the doors.
3. Set the temperature control to the coldest
temperature and wait for an hour.
The freezer should get slightly chilled and the motor
should run smoothly.
4. After powering the refrigerator, it will take a few hours
to reach the appropriate temperature.
Once the refrigerator temperature is sufficiently cool,
you can store food and drink in the refrigerator.
Speeds up the time needed to freeze
products in the freezer.
This can be helpful if you need to quickly
freeze items that spoil easily or if the
temperature in the freezer has warmed
dramatically (For example, if the door was
left open).
When you have enough, just press the
button again to cancel the “Power Freeze”
mode. When you use this function, the
energy consumption will increase.
This function must be activated before
putting large amount of food stuff in the
freezer compartment at least 24 hours
Adjust the fridge lever to the “COLD”
position just before activating “Power
Freeze” mode.
Otherwise the food in the fridge room can
be frozen.
Press the Freezer button to set the Freezer
to your desired temperature, you can
set the temperature between -16 °C and
-25 °C.
By pressing the child lock button for 3
seconds, all buttons will be locked.
To cancel this function, press the child lock
button again for 3 seconds again.
06_ operating
DA99-01906A(0.7).indd 6
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However, temperature indicator will be changed as
the Freezer adjusts to the new temperature.
To get more space, you can disassemble
ice maker.
Use only a potable water.
* The upper guard is the two star section
so the temperature is slightly higher than
the other freezer compartments.
Never stare directly at the UV LED lamp
for long periods of time.
- This may result in eye strain due to the
ultraviolet rays.
Check that the power plug is correctly connected.
Is the temperature control on the front panel correctly set?
Does sun shine on the appliance or are there heat sources nearby?
Is the back of the appliance too near to the wall?
The food in the refrigerator is
Is the temperature control on the front panel set to the coldest
Is the surrounding temperature too low?
Did you store the food with a high water content in the coldest part of the
There are unusual noises.
Check that the appliance is installed on a stable, level floor.
Is the back of the appliance too near to the wall?
Have any foreign objects fallen behind or under the appliance?
Is the noise coming from the compressor in the appliance?
A ticking sound may be heard inside the appliance; this is normal. This
sound occurs when the various accessories contract or expand.
The front corners and sides
of the appliance are warm
and condensation starts to
Heat-proof pipes are installed in the front corners of the appliance to
prevent condensation from forming.
When the surrounding temperature rises, this may not always be effective.
However, this is not abnormal.
In very humid weather, condensation may form on the outer surface of the
appliance when the moisture in the air comes into contact with the cool
surface of the appliance.
You can hear a liquid
bubbling in the appliance.
This is the refrigerant, which cools the inside of the appliance.
There is a bad smell inside
the appliance.
Has a food item spoiled?
Make sure that strong smelling food (for example, fish) is wrapped so that
it is airtight.
Clean out your freezer periodically and throw away any spoiled or suspect
There is a layer of frost on
the appliance walls.
Are the air outlet vents blocked by food stored inside the refrigerator.
Space the food out as much as possible to improve ventilation.
Is the door fully closed?
Condensation forms on the
inside wall of the appliance
and around vegetables.
Food with a high water content is stored uncovered with a high humidity
level or the door has been left open for a long time.
Store the food with a cover or in sealed containers.
The appliance is not
operating at all or the
temperature is too high.
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