Patient Summary Page
Patient Summary
Fact Sheet
eHealth NSW (HSNSW) has worked closely with NSW Local Health District (LHD) Clinicians, The Clinical
Excellence Commission (CEC) and in close partnership with Cerner Corporation to develop a Patient
Summary screen for NSW Public Hospitals currently using the Cerner eMR.
The Patient Summary has been developed in the eMR via a customised ‘MPage’ in Cerner Millennium which
provides a one page interactive view for each patient. The design incorporates adult and paediatric
The Patient Summary is a real time snap shot of the most relevant and recent clinical information captured
for a patient during that episode of care. Clinicians have the ability to view, update and document directly
from within the Patient Summary Page. Hyperlink headings provide a quick launch to more detailed
information within the Patients record with a quick return functionality back to the Patient Summary after
documenting new clinical information for the patient. The refresh functionality provides the technique for
clinicians to pull in new information documented by other clinicians in the patients chart immediately.
Components have been named in accordance with what will be displayed within that component. High and
low range results for Vital Signs/Observations (in accordance with the Between The Flags program),
Pathology and Assessment Scores are colour coded to alert clinicians to out of range or high risk results.
The page is customisable by the end user who has the ability to relocate components in a sequence logical
to their workflow, colour code components, default components to expand or collapse on opening the page
or remove components completely from the screen. Certain components have been locked down on the
screen in accordance with ‘In Safe Hands’ handover requirements specified by the Clinical Excellence
Commission (CEC).
Implementation planning of the Patient Summary has commenced with lead sites scheduled to go-live in
March 2014. Roll-out will continue across NSW public facilities between March and June 2014.
Date issued: May 2014
Patient Summary
Fact Sheet
High Level Requirements
The design was developed to meet the following baseline requirements as identified by Medical, Nursing and
Allied Health clinicians:
A real-time snapshot of current activity at an individual patient level
Ability for clinicians to view and update clinical information from a single launch point
Ability to access additional patient/clinical detail via links
Quick return to Patient Summary screen from linked connections within the eMR
Ability to view, manage and document patient related tasks
Ability to configure the screen to display information relevant to the users role, location and/or setting
Ability to configure the screen based on the user’s personal requirements
Ability to configure the screen to display both core and additional clinical information relevant to the
specific patient and their condition
Ability to flag alerts/notifications relevant to the patient’s condition and their care
Ability to restrict access to sensitive information
Ability for core clinical information to be locked down and not removed from the screen by users
Ability to refresh the screen to pull in any new data/information documented by other users
Date issued: May 2014
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