62.5 µm HCS® Fiber and Crimp and Cleave Termination System

62.5 µm HCS® Fiber and Crimp and Cleave Termination System
6 2.5 µm HCS® Fiber
and Crimp and Cleave Termination System
Our HCS optical fiber family now includes the popular 62.5 µm (core) size
with HCS (Hard Clad Silica) fiber coating. The OFS fiber, cable and
connector system bring a new level of designed-in durability and flexibility
in termination to the industrial market for 62.5 µm products. This design
combines the ruggedness of 62.5/200 µm (core/cladding) fiber with the
ease of connectorization possible with OFS’ crimp and cleave technology.
The proprietary HCS optical fiber coating makes crimp and cleave
termination possible by enabling connectors to be installed directly onto
the coating. The 230 µm HCS coating remains on the fiber and provides a
protective barrier for long life.
The 62.5 µm HCS fiber is available cabled and pre-terminated from the
factory or can be field terminated with ST® and SMA connectors quickly,
reliably and cost-effectively, with minimal training. The fiber is rated to
125°C operating temperature, with high proof test level, and superior
resistance to moisture for harsh industrial environments, as well as a
bandwidth of >200 MHz-km at 850 nm.
For installation of fiber optic cable in enclosed or sealed locations, low
smoke zero halogen cables based on 62.5 HCS fiber are also available in
simplex or zipcord constructions.
Typical Applications
Utility control rooms
Factory automation
High-bandwidth communications in industrial environments
Indoor and outdoor industrial manufacturing
Installation environments with high pull forces.
Difficult-to-access locations such as wind turbines
Why Switch to Crimp & Cleave?
If you’re already using the 62.5 µm size in your application, OFS’ 62.5 µm
HCS fibers will plug right in with your existing system.
The process uses proprietary hand crimp and cleaving tools instead of
more complex epoxy/polish methods and produces a high-quality
endface—in less time, with a completely mechanical process, minimizing
the potential of operator error, and yielding more efficient termination
than other alternatives.
The HCS optical fiber design results in a stronger, more durable fiber with
greater resistance to moisture than other 62.5 µm fibers with conventional
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