EL-WiFi-DTP+ - Global Test Supply

EL-WiFi-DTP+ - Global Test Supply
High Accuracy Dual Channel
Thermistor Probe WiFi Temperature Data Logger
The EL-WiFi-DTP+ data logger measures the temperature of the
environment in which the two probes are situated. This high accuracy
sensor is typically accurate to ±0.2°C (-15°C to +80°C). The unit
is freestanding, but can be attached to a wall or surface using the
bracket provided. The unit can be clipped in and out of the bracket
as required. The probes are connected to the sensor via a 160mm Y
splitter cable which is provided.
Data is streamed wirelessly to a local PC or to our Cloud service.
During configuration, the data logger will search for an existing
wireless network whilst physically connected to the PC. It can then
be placed anywhere within range of the network. If the data logger
temporarily loses connectivity with the network, it will log readings
until the connection is re-established (max 30 days at 10 second
sample interval).
Dual channel recording through two
external thermistor probes
Wirelessly stream and view data
using the EasyLogCloud or on a PC
Data Logger set up is easy using our
free PC software
View and analyse multiple loggers,
including graphing of historic data
Measures temperature range -40°C
to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F)
Configurable high and low alarms
with indicator
Logger memory stores data even if
WiFi is temporarily disconnected
Although EasyLog WiFi data loggers have an impressive range this
can be increased by using WiFi extenders which are available from
The EL-WiFi-DTP+ is a low power device containing a rechargable
battery. When configured using typical sample and transmit periods
the data logger can operate for up to six months. The battery can be
recharged via a standard +5V wall adapter or a USB port using the
cable provided.
The LCD display includes several features including Max and Min
readings and indicators for battery state, alarms, WiFi connection and
signal strength.
With our free PC software you can choose to store your data either
locally on a single PC, or make it universally accessible on the Cloud.
Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to analyse data, draw graphs
and export the latest and historic data in various formats.
You can change the data logger’s settings to suit your needs, options
Assigning names to the logger and each measuring channel
Selecting the units of measurement
Choosing the sample rate and transmission period
Setting high and low alarm levels for each channel
Once configured, data logger settings can be changed remotely,
without the need to reconnect it to your PC.
The EL-WiFi-DTP+ has a protection rating of IP43 and the probes IP67.
The data logger is IEEE 802.11b compliant, supports WEP, WPA/WPA2
encryption and enterprise networks*.
A range of recommended accessories, including ADSL routers,
USB mains chargers and spare probes are available from
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[email protected]
High Accuracy Dual Channel
Thermistor Probe WiFi Temperature Data Logger
Battery life
USB supply voltage
+60 (+140)
°C (°F)
Operating temperature range
-20 (-4)
Logging period (user configurable)
10 sec
10 min
12 hrs
Transmission period (user configurable)
1 min
1 hr
24 hrs
Temperature measurement range
-40 (-40)
+125 (+257)
°C (°F)
Temperature measurement resolution
Temperature display resolution
Temperature accuracy
±0.2°C (-15 to +80°C)
±0.6°C (-40 to +125°C)
Warning - do not exceed operating temperatures
Battery Life and Power Supply
The product will arrive partly charged but ideally you should charge it for 24 hours before use for optimum
performance. The battery can be recharged (unit must be between 0 - 40 °C) via a PC, a USB +5V wall adapter, or
a portable USB battery pack using the cable provided. It can also be permanently powered by a USB wall adapter
or USB battery pack.
* Battery life is dependent on: transmission period, WiFi encryption method, WiFi encryption key rotation frequency
(determined by the router/access point), signal strength between router/access point and WiFi device, presence
volume and type of WiFi traffic from other devices, sample rate and operating temperature.
We’re committed to continuously improving our products. Specifications are liable to change without warning.
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