Constructs XI, a 1708 Gallery Satellite Exhibition at Linden Row Inn

Constructs XI, a 1708 Gallery Satellite Exhibition at Linden Row Inn
P.O. Box 12520 319 W Broad Street
Richmond VA 23241
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JANUARY 20, 2012
CONTACT: Emily Smith, Executive Director
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A 1708 Gallery Satellite Exhibition at the Linden Row Inn
January 27 - April 22, 2012
Constructs XI, 1708 Gallery’s latest satellite exhibition at
Richmond’s historic Linden Row Inn, features works by Sally
Bowring, Don Crow, Reni Gower, Chris Gregson, Stephen
Griffin, Ray Kass, Javier Tapia and Dan Treado. Join us for
the opening reception on Friday, February 3rd from 5 to 9
p.m. The proceeds from all art sales benefit the artist and
the exhibition programs of 1708 Gallery. Constructs XI will
be on view through April 22, 2012.
Constructs is an ongoing ever changing exhibition that
features artists from Virginia. Working in abstraction, the
artists create singular works of art through the combination
of many elements.
While some echo traditional easel
painting, others are multi-part assemblages that extend
painting’s reach into the realm of installation.
comparable sensibilities toward color, shape, and gesture,
these artists explore painting through the inventive use of
collage, innovative construction techniques, or conceptually
layered frameworks.
As a living, breathing exhibition, each installation is a
“construct” in itself that reflects the evolving nature of the
creative process. By featuring new works at each venue
the exhibition is continually reinvented. Since 2005, the
exhibition has traveled to eleven venues. Constructs was coorganized by Sally Bowring, Chris Gregson, and Reni Gower.
Exhibiting Artists:
Sally Bowring, a native New Yorker now living in Richmond,
VA, draws inspiration for her work from her love for
textiles, Matisse, Joan Snyder’s paintings, Rauschenberg’s
invocations, Brice Marden’s elegance, Agnes Martin’s
brevity and Louis Armstrong’s En Vie en Rose. Her work is
about, among other things, surprising herself and “about
not knowing in the beginning and discovering during the
Over the years, Don Crow has worked in large-scale oil on
canvas, painted paper collage, and watercolor drawings, all
influenced by his training in abstract expressionism. More
recently, Crow has included new media in his work: the digital
processes of photography, abstract digitally rendered prints,
and three-dimensional objects within his exhibition design.
His fragile paper collages at one end of the spectrum and
his large digital prints at the other end draw attention to
objects as obvious constructions and as invisible processes.
A professor in VCU’s Painting and Printmaking Department,
Reni Gower’s pieces in Constructs XI are part of an ongoing
series of works on paper. She “blend[s] a fluid improvisational
painting approach with a repetitively structured and
analytical one to create complex images that counter visual
Chris Gregson’s paintings reference natural and manmade
forms with merging, overlapping and intersecting shapes.
Gregson favors an approach familiar in earlier art historical
styles. “All decisions are made intuitively from the mark
placements, color selections and the arrangement of the
visual components.”
Stephen Griffin, recipient of a 2011-2012 Professional
Fellowship in painting from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts,
created the pieces in this exhibition during a recent residency
at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Amherst, VA.
His painting process is not unlike an archeological dig. He
applies “multiple layers of paint which are eventually sanded
and scraped to reveal previously forgotten colors and
Ray Kass’ recent paintings involve a practice of working with
unique materials that mimics processes found in natures.
He applies a transparent oil mixture that, as he explains, “is
invisible until I dust it with powder pigments that I rub on
the surface and that allows the marks that I have made to
Peruvian born Javier Tapia has been experimenting with
watercolor for over twelve years. Through his process of
working within the medium and taking it to places he has
not seen before he has discovered that, in doing so, he
has “not made ‘a choice’ to choose an ‘abstract style’, but
instead, abstraction and expression have chosen [him].”
Employing unique tools, such as squeegees and scrapers,
Dan Treado manipulates solvent and oil paint into luminous,
richly surfaced paintings. His paintings are process works
that borrow from sources such as film and photography,
physics and biology textbooks, and electron microscope
images as he explores the relationship between science and
1708 Gallery organizes exhibitions for the Linden Row Inn,
located at 100 East Franklin Street in downtown Richmond.
The work is displayed in their lobby, parlor, dining room and
courtyard for guests and the public to enjoy. Part
of the mission of our curatorial work for this venue
is to show contemporary art that complements and
creates a bridge with the historic interior and unique
architecture. Linden Row Inn participates in the First
Fridays Art Walk with a reception the first Friday
of every month from 5 to 9 p.m. Visit their website for more information.
IMAGE CREDITS: (top to bottom) PAGE 1: Sally Bowring, Inside/
Outside, 2011, courtesy of Reynolds Gallery; Reni Gower, Pivot.10,
2010; PAGE 2: Chris Gregson, Constructs (G 116), 2011, courtesy of
Reynolds Gallery; Stephen Griffin, VCCA Strata #5, 2011, courtesy
of Glave Kocen Gallery; Ray Kass, Effort to Bloom, 2011, courtesy
of Reynolds Gallery; PAGE 3: Dan Treado, In the Key of Shut Your
Mouth, 2010, courtesy of Addison/Ripley Fine Art
1708 Gallery is a non-profit arts organization
committed to presenting exceptional new art. 1708
Gallery is committed to providing opportunities for
artistic innovation for emerging and established
artists and to expanding the understanding and
appreciation of new art for the public.
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