Concur - The University of Sydney
All travel requests are made via Concur (formerly Fraedom, formerly Spendvision).
Who does the travel policy cover?
The travel policy applies to everyone who travels on behalf of the University of Sydney, on preapproved University business, regardless of the source of funds or duration of travel. It covers
university staff (including casuals), associates, students, consultants and contractors, but does
not apply to travel for Special Studies Program (SSP), Visiting Scholars, interviews or relocation
of new appointees.
Student travel is not entered onto Concur. Students who are required to travel for University
business need to complete a Student Travel Form.
Honorary staff need to put their travel requisitions through Concur provided their travel is for
University business and paid for by the University (in cases where expenses is involved). If
there are no expenses to claim, honorary staff still need to register their travel requisitions
through Concur for travel insurance purposes.
Concur is the University’s online system for managing your travel, (including ticketing, changes,
group bookings and a price match guarantee), online bookings, pre-travel approvals and
expenses. This system is used at other universities world-wide.
Concur should provide greater control for booking travel and managing expenses:
including credit card expenses and cash reimbursements
more support while you travel (via, which is owned by Concur),
the ability for the University to contact travellers during natural disasters and other crises
Mobile apps for Concur and Tripit are linked to your account and will allow you to
manage your travel and expenses on your mobile device
Access to discounted university rates through via Travel Partner for preferred airlines,
hotels and rental car partners.
Getting Started
Concur information pack (PDF, 1.2MB)
Before you travel, review the information the University’s website, which includes detailed
information on approvals and processes.
Students: should not use Concur for the time being. They should continue to submit travel
requests via the Student Support Office.
Concur Login
From the Intranet, there is a quick select option in the Popular Systems grey box; alternatively,
from the Home Page, select Services, Travel. On the right in the yellow Concur box, select
Login To Concur with your UniKey and Password.
Update your personal information:
Select Profile, Profile Settings, Personal Information, update your details, emergency
contact and Verify Your Email Address. Following which you can enter your travel
This only needs to be completed once and will be referred to by Travel Partners for all
future bookings.
Staff are required to enter their personal bank details however this is for REIMBURSEMENT
purposes only. You will not be required to be ‘guarantor’ on any of your bookings.
Concur Tools
Another benefit of Concur is along with the website there is an
Concur Web - direct login to Concur using your Unikey
ExpenseIt - turns your receipts into expenses automatically and sends them directly to
Concur ready to be added to your expense report
TripIt - helps you organise all your travel plans, no matter where they booked
Concur Mobile - provides a convenient way for you to submit or approve travel requests
and expense reports.
Can I use Concur to book travel?
Yes, Concur is a travel and expense tool. Click on the Travel tab to book domestic travel
(including New Zealand) and simple point to point international travel. All travel arrangements
completed in Concur are fulfilled by Travel Partner.
Complex travel (e.g. more than one destination or usage of airline credits) should be booked
through Travel Partner, first by clicking on the Requests tab and completing a new travel
The New Process
The main changes are your expenses and travel are approved by your line manager.
You are responsible for ensuring there are funds available in your nominated account.
All travel requisitions need to be submitted through Concur prior to booking or travelling;
including when travel is funded externally.
Step by step instructions on how to complete your Concur profile (PDF, 491.7KB)
Setting up delegates guide (PDF, 343.KB)
Approving expense reports and travel requests (PDF, 546KB)
More user guides are available here.
Domestic travel, when booked through Concur, is approved automatically and a notification is
sent to your Line Manager.
International travel will be placed on hold and a summary sent to your Line manager for
approval. If the travel is urgent, please contact your manager and ask them to approve it at their
earliest convenience.
Travel Quotes
You will need to obtain quotes from the University’s preferred supplier Travel Partner. Four
travel management staff are located at the Camperdown Campus, Institute Building H03,
Rooms N352 and N353, City Road, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006. Open from 0800 –
1800 (AEST) Monday to Friday. Travel Partner provides after hours emergency support, outside
these hours.
Phone: (02) 9112 1680
Outside Australia: +61 2 9112 1680
Fax: (02) 9080 1700
Approval Process
There are some important changes to the University's approvals process. As before, you must
submit a request through Concur for all work-related travel outside the Sydney area, regardless
of who is paying.
Under this system, domestic and trans-Tasman travel will be automatically approved in most
cases. For international travel, the approval will be done by your direct supervisor. For T&R
academic staff and Fellows, that is Head of School, so no change there. However for postdocs
and professional staff, approval will now be done by direct supervisor manager (the person who
approves your leave in the HR system). Approval of expenses will also follow the same pattern.
Your travel should not clash with any teaching requirements and must comply with University
travel policy and grant funding guidelines.
If you are having issues arranging to book travel contact Travel Partner
External Telephone: +61 2 9112 1680 (24 hrs)
Office location: Camperdown Campus
Institute Building (H03) - Rooms N352 and N353
Hours: Monday- Friday, 8am - 6pm
If you are having issues with your red Concur Corporate card, processing your travel expenses
or other travel finance and Concur system issues contact the Travel and Expense Desk:
External Telephone: +61 2 9351 2000
First select Option 5 (Finance), then selection option 4 (Concur)
Internal Telephone: 74000
Corporate Card and Fraedom Help Desk
Level 4, Margaret Telfer Building (K07)
71-79 Arundel Street Glebe
Camperdown Campus
Telephone: +61 2 8627 4000 or via ext 74000
The University provides travel insurance for all staff, volunteers and students who are travelling
as a part of authorised University activities. To see what’s covered read the insurance summary
for staff and volunteers or students.
Our current insurance does not cover travel to Cuba or Iran. If you are travelling to either of
these countries contact Audit and Risk Management for specific insurance advice.
24/7 Emergency Support
If you are travelling within Australia and need emergency assistance, contact emergency
services on Triple Zero (000) and request the assistance of police, fire or ambulance.
If you are travelling overseas make sure that you download and carry a copy of your insurance
card with you. If you become unwell or you are concerned for your personal safety, contact
Travel Partner (24 hrs: +61 2 9112 1680 ) immediately and let your University manager or
supervisor know as soon as possible.
If you need to contact the University urgently out of normal hours, call the Security Emergency
number telephone: +61 2 9351 3333.
University Travel Policy, Procedures and Helpdesks
University Travel Policy and Procedures:
University Travel and Corporate Card Helpdesk:
Level 4, Margaret Telfer Building (K07)
71-79 Arundel Street, Glebe
Camperdown Campus
T +61 2 9351 8005
Travel & Expense Help Desk
T +61 2 9351 2000
• First select Option 5 (Finance), then select Option 4 (Concur).
• Shortcut: X 74000
Travel Partner
T +61 2 9112 1680 (24 hrs)
Office location: Camperdown Campus
• Institute Building (H03) - Rooms N352 and N353
• Hours: Monday- Friday, 8am - 6pm.
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