Cap Tool Quick Use Guide
The all new BRAND Cap Tool simplifies of
process for attaching and detaching caps
on PCR plates. Made of durable polyamide
(PA) material, this handy tool has an end
specifically designed to seal cap strips onto
BRAND standard profile PCR plates, as
well as PCR strip caps and plates from other
manufacturers. The opposite end features
a pointed hook for efficient removal of
PCR caps.
Cap sealing end
Cap removal end
Instructions for Use
1. Fill standard profile BRAND PCR
plate with experimental samples and
2. For PCR cap sealing: Place PCR caps
onto the wells. Using the sealing end,
place the Cap Tool directly on top of
the cap and apply a slight downward
pressure to secure the cap in the PCR
well. Repeat the process for all wells
containing PCR samples.
3. For PCR cap removal: To remove the
PCR cap strip from the PCR plate, place
the pointed end underneath the strip
in between two caps and apply a slight
upward pressure. The cap should be
released from the PCR plate. Repeat for
each well with a cap.
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