SE-80SWf - Home Controls

SE-80SWf - Home Controls
S P E C S / F E AT U R E S
8" Round Frameless Subwoofer
Polypropylene Cone
Frequency Response:
30Hz - 120Hz
85 dB 1 watt / 1 meter
Power Handling:
100 watts nom. 150 max
8" In-Ceiling / Wall Frameless Subwoofer
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
The SE-80SWf is a dynamic 8" round in-ceiling or in-wall Subwoofer that
features our new frameless design aesthetic for superior performance and
sleek integration. This highly musical low frequency transducer utilizes
a specialized, shallow polypropylene cone for clean, powerful, low bass
reproduction and an integrated, one-piece surround / damping ring to help
minimize unwanted resonances in the woofer’s mechanical substructure.
Grille: Magnetically-Attached
Micro-perforated stainless
Toggle Mounting System
The SE-80SWf is supplied with both round and square grilles to give the
installation greater flexibility in design and cosmetic matching.
The low-profile grille is rattle-free, thanks to the 24 specially-shaped
neodymium magnets around the entire perimeter of the frame to hold it
tightly in place - even during the playback of a Hollywood blockbuster movie
soundtrack. Additionally, the grilles may be painted to match your decor.
For superior performance and room integration, we suggest connecting
multiple SE-80SWf subwoofers (two, three or four), to one of our 500 Watt
Class A/B Model 500 Amplifiers. This is NOT just to create more bass energy,
but to also help minimize the standing waves that a single subwoofer can’t do
alone. Simply put, multiple woofers placed around the room offers moreuniform bass reproduction.
Overall Dimensions:
9-7/8" diameter
Cut-out Dimensions:
8-5/8" diameter
Mounting Depth: 3-7/8"
The SE-80SWf is sold individually.
Model 500
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