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0.33 M pixels ARTCAM-031TNIR series
0.08 M pixels ARTCAM-008TNIR series
1. Attention ············································ 3
2. Introduction ········································ 6
3. Main Features ···································· 6
4. The Product ······································· 7
5. Connect the Camera ··························· 7
6. Specifications ····································· 8
7. Spectral sensitivity characteristics ·········· 9
8. External Dimensions···························· 10
9. Recommended PC ····························· 12
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1. Attention
■About this manual
1.Before using the camera, please read this manual thoroughly.
2.Please keep this manual reachable and always refer to the contents when needed.
3.Please contact us if the manual is lost or damaged. We will provide a replacement.
4.We cannot guarantee the safety of improper uses of the camera.
5.For your safety, please follow the directions of this manual.
6.All contents are subject to change.
7.Images in this manual may have been simplified to be easier comprehended.
8.Please contact us if you find any unclear points or mistakes in this manual.
9. Quoting, copying or altering some or all parts of the manual without our permission is prohibited.
10.We are not responsible for any lost or damages on your profits due to the use of our products.
11.Please understand that our oversea branches do not provide maintenance or repair services.
■About the Icons
To keep the safety of the user, other people and their properties, please pay attention to the following icons.
If the user fails to follow the instruction, physical injury on human or damages on hardware may occur.
If the user fails to follow the instruction, serious injury or death may occur.
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■For Safe Use
●In following circumstances, please stop using the product and turn off the power immediately to prevent the risks of
fires and electric shocks. If the product is defective, please contact us for repair or exchange. For your safety, please do
not disassemble, modify or repair the camera on your own.
Please stop using the product and turn off the power immediately when :
・The product becomes smoky or gets extremely hot on the surface, or makes unusual smells or sounds.
・Foreign material or water gets into the product.
・The product falls and becomes damaged.
●Do not place the product on unstable surfaces. The product may be fallen and people may get hurt.
●Do not expose the product to steam or fumes to avoid electric shocks and fires.
●Do not leave the product in high temperature places such as inside of vehicles or under direct sunlight.
High temperature may cause damages to the camera, or even cause fires.
●Do not cover the product with cloth or other materials. The product may get extremely hot and the heat may cause
deformations on the parts or even cause fires.
●Please avoid dropping or shocking the product as the product may be damaged.
●Do not touch the cable with a wet hand. Such action may cause electric shocks.
●Please avoid continuously contacting the surface of the camera to your skin when the camera is being used. The
surface temperature of the camera may cause burns.
■Other Notices
●Please do not use the camera under strong lights such as sun light for a long period. Also please do not expose the
camera under strong lights even when the product is not being used because the sensor might be damaged.
● Wipe the dirt on surface with soft cloth or tissue paper. Do not use alcohol, thinner or benzene to avoid damaging the
surface paints.
Electro Magnetic Interference
●The camera may interference with electronic devices such as TV and radio. Please do not place the camera next to
such equipment.
- 4 -
■Export Control
This product is a List Control item subject to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and its relevant legislations
No.1 10 (2) and (4). To export this product from Japan, obtaining export licenses from the Ministry of Economy, Trade
and Industry is required. It is also necessary for our company to manage the information of users and the purposes of
use. If the end users or purposes of use change after the purchase and thus cause the need to apply export licenses
from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, please contact the sales representative in advance.
To save the environment, we do not issue warranty in printed format. Instead, all records of the warranty periods,
delivery dates and the customer information are well kept in our system.
For more details, please refer to the sites below:
Hardware Warranty: http: //
To dispose this product, please return the camera to us. If you decide to dispose the camera without returning it us,
please follow related regulations and have the camera disposed as an industrial waste. Please always keep records of
the dispose, and make sure the disposed camera cannot be accessed or used by any 3rd party.
■Limited Responsibility
We do not guarantee the functions of this product or the descriptions on this manual to be completely adapted to the
users’ end applications or marketing purposes. We are also not held responsible for any direct or indirect damages
caused by our products under any circumstances.
Please do not use this product on applications that require high reliability. This product is not manufactured to be used
as medical, nuclear, aerospace, transportation equipment or equipment that is highly related to human safety. We are
not held responsible for any damages on the users’ property, equipment or personal safety caused by this product.
- 5 -
2. Introduction
ARTCAM-TNIR series is an Artray NIR camera which employs a 640 x 512 / 320 x 256 InGaAs (Indium gallium
arsenide) sensor. The cameras have a high sensitive spectral response from 900 nm to 1700 nm.
ARTCAM-TNIR series adopts USB2.0 interface, so image data can be delivered to PC directly without a capture board.
Also, this camera is equipped with an on board memory which avoid data missing during transfer.
3. Main Features
・NIR Detection with High Sensitivity
The InGaAs sensor can detect radiation invisible to human eyes and CCD/CMOS cameras in the wavelength range
between 900 nm to 1700 nm bond.
・High Resolution, High Frame Rate
ARTCAM-031TNIR uses a higher resolution sensor of 640 x 512 pixel and delivers image at 33.6 frame/second
ARTCAM-008TNIR uses 320 x 256 pixel sensor and delivers high-speed imaging at 90 frame/second.
・USB2.0 Interface
This camera adopts USB2.0 interface, so the data can be delivered to PC directly. No capture board is needed.
・InGaAs Camera Viewer Software
The camera comes with ART-VIEWER the bonded viewer software (Windows XP/Vista/7). With this software, users
can easily preview images, save images and change camera settings.
・Software Development Kit (Optional)
For customer who prefers to create their own image processing software or use our camera with other applications, we
provide SDK upon requests.
- 6 -
4. The Product
1) Camera
2) USB Cable Type A-B connector cable, 3m approx.
3) AC adapter (DC12V)
4) Introduction Booklet
5) Viewer software/Device Driver CD
1) C Mount lens
2) Software Development Kit [ARTCCM-SDK]
3) 5m extension cable with USB2.0 repeater
5. Connect the Camera
5-1 How to connect a camera
AC adapter
5-2 Shutter Speed
Shutter speed can be changed on the standard viewer software ART-Viewer.
The shutter speed is set directly on the sensor register, so please refer to the following formulas for the real exposure
Range : SDK 0~65500(Exposure Time:1/18232~3.59sec)
ART-Viewer 0~3000(Exposure Time:1/18232~164.5msec)
Exposure Time=(640+33) x Shutter Value x 0.0815 [μsec]
*1 When setting of SDK is 0, it is possible to obtain images without exposure.
*2 640×512, 12.26MHz
Range : 1~32767(Exposure Time:1/25706~1.27sec)
Exposure Time=(320+69) x Shutter Value x 0.1 [μsec]
* 320×256, 10.00MHz
- 7 -
6. Specifications
Sensor Type
Number of effective
Active Imager
16.0(H)x12.8(V)mm 1.28”
Scan Mode
Pixel Size
InGaAs Image Sensor
Progressive Scan
Shutter Type
Global Shutter
Frame Rate
Shutter Speed
1/18232~3.59 sec
1/25706~1.27 sec
≥5x10 Jones
High Gain : 31μV/e-
High Gain : 13.3μV/e-
Low Gain : 1.2μV/e-
Low Gain : 0.7μV/e-
Full Well
High Gain : 93Ke-
High Gain : 170Ke-
Low Gain : 2.5Me-
Low Gain : 3.5Me-
A/D Resolution
USB2.0 Bulk Transfer
Internal Synchronization
Lens Mount
C Mount
Power Consumption
Under Approx.20W
Ambient Conditions
Operating Temperature/Humidity : 0~35°C/10~80%(Non condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity : 0~60°C/10~95%(Non condensing)
External Dimensions
*Lens, tripod and cables not included
*Lens, tripod and cables not included
Approx. 400g
Approx. 250g
*Lens, tripod and cables not included
*Lens, tripod and cables not included
*Depending on lens you use, our product might not reach the best condition and problems, such as the low
resolution and lightness, might occur.
Please consult our sales representative for the recommended lenses.
- 8 -
7. Spectral sensitivity characteristics
- 9 -
8. External Dimensions
- 10 -
Drawing of the base without a tripod panel
*The design has changed into the small case model
of this outline drawing for orders after Jan, 2013.
- 11 -
9. Optional Functions
9-1 Recommended System Requirements
●Intel chip set, Southbridge above ICH6
●CPU : Intel Core2duo 2.4GHz or higher
●Memory : Above 512MB
●OS: Windows XP or above
9-2 Minimum System Requirements
●USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller
●CPU : Intel Pentium4 1.7GHz or higher
●Memory : Above 256MB
●OS: Windows XP or above
■Please refer the restrictions below when you use ARTCAM.
(1) Recommended System Requirements
If the system specifications do not meet the requirements recommended above, it may be difficult to run at the
maximum frame rate.
(2) Connection of Multiple USB Devices
Please be aware that depending on the specifications of the user's PC, it may be difficult to supply the power to the
USB devices when multiple USB devices are connected.
(3) USB2.0 cable Extension
We cannot guarantee the functionality of the USB2 camera if the user adopts USB3.0 extension cables or repeaters
which are not confirmed by us. With the extension cables or repeaters, the bandwidth of transfer may differ, and thus
caused malfunctions such as a low frame rate or recognition failure on the camera.
What may cause the problem is that the regulation of the power lines becomes not enough, and so causes impudence
mismatch on data signals.
*For the recommended extension cable, please contact our sales department. (TEL: +81-3-3389-5488)
TUV 100 01 0310
1-17-5 Kouenjikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0002 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3389-5488
Fax: +81-3-3389-5486
Email: [email protected] URL:
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