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International Journal of Information and Education Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2, February 2017
Explore the Medical Curriculum Teaching Development in
the Smart Classroom
Yu Tai, Ying Wushuo, and Sha Kun
Abstract—Smart Classroom is a teaching space includes a
variety of modern equipment establishments and advanced
educational philosophy of teaching. In view of the complexity
and the practice of medical curriculum teaching, the space
structure of the smart classroom should provide remote
interactive teaching, remote operation, classroom group
discussion and showing, classroom HD recording, attendance
voting and other functions, it will have a profound influence on
Curriculum teaching. By clarifying the concept of classroom,
clearing the particularity of medical teaching, exploring the
smart classroom teaching and classroom space architecture how
to carry out medical curriculum teaching, in order to provide
reference for the application of smart classroom in medical
Index Terms—Smart classroom, medical curriculum teaching,
curriculum interaction, new technology.
With the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data as a
representative of a new generation of information technology
has become increasingly mature, in the field of education,
smart classroom with the characteristics of intelligent
technology, intelligent application, wisdom management has
become the new information construction hotspot. The
emergence of these new technologies will have a profound
impact on our teaching environment, teaching mode, teaching
content, evaluation mode and management mode and so on[1].
While in the process of students learning, classroom teaching
is the most important part of students to acquire knowledge.
Medical curriculum teaching emphasizes on the situation and
cooperation, and emphasized the importance of the students'
learning initiative and exploration ability. The emergence of
smart classroom turn classroom learning environment into the
high-tech content, which created the interactive classroom
teaching efficiency for the teachers and students learning
situation, promote the students' active learning and
cooperative learning, and then improve the efficiency and
results of the medicine curriculum teaching. The purpose of
this paper is to expound the classroom wisdom, on the basis of
definition and spatial structure, explore how to carry out
medical wisdom in the classroom of the classroom teaching,
thinking in the wisdom of the classroom to carry out medical
teaching should focus on consideration of the difficulty in the
process, in order to offer reference to the comprehensive
Manuscript received September 12, 2015; revised November 30, 2015.
Yu Tai and Sha Kun are the Second Military Medical University, China
(The corresponding author: Sha Kun; e-mail: [email protected],
[email protected]).
Ying Wushuo is with Shanghai University of Medical and Health
Sciences, China (e-mail: [email protected]).
doi: 10.18178/ijiet.2017.7.2.854
application of the smart classroom in medical colleges and
universities [2].
As "smarter Planet" (Smart Planet) concept is put forward,
the application of intelligent technology, the smart of medical
treatment, traffic, power, urban infrastructure and even smart
city, education, campus, classroom arises at the historic
moment. At present, the domestic scholars for "smart" of the
classroom doesn't have a unified definition, and distinguish
between the "intelligent classroom" and "smart classroom",
"immersion classroom", "future class" and other concepts are
not very clear. But it is clear that the smart classroom is based
on humanism, constructivism and other learning theory, to use
of such as Internet of things, cloud computing, sensor
technology, artificial intelligence and other advanced
technologies, to activation of teacher-student classroom
interaction, seamless link extra-curricular resources, expand
classroom space and time of intelligent new classroom
environment[3]. The smart classroom as the basis of teaching,
it should set the wisdom, the real-time interaction,
environmental control, video monitoring and remote control,
the educational reform the innovation, the evaluation of
feedback, and other functions into an organic whole, give full
play to the role of the various elements of the classroom
((human, technology, resources, environment and methods,
etc.), realize the application of intelligent services, to achieve
the best teaching effect.
The integrity of the medical science, complexity,
practicality and sociality determines the teaching of medical
education is a huge system, It covers a wide range of
information transmission media, such as text, images, forms,
audio, video, etc., but the traditional classroom teaching
methods often time-consuming, and difficult to achieve good
results. Medical science has an extremely complex subject
The particularity of research object. Such as protein
biosynthesis process, the process of cell division, the
formation and development of fetal dynamic change process,
These abstract objects need to build three-dimensional
concepts and abstract thinking ability to understand, If you
just stay in the traditional blackboard, models, wall charts,
and other presentation, without the aid of advanced
technology description and presentation, are often unable to
achieve the desired effect of teaching.
Medical terminology and more abstract and complex
concepts , it is difficult to understand the memory, such as
biochemistry course, multiple structured, metabolic pathways,
International Journal of Information and Education Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2, February 2017
sequence. At the same time, also in a streaming mode on the
Internet to watch live, so that the majority of students in the
classroom scene such as face to face the same feeling, after
class can also be online on-demand playback. By using full
automatic recording system can share the excellent teaching
resources of famous teachers on the Internet, is also teacher
training, curriculum evaluation, teaching observation, level
evaluation, resource sharing mentor, provides a convenient
way for more recording work of excellent courses. Automatic
recording system uses two modes (software mode and
hardware mode ) to collect teacher courseware screen display ;
or through the intelligence director system switches the
students and teachers of the picture, in order to reflect the
effect of the interaction between teachers and students in
classroom teaching; the use of the live server, will be
broadcast live classroom to other computers on the
many more abstruse content is deep and complex, in the
traditional classroom teaching, the students often feel boring
and difficult to lift interest in learning , it will affects learning
Between the medical curriculums has a strong mutual
interpenetration and permeability. As between medical
microbiology and parasitological, biology, immunology,
pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biology,
molecular genetics and many other disciplines have extensive
and close contact. How to get through the barrier between the
common courses, to achieve resource sharing, is the one of the
difficulties in medical classroom teaching.
A. Interactive Electronic Whiteboard
Interactive electronic whiteboard is induced from the
electronic induction board (hardware) integrated with the
whiteboard operating system (software). It combines
computer technology, sensing technology, positioning
technology, microelectronics technology and electronic
communications technology, has become a computer based
on an input-output devices and sensors whiteboard , is people
( users ) to interact with the computer 's intelligence
platform .Interactive electronic whiteboard is the product of
information science and technology. As a new modern
teaching tool, interactive electronic whiteboard advantage is
able to effectively integrate various teaching resources,
improve the utilization of teaching resources, has great effect
to improve the classroom efficiency [5]. On the other hand,
interactive electronic whiteboard system is composed of
projector, computer and electronic whiteboard, this kind of
teaching method has the characteristics of the content is rich
and colorful, in the form of a variety of features , by the vast
number of teachers and students like it, has been widely used
in medical classroom teaching, and have achieved satisfactory
Fig. 2. The structure of automatic recording system.
C. Interactive Response System
Interactive Response System is through the electronic
remote control, let the whole class of students in the
classroom can be a real time feedback information to the
teacher's teaching applications. IRS the most important
function is to help the students to keep focus on classroom
learning activities, and can motivate students' active learning.
With the rapid development of information technology , the
use of wireless electronic remote control allows IRS real-time
feedback system to maximize performance ,so that the teacher
in the classroom teaching activity, at any time statistics
student feedback and proportional, immediately grasp the
learning situation of the whole class of students, and adjust the
teaching steps.
Fig. 1. Interactive electronic whiteboard system.
B. Automatic Recording System
Automatic recording system can be automatically generate
live video classroom when the teachers are teaching at the
same time, completely recorded the whole process of
teachers' teaching, including teachers in the teaching process,
and writing on the blackboard writing process and the use of
multimedia courseware, etc., automatically editor and
generated live teaching video according to the school time
Fig. 3. The structure of interactive response system.
D. Virtual Surgery
With the rapid development of Internet and multimedia
technology, virtual reality applied research has become one of
the hot current computer research. In the field of education,
International Journal of Information and Education Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2, February 2017
virtual reality technology has extensive role and influence in it.
In particular, we are concerned medical education, it requires
a lot of experimental operation , distance medical education
which based on virtual reality is very suitable for online
virtual operating experiments, it provides a user immersion
learning mode, the emphasis is through hands-on,
problem-solving activities to achieve a series of self-study.
The application of virtual reality technology in medical
education, bring us new education thinking, to solve our
previously unsolvable problems, bring a series of changes to
our medical education. In a lot of technology of virtual reality,
Virtual surgery assisted on classroom teaching is the most
obvious. Virtual Surgery is the use of virtual reality
technology, use of medical imaging data, to create a virtual
environment in the computer. Students use the information in
the virtual environment to surgery planning, drill, surgery
teaching, skills training, guide the procedure during the
operation, postoperative rehabilitation, etc [7]. This paper
argues that the use of existing network technologies and tools,
to develop a virtual network teaching platform, set up network
surgical practice training platform, can from two aspects of
"brain" and "hands-on" to cultivate medical students, improve
the ability of clinical surgery and enable students into the real
doctor role , better adapted to the clinical work.
of traditional teaching wall charts, blackboards, computers,
projectors, and other functions in one of the education
information, both the dual advantages of multimedia teaching
and the traditional blackboard. Teachers through the
operation on the interactive electronic screen, can realize a
flexible integration of a variety of resources, through creating
a more than a screen display space for learning, for each team
in the group discussion provide a display shared screen,
promote cooperation group comparison and editing learning
activities[8]. Such as the anatomy structure interpretation of
the brain tissue term, the teacher can from the transfer of
resources in the library on the brain of the flash animation or
3D virtual experiment, through the multi screen display,
control text interpretation, mobilize the student or group in
the interactive screen yourself manually drag and drop
operation, three-dimensional rotation contrast, use visual
thinking of ways to enhance students understanding on the
concept, at the same time, the use of the interactive screen
recording function of the classroom teachers and students on
the whiteboard annotation and collection operations into a
video file, showing the whole class the thread of thought, the
formation of new teaching resources, for teachers and
students after-school review and reflection. Such as the
anatomy structure interpretation of the brain tissue term,
teachers can obtain from the repository of flash animation or
3D virtual experiment, through the screen display, more
contrast text explanation, students or group on the interaction
screen manually drag and drop, three-dimensional rotation,
use visual thinking ways to enhance students understanding of
the concept, at the same time, using the interactive screen
recording can be gather the teachers and students in the class
notation on the whiteboard and acquisition for video file
operation, rendering the whole class thinking, forming new
teaching resources, for the use of teachers and students after
class to review and reflection.
B. Use High Definition TV and Large Mosaic Screen to
Achieve Long-Distance Teaching Interaction and Remote
In the smart classroom to install high-definition TV, mosaic
style big screen, and based on the Internet network, link to the
smart classrooms in other universities or hospital surgery
room, and to install the remote live interactive control
equipment, screen switch control software alliance docking
component, college courses, so it can realize remote
interaction between teachers and students, multi-channel echo
remote live broadcast, and other functions. In the process of
remote teaching interaction, the TV can be real-time display
other attended class scene or according to the teacher need to
display own teaching scene to perfect the teaching process,
when interaction between teachers and students in their own
classroom, students can see their questioning on the mosaic
scene; and when interacting with other classrooms, the
students can see the computer screen in which other
classrooms or students being asked in other classrooms.
When carry out the remote operation, the students can
understand the whole process of the operation, and the system
can also provide the students' convenient, intuitive view,
improve their understanding and memory ability, and improve
the efficiency and effectiveness of medical skills training [9].
Fig. 4. Virtual surgery system.
In view of the particular requirements of medical teaching,
the smart of the classroom space architecture should provide
live remote interactive teaching, remote operation, class
group discussions, group results show, the high-definition
recording, class attendance voting and other functions,
specifically to the space plan, mainly including the following
five parts:
A. Use Electronic Interaction Screen to Realize the
Freedom of Interaction and Immersion Teaching between
Teachers and Students
At present, the vast majority of medical classroom teaching
is based on the computer and projector multimedia
demonstration system, the lack of flexibility and interactivity
in the process of application, and the system can not meet the
needs of teaching, students lack the opportunity to participate
in classroom activities, then the learning effect is not good.
The use of electronic interaction screen is very good to solve
this problem. Interactive electronic whiteboard is a collection
International Journal of Information and Education Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2, February 2017
C. Use HD Camera and Positioning Device to Achieve
Synchronous HD Recording in Classroom Teaching
In the smart classroom deployed automatic HD recording
and broadcasting system, can greatly reduce the workload of
manual recording, through the intelligent recording teaching
process, automation of generative teaching resources, to
achieve normalization of teaching application and value of
teaching resources. Automatic HD recording and
broadcasting system includes automatic operating platform,
HD video camera, portrait locator, audio acquisition and
noise reduction system, automatic recording and broadcasting
editor, graphics and image workstation. Automatic recording
and broadcasting system of intelligence is mainly reflected in
a "multicar switching" director strategy, namely the use of
installation in a classroom intelligent ultrasonic sensor
placement of reservation switching technology. Through the
scheduled strategy of intelligent platform for automatic
recording and broadcast system, automatic switching teachers
class recording scene, to realize automatic record the class,
when teacher press the button on the computer, and use
teaching computer mouse, keyboard, image, sound and other
operation, the recording images automatically switch to the
computer screen. When no more action, the recorded images
automatically switch to the teachers. When the students have a
speech, the recording scene will be automatically switched to
the student scene; when the students do not speak, the
recording scene will automatically switch to the teacher scene.
If automatic recording and broadcasting strategy only control
the recording scene, corresponding projection screen on the
real-time teaching according to the courseware button switch.
D. Use Splice Type of Desks and Chairs to Explore and
Experiment of Various Teaching Modes
Smart classroom is a decentralized classroom environment,
classroom space is no longer a fixed cuboids, it can be in
accordance with arbitrary shape of structural mechanics. The
desks and chairs can be adjusted to users, classroom
prominence to people's attention, to provide suitable for
individual needs, accord with human body engineering
lap-top, desks and chairs should be flexible, easy to move, and
combination (e.g., can be designed into a trapezoid or
hexagonal, triangular shape), the desks and chairs can
according to the need of different teaching forms, for mosaic
variegated and moderate scale of study groups. Medical
teaching content is monotonous, and it lack of corresponding
and practical operation, we must strengthen the medical
knowledge and clinical practice, cultivate students' ability to
analyze problems and solve problems, students and teachers
in the smart classroom can be carried out PCMC (based on the
clinical typical cases and problems as the forerunner of the
heuristic) teaching, PBL (problem oriented) teaching, mixed
teaching, etc., to fully mobilize students learning interest and
learning enthusiasm, and use the smart classroom to show
each team's discussion, the feedback from the teacher
behavior, students get feedback in time, so as to enhance
students learning effect.
in the classroom should be a simple, user-friendly, easy to use
learning environment, and therefore in the environment of a
large number of connections and communication between
devices will need to use the wireless environment, including
learning terminal - splicing big screen, learning terminal interactive display, learning terminal - Internet, etc., and also
need to use cloud storage, real-time voting system and other
network services. Wireless network supporting environment
can realize the seamless connection between the majority of
devices in the smart classroom learning environment, with the
help of the movable tables and chairs, to better realize the
interaction between the equipment, the teacher and the
students, and to form an interactive and open learning
environment. In the mobile learning terminal, whether it is
tablet or mobile phone, both teachers and students can watch
live broadcast on demand through wireless network, launch
real-time polling questions, real-time sign in class, access to
cloud resources, achieve high interactive, open, visualization
of teaching and learning activities, teacher and research staff,
school administrators can also access wireless network
learning environment, to participate in the teaching process,
to understand teaching progress.
Fig. 5. The structure of smart classroom.
At the same time, the smart classroom under the support of
the hardware environment to carry out, but also need the
support from the platform and application software. To join
the university curriculum alliance, can be based on the
Internet to achieve the curriculum and resources sharing with
the online interactive teaching; Construction of teaching
video resources management center, providing video
resources sharing, and the link between HD recording room
and hospital surgical live room, to realize the automatic video
recording and storage, supports fast retrieval and online live
broadcast on demand; Construction of IRS real-time voting
system, real-time feedback of students' voting results,
monitoring the teaching effect; construction of the electronic
book package system, support for the digital content of
reading and presentation, to provide effective data support for
teachers' teaching and students' learning; Construction of
educational management system, supporting teaching data
analysis management and online teaching evaluation, etc. [10].
Only in this integration of intelligent classroom environment,
it is more conducive to the construction of individual learning
E. Use splice Type of Desks and Chairs to Explore and
Experiment of Various Teaching Modes
Use wireless network coverage to achieve information
real-time transmission and collection. Learning environment
International Journal of Information and Education Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2, February 2017
environment, more conducive to the formation of social
intercourse, freedom of the combination, freedom of
interaction, free to show, so that the individual learning
creativity, different groups of creative activities can
effectively reflect.
teaching, PCMC teaching, PBL (problem oriented) teaching,
mixed teaching and so on. In the teaching process, how to
choose appropriate teaching model to present medical
information, how to realize the seamless connection between
teaching content and teaching video, and how to avoid the bad
tendency of "computer replace the human brain", it is all
teachers and class leaders should consider problem.
Medical teaching methods from the traditional teaching to
the multimedia teaching is a leap, we believe that from the
plane of the multimedia teaching to multi screen display,
remote interactive, operating live, immersed in the smart
classroom teaching will be another major breakthrough. This
breakthrough is not only across a technical limitations, and
thorough breakthrough for medical students to understand
learning barrier, it is not just a visual sense of change, but also
a revolution of learning, will push the innovation and
development of medical teaching.
As the most typical and the core of teaching environment,
the classroom is increasingly from the stage of multimedia
and network into the smart phase. The pursuit of smart in the
classroom should not only limited to technical equipment and
system composition, the more important is how to use the
smart of the classroom to carry out medical classroom
teaching activities, and promote medical teaching reform, so
as to create a smart classroom. In the specific implementation
process, we should focus on the following three aspects:
A. The Change of Thinking
Teachers should realize that the medical classroom
teaching is actually an open and creative process. It should be
treated with the whole and accepted viewpoint; Break through
the shackles of the traditional education ideas, in the teaching
process to guide students to explore the development, pay
attention to the development of students' potential; Managers
should be deeply sensed the impact of new technologies and
new ideas to the classroom, the introduction of supporting
policies and measures to encourage teachers, students,
management personnel to use the smart classroom teaching in
the teaching of new attempts, in the process of medical
classroom teaching to achieve technology and discipline
reasonable, timely and effective integration, and promote the
full development of teaching.
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B. The Rich of Teaching Resources
Teaching resources is one of the basic conditions for the
development of the classroom, the quality of the resources
directly affects the teaching effect, and even plays a decisive
role. Modern equipment in the classroom can be used to
present many forms and types of medical information
resources, such as the use of text, images to present the basic
concept and pathogenesis, the use of animation and sound to
interpretation of the steps and mechanism changes; the use of
video to presentation of teaching, clinical symptoms; the use
of 3D model, flash animation to observe the human body, cell
sections, etc..
Yu Tai was born in Sep. 1987. Yu Tai graduated from the Department of
Educational Technology in East China Normal University, Shanghai, China,
in 2010. Yu Tai’s major field is educational technology and smart classroom.
C. The Choice of Teaching Mode
The traditional medical classroom teaching is the
classroom and blackboard, lesson plans PPT, model chart,
information representation way is single, less communication
between teachers and students. The emergence of smart
classroom for teachers and students to try a variety of teaching
mode and teaching methods, such as case group discussion
Ying Wushuo was born in August 1984. Ying Wushuo graduated from the
Department of Education in Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China,
in 2011. Ying Wushuo’s major field is higher vocational education and
smart classroom. Sha Kun, Shandong people, was born on May, 1977. Sha
Kun graduated from Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China.
Sha Kun’s major field is campus informational construction and smart
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