Portable Infrared loop Systems - Y

Portable Infrared loop Systems - Y
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RF Base System
Hearing aid wearers benefit from the use of an RF Base System.
Being hard of hearing can make people feel isolated.
practical to install a loop system.
fitted with headphones or neck loop for use with
Wearing a hearing aid can help but it amplifies all
The RF Base System makes life easier for the hard
hearing aids, either way the user gets clear sound
sounds to the same level. In busy or noisy situations
of hearing. With inputs from dedicated sound
from source.
this is more of a hindrance than a help with
sources, be it microphone or line in; hearing aid
frequent misunderstandings and frustration. In
wearers hear what they need to hear without
With the RF Base System ensure hearing aid
larger areas such as a stadium it is not always
distracting background noise. The receivers can be
wearers hear what they need to hear.
Body Worn Receiver
Base Station Transmitter
Actual colour may vary from reproduced colour
Product information:
• Installation and commissioning by
• Odeon/UCI Cinemas
Base Station Transmitter
• UHF 640-865 MHz PLL with up to 16 or 98
channels (frequency dependant)
• LCD channel display
• RCA and XLR microphone and line inputs
• Monitor headphone socket with dedicated
volume control
• Operating range is over 100metres
• Optional signal booster (500mW) for coverage of
larger areas
qualified engineers
• House of Fraser
• Line and microphone inputs
• Local Councils
• Cover large areas with single transmitter
• Theatres
• No limit to number of receivers used
• Schools
• Reduces distracting background noise
• Hospitals
• Special price available for multiple
purchases (call us)
Specification Transmitter
RF Output
10~30 mW
Aux Input Jacks
6.3 Ø-Mic in, XLR-Mic in,
RCA-Aux in
Aux Input
700 mV
Aux output
Mic Input
Balanced/unbalanced 10 mV
Earphone output
0.5 W/32 ohm
Selectable channels 1~96 channels
Power requirements 100 V~240 V AC/12 V 1 A
214 X 187 X 43 mm
1.3 kg
Body Worn Receiver
• Handheld/Belt-clip receiver
• Aluminium case for long life
• UHF 640-865 MHz PLL with up to 16 or 98 channels
(frequency dependant)
• LCD channel display, battery condition and error
• No installation required, easy to set up, unlimited
number of receivers from one transmitter
• Operating range 80-100 metres open field
• Rechargeable batteries, optional charger available
Specification Receiver
Flexible antenna
Audio level
Max 750mV up
Neck-loop output
3.5mm jack socket
1.2v (NiMH) x 2 AA rechargeble
1.5v x 2 AA Alkaline disposable
14 hours re-chargeable
17 hours Alkaline
98 x 64 x 26mm
175g (with batteries)
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