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1 Channel mini type transmitter
TTECH designed digital fiber optic video transmitter which can simultaneously transmit 1-128 channels of 8-bit or 10-bit
digitally encoded video/return or bidirectional data/unidirectional or bidirectional audio / Ethernet / Telephone / binary
input/output over one multimode or singlemode optical fiber.
These multiplexers are typically used in applications where the cameras have PTZ capabilities. Plug and play design ensures
the ease of installation and operation. Electronic and optical adjustment is not required. LED indicators are provided for
instantly monitoring system status. Devices are available for either standalone or rack mount installation, which is suitable
for different working environment.
- 8-bit or 10-bit digitally encoded and non-compression
video transmission.
- Directly compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM CCTV
camera systems and support RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485
data protocols.
- Power supply and other parameter status indication,
provides monitoring of system operating condition.
- Support no-damage regenerative trunk of video
- Constant input optical power, and large dynamic range,
no electrical or optical adjustment required.
- Special ASIC design .
- Industry grade operating temperature from -10c to 75c ,
suitable for different working environment.
- Hot-swap function.
- Stand-alone type or 19'' rack-mount chassis type.
- Various optical interfaces available : FC,ST,SC.
- Signal interface, such as video, data, audio, telephone,
ethernet, binary input/ output talkback.
- Max range 80km.
- City traffic monitoring system
- Police and safe city monitoring system
- High way security protection and toll station system
- Building and campus monitoring system
- Industrial monitoring(airport, chemical plant, steel, oil, railway, irrigation works, mines, etc)
- Military monitoring(storage, frontier defense, guard, national defense and so on)
- Electronic power oil field, TV station program broadcasting system
- Gymnasium (live video and audio transmission)
* Specification subject to change without prior notice
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