camera features
CHMSL Third Brake Lamp Camera
for Silverado and Sierra 2014-2017
Expand your field of vision without adding bulk to your truck
See what’s going on in the bed of your truck. The 75° viewing angle assists in hooking up your 5th wheel
gooseneck or monitoring your valuable contents.
PCAM-CHMSL-SIL14/16: A great addition to any video system when removing the factory tailgate of a Silverado or
Sierra truck to facilitate connecting your gooseneck hitch or fifth wheel trailer. Only viewable while in reverse.
PCAM-CHMSL-SIL: Used when retaining the tailgate and OEM camera. Personalize the installation based on the
driver’s needs, with this universal option for Silverado and Sierra trucks that works with any monitor using a
composite video input.
rear-bed viewing
• Gain a full view of the truck bed
• 1/4” CMOS sensor
• Operates at 0.1 LUX
• 75° viewing angle
• IP67 water/debris-proof rating
PCAM-CHMSL-SIL14 and 16: Rear viewing camera that mounts on top of the cab for a perfect view. Wiring harness with OE connector that
plugs into the OE GM tailgate connector. This allows the camera image to display on the OE monitor when the truck is in reverse.
PCAM-CHMSL-SIL: Rear viewing camera that mounts on top of the cab for a perfect view. Stardard composite video RCA with power
and ground that works with any monitor using composite video input.
Kits and Applications
Part Number
MSRP $159.99
UPC 609098823432
MSRP $199.99
UPC 609098823449
MSRP $199.99
UPC 609098823456
Connector Type
2014-17 Silverado/Sierra
12V & GND, RCA
2014-15 Silverado/Sierra
6-Pin OE connector
2016-17 Silverado/Sierra
8-Pin OE connector |
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