Quick-Start Guide
PowerLincTM V2 Controller - Serial (#2414S)
Your new PowerLinc Controller - Serial is a stand-alone home automation interface
for controlling lights, appliances, and more.
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Serial Port
Key Features
• Includes internal memory and clock for PC-free operation
• Simple to use RS-232 communication
• Stores over 1,000 commands in 32KB of memory
• Feed-through outlet won't block you from plugging in other devices
• Compatible with third-party programs
• Can supply 12VDC power (300 mA max) for serial host device
Install Your Separately Purchased 3rd-Party Software Before Plugging in the Interface!
Connector Specifications
Pin 1. RS232 to PC pin 2 (Rx)
Pin 2. +12VDC output, maximum 300mA (unregulated)
Pin 7. Common ground
Pin 8. RS232 from PC pin 3 (Tx)
Pins 3-6 not connected
Connecting PowerLinc Controller Interface to the Computer
1. Turn on and boot up your computer (if already on, turn off all running programs).
2. Plug in the PowerLinc Controller into an AC outlet and connect the serial cable into the
serial outlet on the bottom of the controller.
3. Once the computer is fully booted up, plug the serial cable into a serial port on the
PowerLinc plug-in
The computer is now ready to use the PowerLinc Controller.
Tips for Using PowerLinc Controller Serial
• Do not plug PowerLinc Controller Serial into a power strip or AC line filter.
• Some computers and their accessories can absorb Power Line Carrier (PLC) signals off the
power lines. Since PowerLinc Controller will be so close to the computer, the power strip for
the computer should be filtered. Use Smarthome’s FilterLincTM #1626 on the computer’s
power strip to keep the PowerLinc Controller’s signals from getting absorbed by the computer
• Don't plug other PLC transmitters into the same outlet as PowerLinc Controller Serial. Every
PLC transmitter will absorb the other transmitter's PLC signals when they are not
transmitting. In some cases, up to half the signal can be lost due to nearby transmitters.
• If the computer's serial port is shared with another hardware device (scanner, pda, etc.) be
sure to turn off that device's program on the PC. If left running, the home automation
software will not be able to communicate to the PowerLinc interface.
#1626 FilterLinc TM
Plug-In Filter
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perform in substantial conformity to the description of the product in the owner's manual. This warranty shall not apply to defects or errors caused by misuse or neglect.
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