Fibre Optic Splice and Prep Kit

Fibre Optic Splice and Prep Kit
Fibre Optic Splice and Prep Kit
Soft Case Bag
Miller Fibre Tubing Scoring Tool
• All contents held within
handy, soft case bag
• One step stripping tool
• Suitable for cutting outer insulation,
braid, dielectric and inner cores
• Able to perform window strips
Fibre/Splice& Connector Cleaning Fluid
• Ideal for cleaning ferrules in
connector bulkheads as well as i
ndividual fibre optic connectors.
• This fast drying, optical-grade
cleaning fluid can be used with wipes
or cleaning sticks for wet/dry cleaning
without residue
Miller Round Cable Slitter with Hook
• Removes outer jackets and
Extra Durable Cleanroom wipes
insulations from 4.5mm to 28.5mm
• For cleaning fibres before splicing
• Stripping action both circumferential
and longitudinal
Large Fibre Optic Disposal Unit
• Safe solution to disposing of cleaved
IPA Pre-saturated Cleaning Wipes
fibre ends
• Perfect for on-site installers
• Excellent for removal of fluxes, light
oils, polar soils, dirt inks, oxides and
Miller Kevlar Shears
• Serrated blades and high leverage
Miller Dual Hole Stripper
• Recommended for stripping 250um
• Long cushioned handles
• Miller scissors
coated fibre and 900um tight buffer
• 0.14mm laser drilled hole
• Soft plastic-cushioned handle grip
• Smooth, clean stripping action
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