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VSS 260, VSSE 260


@ Gebrauchsanweisung

Bitte lesen und aufbewahren.

($3 Instructions for use

Please read and save these instructions.

a Instructions dyutilisation

Pri&e de lire et de conserver.

a lstruzioni d’uso

Si prega di leggere le istruzioni e di conservarle.

@ Gebruiksaanwijzing

Lees en let goed op deze adviezen.

@I Bruksanvisning

Var god I& och tag tillvara dessa instruktioner.

@ KayttSohje

LueC ja s3ilytij

@ Brugsanvisning

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Congratulations on your choice of a new AEG power tool. It is a quality product with over 90 years of user oriented tool development and production skill.

We recommend that you carefully read these instructions for use in order to find complete satisfaction with your power tool.

Thank you for choosing AEG.

AEG Electric Power Tools

1 Illustration

1 Setting wheel for oscillation frequency

(VSSE 260)

2 On-off switch

3 Locking button

4 Dust bag

5 Clamping springs

6 Suction nozzle

7 Sandpaper clamping device

8 Clamping lever

9 Perforated base plate

10 Sandpaper clamping device

2 Technical Data

Power input . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 260 W

No load oscillation frequency

VSS 260 . _ . . _ . . . _ . . . . . 22.000 min-I

VSSE 260 _ _ . . . . . . 13.000-22.000 min-1

Diam. of oscillation circle . 2,5 mm

Dimensions of grinding plate 227 x 105 mm

Weight . . . . . . . . . . . _ . . 2,O kg

3 Power Supply

Connect only to a single-phase AC current supply and only to the mains voltage specified on the rating plate. Connection to sockets without earth protection is possible as the appliance features protective insulation to DIN 57 7401 VDE 0740 and

CEE 20. Radio suppression complies with the

European standard EN 55014.

When fitting the plug, make sure that the brown

(live) wire of this appliance is connected to the plug terminal marked L or coloured red and the blue

(neutral) wire of this appliance is connected to the plug terminal marked N or coloured black. Under no circumstances must the wires of this appliance be connected to the earth terminal of the plug marked either E, with the earth symbol or coloured green or green/yellow.

0 Tool repairing by expert only.

5 On-off Control lntermittant use

Switching on: Press on-off control (2)

Switching off: Release on-off control (2)

Continuous use

Switching on: Press the on/off control (2) and then the locking button (3), after that release on-off control (2).

Switching off: Press the on/off control (2) and then release.

4 Safety Instructions

A Please note safety instructions on sheet 333 024!

0 Always disconnect the plug from the mains supply before carrying out any work on the machine.

0 Check the plug and mains lead for possible damage. Damaged or faulty parts should be repaired by experts only.

0 Keep mains lead clear from the working range of the machine.

0 Only plug in when machine is switched off.

0 Do not pierce the motor housing as this could damage the double insulation (use adhesives).

0 These orbital sanders are only suitable for dry sanding.


6 Electronic VSSE 260

Through this electronic the oscillations can be controlled and suited to the use of various materials.

Speed selection with setting wheel (1) direction + : to increase speed direction - : to reduce speed

7 Changing the sand paper

Raise both clamping levers (8) outwards and swing downwards. Place the end of the sandpaper approx. 1 cm under the lower clamping (7), swing back clamping lever and engage. Place the sand paper over the sanding cushion (9) and then tighten under the upper clamp (10).

For maximum dust extraction ensure that the perforations of base plate and sandpaper correspond.

VSS 260, VSSE 260

8 Protection of Environment

Through the integrated suction operation the dust is extracted through the perforated base plate directly into the dust bag (4).

When putting the dust bag onto the suction nozzle (6) the groove of the dust bag (4) must correspond with the guide slots of the suction sleeve.

In case of decreasing suction power the dust bag

(4) must be emptied. For this take off the dust bag

(4) by pressing the clamping connection (5) firmly together.

For the extraction of a great amount of dust a suction hose can be connected to the suction nozzle.

We recommend the AEG suction hose which is suitable for AEG wet and dry vacuum cleaners as well as domestic vacuum cleaners.

9 Accessories

Paper filters are available as an accessory. When putting on the filter let the cardboard engage in the plastic connection.

Put the dust bag over the paper filter. By using this double dust protection all of the dust is kept inside.

Further accessories with part numbers are shown in our catalogues.

10 Service

Use only AEG accessories and spare parts. Should components need to be exchanged which have not been described, please contact one of our AEG service agents (see our list of Guarantee/Service


11 Modifications

Text,. diagrams and data are correct at the time of printtng. In the interest of continuous improvement of our products, technical specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice.

Tips on selecting the emery of sandpaper

Rough sanding of hard wood,

Classification coarse

Rough sanding of soft wood, finish sanding of planed or machined surfaces

Finish sanding of hard and soft wood, finish sanding/polishing of fillers and veneers to bring out the wood grain medium fine





VSS 260, VSSE 260


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