Official Newsletter
SouthEastern Michigan
Computer Organization
Volume 24
APRIL 1998
Number 4
It’s APR
MEETINGS SCHEDULE ..................................................................
am an er S ETIN
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s i the nday !
BOARD MEETING MINUTES ..........................................................
GENERAL MEETING MINUTES .....................................................
JOINT MEETING MINUTES ............................................................ 6
SIG-Macintosh/Performa/PowerMAC/PowerBook ..................... 10
E-mail Addresses, Computer Resource People .......................... 9
Web Sites, by Phyllis Evans ........................................................ 10
PICTURES ................................................................................ 11-13
Editor’s Corner ............................................................................. 14
IDT WinChip C6 200 MHx CPU, by Franz Breidenich ................ 14
Big Deals, by Bob (the Cheapskate) Click ................................. 17
SEMCO BULLETIN BOARD “AD” ................................................ 22
MAP, OAKLAND UNIVERSITY, ROCHESTER ............................. 23
Vice President
Steve Yuhasz
Jerry Comptois
Pat Kreiling
Roger Gay
(313) 261-5878
(248) 651-2504
(248) 338-3834 (day)
(248) 641-8245
Editorial Assistants:
Calendar—Other Groups
Beth Fordyce
(248) 626-5105
Harold Balmer, Phyllis Evans
Phil “Vic” Charns
(248) 398-4465
Tim Mauro-Vetter
SIG-INTERNET Home:248/544-8987(eve)
SIG-IBM: CoChairman
Apple Ambassador
SUB-SIG Software Librarian
Technical Assistant
Brian Brodsky
Tom Callow
Warner Mach
Position open
Franz Breidenich
Larry Grupido
Beth Fordyce
Harold Balmer
Harold Balmer
Phyllis Evans
(248) 353-6511,ext 228
(248) 642-1920 (9-5)
(313) 326-0733
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(810) 664-1777 ext 151
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(248) 682-2335
(313) 532-3634
The SouthEastern Michigan Computer Organization (SEMCO) is a non-profit group
dedicated to providing information, education and a forum to computer users (professional and amateur) and other interested individuals. Membership in SEMCO is open to
all individuals 18 years or older. Persons under 18 years may become members through
the sponsorship of a parent or guardian. Dues $25/year include monthly DATA BUS,
access to SEMCO’s Message Service, and free personal ads.
All SEMCO correspondence should be addressed to
SEMCO - P.O. Box 707 - Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0707
Web site:
General information: (voice) answering device in Royal Oak (248) 398-7560
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Other Macintosh technology used: Apple Laser-Writer Select 360 and Performa 6200; Adobe
Photoshop LE2.5.1; Microsoft Word 5.1; Iomega ZIP Drive; Epson ES600-C Scanner; Casio
QV-11 digital camera.
from the President
Company, WJBK TV2 Studios, and
Lawrence Technological U. before we
made it to our current home, Oakland
University. Some of you have been members from the very beginning and this
month we salute you! Not having had
much time for research, I am unable to
list your names here, but in future months,
I plan on doing so.
Also, if you have an interesting story
to add, I’d like you to email me at so I may include
your article in the DATA BUS or, better
yet, write an article for publication in the
DATA BUS! Most of all, remember that
your user group has a long and proud
history, at least as long as companies
such as Apple Computer and longer than
the Lotus Corporation (now part of IBM).
Being that we do not have General,
SIG-IBM, Mac, or Novice meetings this
month, we are unable to celebrate this
month appropriately. Perhaps in 1999,
we can once again invite speakers to talk
about the amazing past of SEMCO. For
those who lived this history, I again
encourage you to come out to our
SEMCO Sunday, or any of our Special
Interest Groups to share your past experiences this month or write about them.
On another note, people continue to
volunteer to help our User Group. First
of all, I must mention the work of member Tim Mauro-Vetter. He’s been bending over backwards to get info about
other user groups into the back of our
DATA BUS. In case you haven’t noticed, our user group brothers and sisters
are now listed with up-to-date information that has been confirmed personally
by Tim. I encourage all of you to give
Tim a big round of applause. Also, I
must thank SEMCO member and publicity chief, Ray Howe, who has been
“Telling ’Em About SEMCO” in vari-
Steve Yuhasz
Happy Birthday, SEMCO! Yes, your
User Group turns a chipper 22 years old
this month. This is why I am designating
April as SEMCO history month.
The question at the last meeting was
an old question rephrased—which came
first, SEMCO or Microsoft Corporation? It turns out, from past president
Bob Clyne’s investigation, that
Microsoft began in 1975, beating
SEMCO by one year. One thing that can
surely be stated is that SEMCO is one of
the oldest user groups in the country. We
have even outlasted the now defunct
Boston Computer Society. Hopefully,
you will keep “Telling ’Em About
SEMCO” and prevent this from being
our fate!
Unfortunately, I am lacking in my
knowledge of SEMCO history. There’ve
been several past prominent members of
our group such as Rick Inatone, the
person who began what is now known as
Inacom Computers, and I am sure several more have risen to fame that I am
unaware of. I know we began at Wayne
State, met on the grounds of Ford Motor
May 10, 1998
Board Meeting
General Meeting
SIGS IBM/MAC Mtgs 1:45pm
Social Period
SIG-IBM Novice
ous local newspapers. Ray was successful in getting us listed in the Oakland
Press the past month. Bravo, Ray Howe!
Vice President Jerry Comptois and I
will volunteer to help the American
Cancer Society on March 27 in the “Great
American Lock Up.” On April 2, Betty
McKenzie will help us with the “Investing Using the Internet” seminar put on
by Jack Locman at the Troy Library at
6pm. Wednesday and Thursday May
20-21, the Office and Technology show
at the Novi Expo Center, Vice President
Jerry Comptois, SIG Advanced Chairman Franz Breidenich, Secretary Pat
Kreiling, Menie Wirtz, Bill Agnew, and
Betty McKenzie have all agreed to help
man the booths. We would still like a
few more volunteers for the latter event
as it will not happen until next month.
We will need a few volunteers for the
“Troubleshooting Your P.C.” event tentatively scheduled on Saturday, June 27,
that Tom Callow will be presiding over.
And I should mention that people continue to donate food for our ever popular
“Social Period” between 3:15 and 3:45
each SEMCO Sunday. Heartfelt thanks
to those who continue to give so much of
themselves for this wonderful event.
Remember that SIG Internet Group
debuts its new location at the Bloomfield
Public Library at Lone Pine and Telegraph Roads starting at 6pm on Thursday April 16. Not to show SIG favoritism, but I encourage all of you to come
out to this meeting and celebrate the day
after tax day. I suspect this SIG will
continue after 9pm at a local pizza place
as well. Don’t miss the fun!
Most of all, I hope you enjoy your
SEMCO Spring Break this month. It
happens about once every 5 years. Hopefully all of you will have a Happy and
Joyous Easter and we will see you look-
ing straight forward in May on SEMCO
Mother’s Day Sunday—the special day
when you let Mom or better yet, bring
Mom to a SEMCO meeting! √
Pat Kreiling
PRESENT: President Steve Yuhasz,
Vice President Jerry Comptois, Secretary Pat Kreiling, Treasurer Roger Gay,
DATA BUS Editor Beth Fordyce, SIGIBM Co-Chairmen Tom Callow and
Warner Mach, SIG-Advanced Chairman
Franz Breidenich, SIG-Internet Chairman Brian Brodsky, SIG-MAC Representative Harold Balmer, and member
Betty McKenzie.
TREASURY: Roger Gay reported the
balance on hand as of 3/7 was $2547.07
with $200 in undeposited checks and
outstanding bills of $288.00 for printing
and $18.10 for social hour supplies. The
membership total for February is 180.
Roger Gay moved that we offer Larry
Grupido for his efforts in merging the
DataEase group with SEMCO. The
motion carried.
Roger also reported that the registration forms will be updated with an area
for people to state who referred them to
SEMCO, so that person can receive their
gratis month.
NEWSLETTER: Beth Fordyce discussed the new format and was commended for an excellent job.
There was some discussion regarding
obtaining permission to publish members’ e-mail addresses. The data base
will be changed to reflect whether or not
permission has been granted to release
this information.
SIG-IBM: Roger Gay will do a presentation on Access.
SIG-IBM NOVICE: There is still a
need for a new chairman.
SIG-MAC: Harold Balmer will do a
presentation on ClarisWorks.
SIG-ADVANCED: The next meeting
will be in Room A at the Troy library.
SIG-INTERNET: March meeting to
be held on the 19th at Pat Kreiling’s .
Future meetings will be held at
Bloomfield Township Library at Telegraph and Lone Pine. SIG meetings to
be on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
SIG-Database Interest: There will be a
presentation on Data Ease Plus. The
meeting will be held on March 16 at 6pm
in the American Cancer Society building at 29350 Southfield Road, Harvard
Square Building, Suite 110 Southfield.
GREETERS: There is still a need for
additional greeters. Please see Steve
Yuhasz if you would like to help out
here. Also, it would be great if everyone
wore a nametag.
SOCIAL HOUR: The social hour is
running smoothly and seems to be a
great success.
SEMCO WEB SITE: The discussion
area still needs posts. SIG chairmen and
representatives were asked to hype this
in their groups.
The registration form is up on the site,
but not running at present.
The SIG-IBM chairmanship is still open.
We could use additional greeters although Jerry and Meine are doing a
wonderful job. We still need volunteers
to work on the 501 (c) (3) effort.
Bob Clyne volunteered to organize
the Novi Expo Center Technology event
May 20/21. A number of volunteers will
be needed so please contact Bob Clyne
if you would like to help out.
Jack Lockman will present “Investing
on the Internet” on Thursday April 2 at
6pm at the Troy Library. We will need
several volunteers to help pass out
SEMCO information and to greet people.
The American Cancer Society will be
holding a “Lock-Up” event on March
27. They have asked for volunteers to
help enter data as well as other tasks.
The site that needs volunteers most is the
Doubletree Hotel on Jefferson. Steve
Yuhasz is coordinating the volunteers
for this so please see him if you can help
out here.
Internet Committee to begin meeting
at Brian Brodsky’s workplace in April
on the second Thursday of the month.
There is a tentative date of June 27 for
a SEMCO presentation at the Bloomfield
Township Library and a second presentation is being planned for the Troy
Bob Clyne has been attempting to
contact staff members at Oakland University regarding our new facility opportunity. There is no new information
available at this time
User Group liability discussions will
be pursued by Tom Callow after April.
Bob Clyne announced that APCUG
will be holding an event in conjunction
with the Intergalactic and PC Expo. This
will be held at the New Yorker Hotel in
Manhattan. The registration deadline is
April 15. Bob Clyne has copies of the
registration form for anyone interested.
Harold Balmer reported seeing a blurb
about SEMCO in the Oakland Press.
Beth Fordyce will request additional
copies of the DATA BUS in the hope of
eliminating wasted copies.
The meeting adjourned at 1:04 p.m. √
Dr. Wm Agnew 3/8/98
Dr. Wm. Agnew
President Steve Yuhasz opened the
meeting; He recognized two visitors in
the audience.
Steve said that the American Cancer
Society is looking for volunteers to
input data for a few hours for them at
the Doubletree Suites Hotel on March
27 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. This is a
new opportunity for SEMCO members to perform a public service.
Jack Lockman also would like two
volunteers to help with a program
being put on at the Troy Library at 6
p.m. on April 2; the subject is Investing Using the Internet.
On May 20 and 21 SEMCO needs
10-12 volunteers to help with its booth
at the Computer and Technology
Show at the Novi Expo Center. Onehalf day blocks of time are worked out
for being at the booth.
Art Laramie is also still accepting
computers, computer components,
manuals, and software for the Rochester Lions program that supplies
disabled people with computers.
Steve announced that SEMCO
membership is now up to 180, the
increase largely due to the merger of
the DataEase User Group with
Steve also announced the upcoming
SIG meetings: SIG-Internet at Pat
Kreiling’s house March 19 (starting
April 16 at the Bloomfield Public
Library); and SIG-Database March 18
at the American Cancer Society at 12Mile and Southfield Roads. SIGAdvanced continues to meet the first
Monday of the month at the Troy
Public Library at 6:45 p.m. √
Tom Callow introduced the
speaker for the day, Jackie
Goolsby, Reseller Marketing Representative for Microsoft Corporation (she is
much prettier than Bill Gates). Her subject was Multi-Media Reference Products of Microsoft, all of which work on
either Windows 95 or Macintosh.
The first product discussed was Bookshelf 98, which includes ten different
reference works including 16,000 items
in a short version of the Encarta encyclopedia. With it you can click on any word
in an MS Word, Excel, or Powerpoint
document, and it will automatically give
you a quick definition with audio for
pronunciation and a link to quotations
concerning the word that you can paste
back into the document. A footnote reference for the quotation automatically
appears in the document as well. There
are also links to more information on the
word, and you can go on-line to the
Internet. For demonstration Jackie chose
the word “perseverance,” a word of some
significance for PC users. She also tried
the word “Alps” and brought up a picture of the Alps that could be viewed in
virtual reality with a 360° rotation of the
scene about the viewer (very impressive). The Bookshelf 98 product uses
about 60 to 80 megs. It works with word
processors other than MS Word, but not
as well.
Next Jackie discussed Encarta 98,
which is an encyclopedia and comes in
four versions: Standard on one CD
($54.95); Deluxe on three CDs (79.95);
Virtual Globe ($54.95); and Reference
Suite on five CDs ($109.95). There is
also a DVD version of Reference Suite
($119.95). The Standard version has
30,000 articles and 2500 links to the
Internet. Automatic updates are available on-line. It finds information even if
the entry is misspelled. The Deluxe version has more information along with
virtual tours and a research organizer.
The Virtual Globe is a world atlas that
includes 3-dimensional views and world
statistics along with an identification
game for kids. Updates are available on
the Internet. The Reference Suite includes the other three Encarta products.
All of these products require a quad
speed CD drive.
Jackie then described Expedia Streets
98 ($54.95), a map product that includes
6,000,000 miles of U.S. roads, address
location, ZAGAT Survey of restaurants,
hotel recommendations, and points of
interest. It has a highlight tool and push
pins to mark specific sites, and is GPS
compatible. The Deluxe version ($74.95)
includes the American Yellow Pages
CD with 14 million listings. It requires
about 40 megs on the hard drive, but
most of the information is on the CD.
You can type in an address, and it will
locate the site on a map that can be
zoomed to a very magnified view, and
using the push pins you can determine
distances between points by any desired
route. You can also attach notes to the
map identifying various sites and then
print the result (e.g., for wedding invitations). Updated versions are released
annually, which you can purchase with
a rebate. Jackie demonstrated the product by locating an Italian restaurant in
North Beach, California, and showed
the dinner price average of $26, the
atmosphere, the parking, the ZAGAT
rating, and other information. She then
located a hotel and noted the room rate,
laundry service, and children under 11
free. Reservations can be made on-line.
The next product demonstrated was
Expedia Trip Planner ($44.95). This is a
road atlas and travel guide, similar to
Streets, except it includes routing and
camping sites. Jackie demonstrated a
routing from Rochester to Walt
DisneyWorld. You enter the time you
would like to start and stop each day, the
fuel tank capacity, the miles per gallon,
and the average speed you drive (including potty stops). The program then gives
you the total driving time and distance,
the total fuel cost, and where you need to
stop for refueling (not coordinated with
potty stops). Jackie then picked out two
hotels at DisneyWorld with room rates
over $300 per night.
The last product demonstrated was
Car Point, which is actually a web site at
<>. At this site
you can access used car prices, trade-in
prices, and new car prices, see road test
results, surround videos of new cars,
safety features, interactive classified ads,
and locate dealers. The information is
updated regularly and is entirely free. It
includes cars, light trucks, and vans, but
not motor homes or special vehicles.
You are asked to give the dealer located
on the web site the first chance to deal if
you want to buy.
Jackie mentioned the MS Extreme
Event, a satellite broadcast at 1:00 p.m.
on April 4 at the UA Theater in Novi.
This will be a launching of Windows 98.
There will be free popcorn and soda.
Registration can be done at
At 2:45 p.m. Jackie conducted a lottery
and gave away copies of Encarta Deluxe, Encarta DVD, Expedia Streets,
and a T-Shirt. √
Brian Brodsky
Franz Breidenich
Note: change in location: Bloomfield
Public Library (Lone Pine & Telegraph Roads) 6:30pm, 3rd Thursdays.
Our March 19 main topic was
RealPlayer, downloaded by Brian
from their site
and customized for our group puposes.
Brian then went onto the Audio-Net
site for a
live radio broadcast using RealPlayer.
APRIL 16 MEETING: Internet
Search Engine—how to use; results
CONTACT: Brian Brodsky (see
inside front cover) for time, location,
directions or further information.
For Committee Meeting info, see
Page 19. √
The meeting time has changed to the
1st Monday of the month, April 6.
NEXT: May 4, Jun 1, Jul 6
We usually have a wide ranging
discussion of computers and computing, and meet at the Troy Public
Library at 6:45pm. √
Larry Grupido
We had 2 very special guests from Sapphire Int’l—Brian McCabe and Richard
Sabore—who spoke with the group about
Sapphire’s DataEase Product Line.
DataEase is a database application dating back to the early 1980s which has
evolved from the DOS world to both the
Windows and the Client/Server environment. They took us through a demo of
the DataEase Plus product (Client/Server
architecture) and discussed Sapphire’s
customer-based philosophies.
We briefly covered the book called
DataBase Design for Mere Mortals by
Michael J. Hernandez. I’ve not read this
book myself, but I have it from a reliable
source that it is a very good beginningto-intermediate guide on relational database design. Whether you are just starting out with your own database or if you
have been working with them for years
you learn something new from this book.
Now that I think of it, I am going to try to
institute a monthly review of at least one
database book at each meeting. I need to
read more anyway!
Next meeting April 15: Further discus-
Tom Callow
Warner Mach
Tom Callow to demo beta version of
Windows 98 Preview. √
Tom Callow
Demo of how to create a data base
with Microsoft Access √
sion of DE Plus with Geeta Registrar
who will be returning to continue her
discussion on class libraries from Feb
when we reviewed Visual FoxPro.
May 20 meeting: Topic undecided.
We are always looking for database
related topics for presentation, so if
you or someone you know is interested in doing a presentation to the
group, please give me a call or drop me
an e-mail.
The Database SIG meets the third
Wednesday of each month from 6 to
8:??pm at the American Cancer Society offices in the Harvard Square building #110 on Southfield Rd just north
of 12-Mile Rd. It is the first light N of
12-Mile, on NE corner of Sthfld &
Edwards. Please come around to the
door on the S side of the building (by
Edwards St) . Unfortunately, the outside doors to the building lock automatically so please come between 5:30
and 6:15 if possible so we don’t lock
anybody out! For additional info, questions, or if you would like to do a
presentation, contact: Larry Grupido
810/664-1777 Ext 151, or √
This list may not be used for commercial purposes.
Newsletter contents are copyrighted.
Agnew, Wm. G.—
Balmer, Harold—
Bansal, Raman K.—
Blievernicht, Jean—
Breidenich, Franz—
Brodsky, Brian—
Callow, Tom—
Chow, Henry—
Clyne, Bob—
Diller, John
Dujmovich, Nancy–
Evans, Phyllis—
Evans, Yvonne—
Fordyce, Beth—
Gay, Roger—
Gelberman, Ari—
Grupido, Larry—
Harbaugh, Jim—
Howe, Ray—
Ihlenburg, Willie—
Jackson, Richard—
Kreiling, Pat—
Lockman, Jack—
MacKenzie, Betty—
Maki, Roland—
Mauro-Vetter, Tim—
McCabe, Patricia—
Moery,Charles H:
Muir, Sharon—
Rittenhouse,Bruce A.—
Sapilewski, Adele—
SEMCO: E-mail—
Web site—
Woods, Sandra—
Yuhasz, Steve—
This is a list of members willing to be resources for
other members to call when they have hardware or software questions. Are you willing to help members learn?
Which software programs are you familiar enough with?
It is not necessary to be an expert, but just have some familiarity with the program and be willing to help someone
starting to learn it. Please give this some thought and
volunteer at the next group meeting.
AutoCAD, Roger Gay, 248/641-8245, 9am-10pm
Form Tool, John Diller, 248/540-4382, evenings
Genealogy, Stephen Cook, 313/272-7594, eves
Hardware-DOS, Bob Clyne, 810/387-3101, 9a-10p
Hardware-DOS, Roger Gay, 248/641-8245, 9a-10p
Harmony Accounting, John Diller, 248/540-4382, eves
Harvard Graphics, John Diller, 248/540-4382, eves
Modems, Bob Clyne, 810/387-3101. 9am-10pm
M.S.Publisher, Rick Kucejko, 248/879-6180, 6p-10pm
M.S.Word, Bob Clyne, 810/387-3101, 9am-10pm
Publish-It!, Rick Kucejko, 248/879-6180, 6pm-10pm
Quicken, Bob Clyne, 810/387-3101, 9am-10pm
Quicken, Roger Gay, 248/641-8245, 9am-10pm
Lotus 123, Bob Chmara, 248/540-6885, (Pager)
General, Larry Grupido, 810/664-1777 Ext 151
• Recent Change or addition
WANTED: E-mail addresses
Thanks to those who sent theirs in.
To be on our published list,
please e-mail yours to the editor,
young to have used the earliest
personal computers, but Harold
admitted to using some primitive
computers in about 1975. RAM and
storage sizes were then in kilobytes
rather than megs.
To buy a used computer, members
were advised to contact Phyllis
Evans, who sees many deals on the
Internet. As to the best time to buy,
Harold said to jump in whenever you
are ready; older technology is usually
serviceable for a long time, and you
can always upgrade or repurchase
when the newer technology offers
enough advantages. √
Beth Fordyce, Chrmn
by Dr. Wm. Agnew
Beth Fordyce opened the Q & A
session at 3:00 p.m. with eight people
present. In answer to a question it was
stated that hooking up a scanner was
very easy; just plug it into a SCSI port
on your computer. A member had just
received a new Astra Adobe scanner
bundled with Photoshop (a good buy,
it was said).
A prospective new computer user
wanted to know why he should buy a
Macintosh or an IBM compatible
computer. Harold Balmer said the best
way to tell which you should buy is to
try using each of them (this was a very
unbiased and diplomatic answer).
Then he proceeded to tell why the
Macintosh is infinitely better.
Computer Renaissance on Rochester
Road north of 16-Mile Road was said
to be a good place to get used computers, also their store on Orchard Lake
Road just south of 13-Mile Road, and
MacAddict magazine’s latest issue
includes a System 8.1 upgrade disk
(which is also available free for
downloading on the Internet).
After the SEMCO social period
there was a discussion of the fact that
SEMCO is now 22 years old, the
second oldest active user group in the
country. Both Beth and Harold are too
compiled by Phyllis Evans
As I write this, winter is back with a
vengeance and so is my cabin fever.
Can’t wait for spring to return.
This first site is for the gardener’s
among us. John Spicer, <http://
dragon.html>, has a garden layout
software package called MakeItGrow.
It allows you to design a garden of up
to 200’ x 200’, using 96 vegetables,
herbs and fruits, 52 common flowers,
and 44 water lilies, rushes and grasses.
Each icon is drawn in the correct scale
for the spacing required by the plant.
You can download a demo at <ftp://
MakeItGrow2.3DEMO.sit.hqx> or
obtain more information at his web
site listed above.
Free botanical clip art can be found
at <
software>. This collection of botanical
clip art in TIFF format was originally
assembled back in 1994-1995 to
become a commercial Mac and
Windows package. This clip art
collection will be useful and of
interest to anyone in plant/crop
science, weed control, horticulture,
botany, and the natural sciences. The
images (for Mac and Windows) are all
in TIFF format, meaning that they are
editable 300 dpi bitmaps and can be
opened by any word processor or
image-processing program. The
package is freeware, and is freely
distributable by any service, so long as
the original archive is not broken into
smaller units. If you find the files
useful, consider making a donation to
the Univ. of Michigan Museum of
Zoology Endowment Fund.
Did you know that the Detroit News
and Free Press are on the web? You
can find them at <http://> and <http://>.
One of the biggest book dealers on
the web is Amazon at <http://>. They discount all
books, and even have software. You
can’t beat their prices, even with shipping costs added on, and their service
is great. If it’s available, they have it.
For those who want to get on the
web with a browser on a Mac Plus, SE
or SE/30, Portable or other 68000
series Mac, check out <http://
classic.html>. Tons of goodies for
vintage Macs.
MAY MEETING—None in April
1) Harold Balmer to unlock the
mystery of Claris-Works.
2) Q&A and Domain copying.
3) Reminder: wear layered clothing √
Gerald Herriman
Apologies to Gerald and Tim for
mix-naming them in January 1998
Tim Mauro-Vetter
new Chairman,
Calendar-of-Events-Other Groups
Notice: If you see the wrong
name—or no name—on
your picture or someone
else’s, please inform the
editor what it should be
(e-mail or phone—they’re
on inside front cover).
Mixups happen, which is
embarrassing to us all,
but please let’s keep the
record as accurate as
we can.
Jackie Goolsby, Speaker
George Goetz
Cecil Muysenberg
Dorothy & Bob Schultz
Chester Blechinger
Alan Wormser
Joyce Herriman
Tom Meyer
Michael Rymar
Randy Mims
Regina Eicher
Robert Hartman
Beginning this month we have a new
format for the DATA BUS. SIG-MAC
meeting data will follow all other SIG
meeting data. After that will come
articles covering both platforms—in
no particular order.
The new format will eliminate
articles being placed under one format
when they actually apply to either, so
that readers are not limiting themselves to the sections devoted to
“their” platform.
A classic example of an article
placed in the IBM section but of
interest to all platforms, is On The
Road, a book by Bill Gates and
reviewed by Dr. William Agnew in
the February issue.
A little history on this book might
be in order here: your editor (Mac
member) asked Santa Claus for it for
Christmas—she got it, read it, then
placed it as a door prize at a Mac
meeting. Dr. Agnew (Mac member)
selected it from many other items,
then decided to write a review. When
it came time to place it in the newsletter, its size fit smoother in the middle
of the newsletter than at the back. So it
found its resting place in the IBM
section rather than the Mac section—
and belongs in both, either, or neither,
according to your viewpoint.
The March issue had numerous
articles that also should not have been
pegged in holes: Two Bills and Attila–
A Forecast for Management; Key-
board Restaurant Menu; Strange but
True; Quicken & Turbo Tax; Justices
9, Censors 0; Confused by Graphics
Formats?; and last but not least, the
Deals Column.
Just as the whole world integrates,
so goes the computer world.
Our new format will, indeed,
eliminate many of these worldly
problems. √
IDT WinChip C6 200 MHz CPU
by Franz Breidenich
The IDT Centaur Technology offer for
review had two options: ship the
WinChip C6 200 MHz CPU without a
motherboard and furnish your own
motherboard, or buy a Biostar
M5ATA motherboard from the
designated vendor and the CPU will
be installed on it. I chose the second
option since a motherboard was
needed to replace the old 486
motherboard in my niece’s computer—she was to be the recipient.
The IDT WinChip C6 CPU is a
competitor to Intel’s Pentiums, AMD,
and Cyrix CPU chips and is plugcompatible with those chips on a
motherboard equipped with a Socket
7. Like the Pentium chip it requires
only a single voltage system board
compared to the Pentium MMX that
requires a dual voltage system board.
It can be use in Portable machines as
well as Desktop machines. The chip is
available in four different speeds: 180
MHz, 200 MHz, 225 MHz and 240
MHz. The Die size is much smaller
than the Pentium MMX, 88-mm sq.
compared to 128-mm sq. The power
dissipation is also much less—10.4w
at 3.52v compared to Pentium MMX
15.7w at 2.8v—both chips being the
200 MHz versions. The on board
caches on the WinChip is twice the
size of the Pentium MMX caches.
The new motherboard is the Biostar
M5ATA, a baby AT design. It has 4
PCI slots and 3 ISA slots, none shared.
The motherboard has four 72-pin
SIMM sockets and two 168-pin
DIMM sockets for a design total of
256MB of memory. The Pipelined
Burst SRAM is 512K. The IDE
support includes LBA mode and PIO
Mode 5 with 4 devices. The IO
devices installed are one multi-mode
Parallel Port, two 16550 UART Serial
Ports, and both have standard AT KB
and PS/2 KB connectors. Available
options are Universal Series Bus, P/S2
Mouse, and IrDA Connector. The
motherboard comes with Award PnP
Bios and an ALi Super TX chipset
(not Intel). This motherboard will
support the dual voltage CPU’s like
the Pentium MMX, but that option is
not required for the single voltage
WinChip C6.
In late January after receiving
confirmation and instruction from
IDT/Centaur, the manufacturer of the
WinChip, I ordered my motherboard
and CPU from TC (Treasure Chest)
Peripherals and received it in several
days. The motherboard box from
Biostar was sealed by Biostar tape
indicating that Biostar had installed
the CPU on the motherboard (not the
vendor). Included in this sealed box—
besides all the IO cables—were the
M5ATA motherboard user manual
and the IDT WinChip C6 Data Book.
This resulted in the first of two
problems I had with this motherboard
and CPU. Neither the instruction from
WinChip or the sales person at TC
Peripherals indicated that a heat sink
and fan was required for the CPU.
Therefore before installing the new
motherboard, I had to make a run to a
local computer store to buy a 586 CPU
cooler and heatsink compound.
I installed 32 MB EDO RAM on the
motherboard and the CPU cooler, and
verified all the jumpers and options on
the motherboard. The next step was to
install it in the case after removing the
old 486 motherboard. I hooked up all
the cables required and put the old
video card in an ISA slot.
Next, I was to apply power that resulted in the computer booting up into
Windows 95. This was the first time I
had done a motherboard swap that the
machine boots up on the first try.
There was a small second problem
and that was the HD LED did not light
on the case when the Hard Drive was
active. After messing around with it
for an hour including trying to hook
up the Turbo LED in place of the HD
LED that was on the case, I called tech
According to the instruction from
IDT/Centaur the vendor was to supply
support. I called TC Peripherals at
their 800 number. After being put on
hold by their automated phone system
for about 10 minutes, Jack, service
tech, picked me up. After explaining
my problem, he said he did not have a
manual on the Biostar M5ATA
motherboard and it would take him
several minutes to get a manual from
his supervisor. Jack stated that this
was a new motherboard from the manufacturer and mine was the first call he
had on it. He guided me through the
steps to test the LED on the case and
made sure I was connecting it on the
correct pins and orientation. After
going through these steps the LED
started working—I don’t know why
unless I had + and - leads reversed.
But I am happy to say that my
experience with tech support at TC
Peripherals was a good experience.
Now that the computer was fully
working, I hooked up my SparQ 1.0
GB Parallel Port Drive to backup the
hard drive. The hardware and software
installed on the system with no
problem. I then proceeded to reformat
the hard drive to get rid of the On
Track software no longer required
since the BIOS for this motherboard
supports large partitions. I installed a
new video card, ATI Xpert@Play with
4 MB of memory my niece had
purchased and a Sound Blaster 32 PnP
soundcard. After installing Window
95, Office95, and other software
including Norton Utilities, I tested the
speed of the WinChip C6 CPU with
Norton Utilities. The program stated
the CPU was 46 times faster than the
Intel 386SX CPU.
I talked to a rep from IDT Centaur
Technology Inc., designer of the
WinChip, because of information that
Norton Utilities had on its System
Information page, which indicated that
the processor was a Centaur Haul 175
MHz. The Award Bios stated when
the system was booting that I had a
IDT WinChip C6 at 200 MHz. The
reason the representative said that
Norton Utilities information was
correct was because the FP-Unit
(floating point) was not as strong as
the Pentium MMX FP-Unit and the
information would read 175 MHz.
The next step was to install different
types of software on the computer to
see how it would handle them. I had
only one problem: Chess Master 5000
would not load because it could not
find the file DPLAY.DLL. I had this
same problem with Chess Master 5000
when loading it on my Pentium Pro
system. The fix is to copy
the Windows\System folder.
The machine installed and ran
Microsoft Flight Simulator perfectly
with no glitches. All the other Windows 95 games I installed had no
problem with the WinChip C6 CPU. I
installed and used Office 95 applications with no errors or problems. Also
installed First Aid 97 for Windows 95
and the only errors it reported were
that I had no printer and modem
installed on the system. Both errors
were correct, as these items were not
installed on the system at that time.
The speed that the programs executed
on this computer is compatible to my
Pentium Pro 200 computer.
I installed both Netscape Navigator
3 and Internet Explorer 4.0 and used
them to make a connection to my ISP
and the World Wide Web. I had to use
the Netscape Navigator 3 software to
setup the computer for my ISP
account. Once the account was setup I
used Internet Explorer 4 for my
Internet connections. On the old 486
motherboard, which had been in this
computer, I was never able to connect
to my ISP. This computer was used
for the February SEMCO SIG-Internet
meeting where it performed flawlessly
for over 3 hours, running Internet
Explorer 4.0.
This concludes my test of the
WinChip C6 200 MHz computer. The
results indicated that the WinChip C6
CPU would handle any Windows 95
program as well or perhaps better than
any variations of the Intel Pentium
CPU’s. In fact WinChip has engraved
on their CPU the “Design for Microsoft Windows 95” logo.
According to the TC Peripherals
advertisement in the March Computer
Shopper the price of the WinChip C6
200 MHz is $100 when purchased with
the Biostar M5ATA mother-board. The
Intel Pentium MMX 200 MHz is $70
more on the same mother-board.
Therefore you can buy the WinChip
and this motherboard for $10 more
than the price of the Intel CPU alone.
IDT Centaur Technology
2975 Stender Way
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 408-727-6116
Fax: 408-492-8454
Home page: Ö
○ ○ ○ ○ ○
from the Deals Guy
Greater Orlando Computer UG
by Bob “The Cheapskate” Click
Vendors tell me there wasn’t much
activity from last month’s column, so
it would seem that the items I thought
were pretty good just didn’t get it with
my readers. Perhaps you’ll like
something this month. Last month’s
column was tough on my phone bill
but I think this month’s will be
cheaper. Also, sorry I inadvertently
left the “.com” off my Mindspring
address in previous columns, even in
this one, but my proof reader caught it.
I’m glad some thought to add it on
when they e-mailed me.
I had e-mail about better deals on a
couple of Micrografx items. Looks
like those items are getting associated
with rebates (which I’m not big on)
like many other items. I do the best I
can, but I can’t know every deal
everywhere. I also expect my readers
to be prudent when they buy. If there
is a better deal there, remember it may
only be in your area, even if it’s in a
chain store.
Still good:
The PK Electronics “Blackout Buster”
UPS special rebate (only from this
column) is still good. They say your
rebate will take from 4 to 6 weeks. If
you buy the PK UPS item, call PK
Electronics at 1-888-GO PK UPS
(888-467-5877) to ask for the $20
rebate form referred to in my column.
The CPU chip cooling fan with the
alarm offer is also still good. To order,
call Alpha & Omega Computer Corp.
at 1-800-838-5868 or 1-714-632-0388
and mention this column. This offer is
good through April 30, 1998. The
Font-handler item may or may not be
good. Call them at 1-800-522-FONT
in the US or Canada and simply order
the product for $29.95 + $5 shipping.
Voice Power is back with another
toy! (I love toys.)
Remember the voice-powered browser
and “Power Point package” - well,
here is another product from Voice
Systems. How about moving your
mouse around by voice commands.
“Verbal Mouse” is the first virtual
mouse system completely controlled
by voice commands. Simply speak
any mouse commands and the onscreen cursor will respond just as if a
manual mouse was moving.
In fact, it can even be used in
conjunction with your manual mouse.
Ever been able to move the mouse
manually but unable to click the
mouse buttons effectively? With
“Verbal Mouse” the user may move
the cursor to the desired location manually and simply say “click left” or
“double click left” to finish the task.
If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other ailments, “Verbal
Mouse” will be a blessing, not to
mention helping the prevention of
those ailments. Commands include:
up, down, left, right, stop, faster,
slower, click left, click right, double
click left, double click right, press left
(for dragging), press right, etc. It does
everything your manual mouse can,
but by voice commands. The “Verbal
Mouse” including the “Launch Pad”
(launch any program by voice), is just
$17.95 + S&H for the Deals Column.
They also have a full-featured voice
power package that includes the
browser, mouse and launching pad
that comes with a free “Kurzweil’s
Voice Pad Starter Edition” voice
dictation package. It’s reduced to just
$49.95 and can be ordered from their
website ( or call
them at 1-800-425-8118. (Alternate
phone 1-410-226-5310) Also available
at popular computer chain stores.
I wondered if they had a program to
help me give my wife voice commands, but decided no programmer
was that good. My best voice command for her so far is “yes dear,” if
you know what I mean!!
PowerQuest bonanza:
You heard right, Gene Barlow is letting me help announce a special user
group offer. It is called the “Spring
Offer” but will still be good into the
summer. Nobody can tell it better than
Gene, so here are his words:
“PowerQuest has just announced a
spring offer for user group members in
the USA. You can purchase the latest
versions of three of their most popular
products at less than half price.
“PartitionMagic” for only $35,
“DriveImage” for $35, or both for just
$60. “DriveCopy” is $15. Even with a
$10 S&H fee per order (no extra fee
for Alaska & Hawaii), this is still a
great bargain for these super products.
“You can order only through their
“secure” website at
order.html, or by mail to “Spring
Offer,” PO Box 275, Orem, UT
84059-0275. This offer is available
only to user group members. You
must give the name of your user group
and the special order code ‘UGDEAL.’ Remember, you heard
about this offer here first. Gene
Gene said S&H to Canadian
residents is $15 and the above prices
are in US Funds. Sorry, no phone
orders. On behalf of my readers,
thanks Gene, and I’m still looking for
a feature where Partition Magic will
help with a new room in my house
(partition magic—get it?).
Blinders for your computer!!!
Yup, you read right. If your computer
is in an area where light shines on
your screen making it hard to view,
this is for you. The “EyeVisor” is a
sort of hood that attaches to your
monitor with a top and sides to shield
your screen from extraneous light.
Sizes are available for 14-, 15-, 17and 21-inch monitors.
User group discounted prices are
14"/15" - $22.50, 17" - $26.25, 21" $33.75, laptop - $16.50. I’m not sure
how they attach, but the picture shows
a nice sized visor on the top and sides
of the monitor.
They also make “KeySkins” for
hundreds of keyboards. In my catalog
there are 14 pages of small print for
the different makes and models. You
can buy them for $10 each (normally
Also included in this special offer
are dust covers in too many configurations to print here. Prices in my catalog range from $16.95 up and come in
configurations for one item all the way
up to a cover for your complete system. Even printers. There are too
many prices to print, but you get 25%
off through the Deals Column.
Visit their website at for a complete
review of their products. By the way,
as usual, don’t forget to mention the
Deals Column. Their order number is
1-800-874-6391 or 1-904-862-4448.
This offer is good for April and May.
Dealer’s inquiries are invited as well.
Symantec special offer:
Their new product is “CrashGuard
Deluxe.” Symantec says this new
software gives unrivaled crash and
recovery protection enabling you to
save your work before complete
system failure. In fact, I’ve already
bought a copy for my wife’s car!
You can order “CrashGuard
Deluxe” at a special $39.95 price with
free shipping by calling 1-800-8871192. Mention priority code W421
when you order. If you found a better
deal from a local store between Feb.
10 and Mar. 31, 1998 you can get a
$10 rebate from Symantec with a copy
of the Symantec letter (that was sent to
your user group) until April 30, 1998.
Offer only good in the USA.
How about a new hard drive?
Thanks to the newsletters I receive, I
found out about this offer, but I have
seen it in so few that I’ll reprint it
here. Western Digital has a trade-in
program going whereby you can send
them an old drive of any brand
(working or not) and you can buy a
new one direct from Western Digital
at special prices.
Get a 4 gig drive for $200 or a 5.1
gig for $235 or a 6.4 gig for $255 plus
your old drive sent to them. However,
considering my half-hour hold time to
talk to somebody and the shipping,
you might be as well off to watch the
chain stores for a deal. Anyway, call
1-714-932-4952 to talk to Western
Digital. No deadline is announced and
offer is good until canceled.
Guess that’s enough for this month.
Next month I’ll have some
Broderbund deals among other things.
You can reach me at my FAX 1-407382-2781, or, my e-mail addresses. or Meet me here
next month. Bob “The Cheapskate”
Click. √
Internet Committee Meeting
The Internet Committee meeting
takes place the 2nd Thursday of
each month at 7pm in Brian’s office
20300 Civic Center Drive
Suite 304
Info: contact Brian at
248/353-6511, Ext 228
SEMCO & SIG DATA, & MEMBERS’ ADS - Deadline: Wed, Apr 22, 11:59pm
Members’ personal ads free. To mail, use Editor address on Page 2; e-mail address PLEASE send to arrive sooner than deadline if possible.
BUSINESS ADS - Deadline: Second Friday monthly. Mail unfolded camera-ready
copy; payment in full made out to SEMCO, to the Editor (address Pg 2).
Ad Rates and Rules
Full pages are 5-1/2" wide x 8-1/2" tall; Make allowance for 1/2"margins;
Halftones to be screened at 85 dpi; Offset press used; No agent pricing;
Qrtr-page/1-issue=$15;Qrtr-page/6-issue=$75; Qrtr-page/12-issue=$120
April 12 - SUNDAY (Meet 2nd Sunday) Location: Dodge Hall/Eng’g,
OAKLAND UNIVERSITY in ROCHESTER. (Map: inner back page)
SEMCO Board Meeting at 12:00 pm, Room 203 - For Officers and SIG
Chairpersons. Other members are invited to attend.
SEMCO General Meeting at 1:30 pm, Auditorium. Pgm: Business Meeting
(15 minutes in length).
It’s Musers),1:45
SIG-IBM (for IBM & compatible
EE APR pm, Auditorium. Pgm: No
as is closed
April meeting, Oakland University
ter ING for Easter.
Refreshments! (If we are
mp Auditorium
d t Sun
neat at this function, O.U. will
s i he day
SIG-IBM NOVICE, 3:45 pm, Auditorium.
Pgm: No April meeting, Oakland
University is closed for Easter.
SIG-MAC (Mac/Performa/Power MAC), 1:45 pm, Room 203. Pgm: No
April meeting, Oakland University is closed for Easter. After: Q&A & Public
Domain copying.
Apr 16 - Thursday, 6:30pm (Meet 3rd Thursday)
SIG-INTERNET Pgm: Internet Search Engine. Chrmn Brian Brodsky to demo
how to use, and results returned. Bloomfield Public Library at Lone Pine &
Telegraph Roads. Contact Brian Brodsky: Res. 248/544-8987 (eves), or Work
248/353-6511, ext 228 for directions and more info.
Apr 6 - Monday, (Next: May 4) 6:45 pm (Meet 1st Monday)
SIG-ADVANCED Pgm: Wide ranging discussion of computers & computing.
At Troy Public Library, Room A, 500 W. Big Beaver Rd in Troy, at the I-75
exit. Details: Franz Breidenich 248/398-3359.
Apr 15 - Wednesday, 6pm (Meet 3rd Wednesday)
SIG-DATABASE Pgm: More on DE Plus with Geeta Registrar who will be
returning to continue her discussion on class libraries from February. At Amer.
Cancer Soc, 29350 Sthfld, Harvard Plaza Sq.Bldg, #110, Sthfld (1st light N of
12-Mile, on NE corner Sthfld/Edwards; use side door on S side by Edwards St—
betw 5:30/6:15 or auto doors could lock you out!) Info: Larry Grupido 810/6641777 ext 151;
May 10, 1998 - SUNDAY (Meet 2nd Sunday)
SEMCO Topic: Not available at press time.
Tim Mauro-Vetter
(to post monthly computer group info)
Apr 2 - Thursday, (Next: May 7) 6:30pm (Meet 1st Thursday) (not Dec & Jan)
GDOUG (Greater Detroit OS/2 Users Grp) Stardock Systems, Farmington Rd, N. of 6Mile, Livonia; Info: Carolyn Kolaz, Pres at 76460.3040@CompuServe.COM; map on
Apr 7 - Tuesday, (Next: May 5) 7:30pm (Meet 1st Tuesday: not July/Aug)
SHCC (Sterling Hts Computer Club) Topic:Hard Drives, Lyban Computer Co., Carpathia
Club, 38000 Utica Rd, Sterling Hts, Rick Schummer or 810/997-1451.
Apr 8 & 9 - Wed/Thu, (Next: May 13/14) 7pm (Meet 2nd Wednesday & Thursday)
Michigan Apple Computer User Grp (Mac, IIGS, Apple II, some PC) Apple II/AppleWorks & Parent/Teachers Ed SIGS 2nd Wed, 7pm, St Bede School, 12 & Southfield;
Mac SIG: 2nd Thu, 7pm, Topic: Microsoft Office 98—guest from Microsoft to present.
Troy Library, I-75 at Big Beaver. Info: Carl Pendracki 248/647-8871 or Web:
Apr 11 - Saturday 7pm (Meet 2nd Saturday)
*.DOS (Computer Users Grp of S.E.Mich.) Bryant Public Library, NW Cor.Mich.Ave.&
Mason St.,Dearborn, rear parking/entrance. All MS-DOS, IBM-DOS, MS Windows PCbased software/hardware. Open/public. Info: Dennis Leclerc 313/255-2060.
Apr 11 - Saturday 10am-Noon (Meet 2nd Saturday)
Wayne State U.Mac User Grp at, 21042 Laurelwood, Frmgtn. Info: Lorn/
JoAnn Olsen 248/478-4300 or Denny MeLampy 248/477-0190,
Apr 16 - Thursday, 7pm (Meet 3rd Thursday)
MCUG (Michigan Computer Users Grp), Topic: Special informational program on
Internet service providers (hosted by World Wide Network). South Lake Hi Sch., 21900
E. 9-Mile Rd, St. Clair Shores. (Park rear lot; enter rear door). Info: Steve Skinner, Pres,
at or 810-412-8241. Web:
Apr 18 - Saturday, 9am-1pm (Meet 3rd Saturday)
MacTechnics, (MAC user Group), SIGs 9:30am, Main meeting 11am, U of M, No.
campus, EECS Bldg. & Dow Bldg. (see map on web: Info: Cassie at or 313-971-8743.
Apr 19 - Sunday, 3pm-5pm (Meet 3rd Sunday)
MacGroup Detroit, Topic: Microsoft Office 98 for Mac, latest update to Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, etc. Southfield Civic Center, 26000 Evergreen Rd., Room 221. Info: Terry
White, or 313-571-9817. Web:
Apr 25 - Saturday, 10am-Noon (Meet 4th Saturday) (not December)
AAIICI (Amer. Ass'n. of Ind. Investors, Computerized Invstrs), W. Bloomfield Huntington Bank, Orchard Lk Rd., S.of Maple Rd. Info: Jack Lockman at or
Apr 30 - Thursday, 7pm (Meet last Thursday)
Delta Computer Club, Bay de Noc Community College, Escanaba. Info: Gordon Nelson,
Pres & Editor at or 906/428-1014.
Phone orders: 1-800-350-4842
FAX: 800-244-3080
Web Site:
Mail: User Group Store, 2720 N. Paulina Ave, Chicago,
IL 60614-1020
E-mail: User Group members: to email for monthly sales notices, send your name, address, user group name,
and type “Subscribe” in the subject line.
SEMCO MEETING - Sunday, April 12, 1998
Dodge Hall of Engineering, OAKLAND UNIVERSITY in ROCHESTER
SEMCO Board Meeting at 12:00 pm, Room 203 - For Officers and
Chairpersons. Other members are invited to attend.
SEMCO General Meeting at 1:30 pm, Auditorium. Pgm: Business Meeting
(15 minutes in length).
SIG-IBM (for IBM & compatible users), 1:45 pm, Auditorium. Pgm:
SOCIAL PERIOD 3:15 pm, Auditorium lobby. Refreshments! (O.U. will
allow us to continue with refreshments on Sundays so long as we maintain a
neat environment.)
SIG-IBM NOVICE, 3:45 pm, Auditorium. Pgm:
SIG-MAC (Macintosh/Performa/Power MAC), 1:45 pm, Auditorium:
(Please copy this and the next page to post on your bulletin board)
This map directs to Dodge Hall (#7):
Driving north on I-75 (from Detroit), get off Exit 79 (University Drive),
right on University Drive up to campus entrance. Turn right on Squirrel
Road (at traffic signal); take left onto Pioneer Drive; take second left
onto Library St. to Dodge Hall (bldg 7); it’s on the left from parking lot
#36—Library is straight ahead.
The meetings at Oakland University
are sponsored by OU’s Academic Computer Services
(ACS), and the student chapter of the Association of
Computer Machinery (ACM).
SEMCO thanks OU, ACS & ACM for their assistance.
(248) 559-2230
Fax: (248) 559-8510
28635 Southfield Road
Lathrup Village, Michigan 48076
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