Before you use the equipment, make sure you read the
”Safety precautions”, so you will use it properly.
After reading, keep it in a safe place so you can refer to it at
If you transfer the product to others, the user manual must go
Safety precautions................................................................... 1~2
Start Use................................................................................ 3
How To Use............................................................................ 4~5
Storage & Maintenance............................................................ 6
Safety Precautions
You must read the “safety precautionary notes” before using the equipment.
The cautionary notes recorded here refer to the importance of safety for which you must read.
This equipment is in compliance with EN 957-1 class H (H = domestic)
This product is suitable for healthy individuals as its target.
You must consult your doctor before using this product.
Warning: for your own safety, inspect your equipment for damage and
wear regularly and before each use especially on seat, springs, screws and
knobs. If you find any missing or damaged parts, nicks, cuts, scratches or
gouges in the equipment, discontinue its use.
Warning: Incorrect posture can cause injury. To avoid injury, follow the safety
information in this manual. If you are new to wonder core, use 30 minutes a
day at maximum is recommend, excessive training might cause muscle pain.
Warning: Before using the equipment, Keep the area within 100cm of the
equipment on all sides clear of all obstructions,children, bystanders, and pets.
Must be
Please stop immediately if there is strange feeling or discomfort in the body
during exercise.
Possible harm to health.
Do not use the equipment after drinking alcohol.
Accident may occur or discomfort caused to the body so be sure these must
be followed.
Do not use the equipment right after meals ( Avoid doing so within an hour
after meals)
Accident may occur or discomfort caused to the body so be sure these must
be followed.
Install the equipment in a place suitable for exercise.
If the place is inappropriate, it may make you fall backwards or cause injury.
Please use the equipment on level and hard grounds.
If the place is inappropriate, it may make you fall backwards or cause injury.
Never allow children to use the equipment unattended.
May cause injuries
Use by
Do not
Do not allow young children or pets to stay near you when the
equipment is in use.
Never repair or convert the equipment on your own.
May cause abnormal movement or cause an accident.
Contact the original dealer in case of failures or damages.
Before using the equipment, make sure that the screws and knobs are
tightly secured.
May cause accidents like falling backwards or damage.
Appropriate and fitting sportswear must be worn during its use.
Otherwise, it may lead to injury or accident.
If you have long hair, be sure to tie it up before each use. Otherwise it may
be dragged into the sponge roller.
Must be
Must warm up your body before exercise.
Doing exercise before warming the body will be burden to the body.
When exercise with the sit up exercise, hands do not put on the back
You may otherwise fall or get injured.
Always fold and store the equipment after each use.
To avoide children using the equipment unattended.
Do not use this product other than for its original purpose.
Otherwise it may cause toppling, damage, malfuction or injury.
Do not use exercise method not recorded in the manual.
Otherwise it may lead to injury or accident.
Do not let 2 people use the product at the same time.
This product is for use by a single person. Otherwise it may cause accident
or injury.
Do not use the product for business purpose to allow an indefinite number
of many individuals to use it.
This product is limited to general household use. Otherwise it may cause
injury or accident.
Start Use
Take out your Wonder Core Smart
Your Wonder Core Smart is fully assembled.
Unfold your Wonder Core Smart
Follow by the left drawing.
First lift up the sponge crank.
And then slide the knob to the back to hold
the sponge crank.
Do the same to another side.
If you cannot slide the knob to the back,
please release the knob and slide again.
Adjust the angle and strength
You may adjust the angle and strength by
adjusting the knob.
Turn clockwise to increase angle and strength.
Turn anti-clockwise to decrease.
When doing cycling
If the floor is slippery when doing cycling, put the
anti-slip mat underneath the Wonder Core Smart.
How To Use
Sit up
Push up
Forearm & Biceps
How To Use
Scissor kicks
Ab tuck
Storage & Maintenance
Please avoid high temperature, dampness or direct sunlight.
Keep it in a clean place with good ventilation.
Fold it up when it is not in use and put it in a place out of
reach of the children.
Fold sponge crank
Fold the sponge crank as the left drawing.
First hold the sponge crank higher.
Then pull and turn the knob to the inner
side to release the sponge crank.
If knob is too tight, turn anti-clockwise to
release it.
When the product is dirty, please dilute some neutral cleansing detergents and wet a
cloth with it to clean. After that, wipe it dry with a dry cloth.
Alkaline cleaning agent or solvents like dilute solvents, volatile oil etc. may damage
this product. Please do not use these.
Maintenance / Inspection
If the product is used after it has been lying idle for a period of time, please make
sure that the product is fine and it can used safely.
If the product gets wet carelessly, please use a dry cloth to wipe it dry to avoid
making it slippery.
In the event of failure or abnormal occurrences, please contact the dealer.
If there is anything about the product that you do not understand, please contact the
customer service center.
Waste Disposal
Due to the different recycling regulations between ecah country, please refer to these
regulations before disposeing this product.
In Use / L52 xW55xH38cm
About 5.9kg
Steel - ABS - TPR - PP- POM - Sponge
Maximum Weight
Country of origin
Folded Up / L49xW55xH12cm
Distributed By EMSON® NY, NY 10001
©Copyright 2014 EMSON® All Rights Reserved. Printed in China.
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