Zero-to-10 Volt Solatube Daylight Dimmer

Zero-to-10 Volt Solatube Daylight Dimmer
Light &
Introducing the 0-10 Volt Daylight Dimmer
– an Innovative New
Direction in Daylight Control.
Solatube Australia, manufacturer and marketer of Tubular Daylighting
Devices (TDD’s), now offers architects, designers, and lighting engineers
a new option to take daylight control to the next stage.
The NEW 0-10 Volt Daylight DimmerTM* provides complete integration
into lighting control systems, allowing scene and time control of daylight
delivery. This new control option allows you to:
• Automatically adjust daylight for standard tasks by using
Scene Control.
• Make every second count by using time-clock based operation
to maximize daylight and energy efficiencies.
• Use natural light in places where only electrical lights were
once possible.
As demand for automatic daylight control increases, the 0-10 V Daylight
Dimmer sets the stage for complete control.
Call 13 16 19 today to get more details about specifying the
0-10 V Daylight Dimmer into your next project.
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© 2007 Solatube International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. *Patent Number 7,082,7267
Scene Control
Program the lighting control system to signal the 0-10 V Daylight Dimmer to provide scene-based control and automatically adjust the
daylight for standard tasks.
Make Daylight the Star
Use scene control to completely open and maximize
daylight – creating the brightest space available.
It’s Showtime!
Take Center Stage
With the press of a button, reduce daylight for
Automatically darken a room for viewing movies and videos.
Time-Clock Based Operation
Program the lighting control system to direct the 0-10 V Daylight Dimmer to provide 24-hour light management.
12:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 am
Rise and Shine
Afternoon Break
Open completely in
the early morning
hours for maximum
sunlight exposure.
Direct partial
closure to reduce
unwanted daylight.
Less Night Light
Completely close at
night for increased
security and reduced
light pollution.
Specifications for the 0-10 V Daylight Dimmer
Part No. 900350 v1.0
© Copyright 2008 Solatube International, Inc.
Universal 0-10 V automated programmable dimmer control
Improved optical control of dimmer position for synchronous
operation of up to 40 units
Universal AC Line Voltage Supply with 0-10 V DC Control Input
Fail-safe circuitry and logic to prevent damaging cycling of dimmer
operation in the event of control system failure
Solatube International 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects
Electrical Power Supply
Control Wiring for 0-10 V Daylight Dimmer
Power supply: 90-277 V AC, 50/60 Hz., Current draw of 50 ma:
5 V DC for motor and manual controls supplied by built-in universal
voltage transformer
Wire size: up to 12 gauge
Junction box: Volume allows electrical pigtail connections
A 2-conductor wire (22 gauge) 0-10 V DC signal will provide a
proportional damper opening. 0 V DC is closed for minimum light;
10 V DC is open for maximum light.
Multiple units can be daisy chained from the master dimmer with 2
conductor wire (22 gauge) connected to dimmer terminals: 40
units maximum.
Installation and Integration
The new 0-10 V Daylight Dimmer is a technical advancement in the
area of daylight control that requires integration with 3rd party lighting
control products. For advanced operations, such as automatic
modulating daylight control, this product requires advanced lighting
control functionality that may not yet be available from all lighting
control products. Prior to specifying a project for this type of
2210 Oak Ridge Way | Vista, CA 92081-8341 | T: 888.SOLATUBE |
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