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About our Pay N` Talk Phones
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About Pay N' Talk
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International Rates
You can save up to 60% on all of your long distance
with Pay N’ Talk!*
Tired of paying high rates for regional, national or international long
distance calls? Tired of not understanding your phone bill? Tired of
thinking you’re paying one price for your calls and seeing fees and
taxes double the real price?
Pay N’ Talk changes all of that!
Check back regularly for new phones.
All Pay N’ Talk calls include all taxes and there
are no added fees.
Pay N’ Talk Regional and National calls are all
3.9 cents per minute.
Pay N’ Talk International calls are charged per
minute at incredibly low rates.
You are never obligated to use the
service, in fact, if you choose to never
use it, you just have a great new
phone. If you choose to use the Pay
N’ Talk service, you will save money
on your long distance calls every
We’re so confident that you’ll love the
Pay N’ Talk service, we include free
calling minutes with every phone and
every handset.
Bring your new phone home
and, like any cordless phone,
plug it into your phone jack to
give the handsets their initial
Frequently Called Countries
Rate per Minute
Every Pay N’ Talk enabled phone
comes bundled with credit for long
To view a list of all international
distance minutes. Simply activate the rates, click here.
included account in seconds and
immediately make calls to any phone in the world.
With American Telecom’s Pay N’ Talk, there is:
Press the LDS auto-key and you
are instantly and seamlessly
connected to an IDT Telecom
representative in milliseconds.
The IDT representative will take
the account number included in
the packaging and your account
is activated. The call only takes
a minute or two.
To make your first call, simply
press the LDS key (instead of
the talk key) and dial using the
exact same dialing format as (1 of 2)10/19/2006 6:47:29 PM
No need to designate or change your long distance or local
service provider
No need for an internet connection
No additional or hidden taxes or service fees
No bill that comes in the mail
No complicated sign up process
No cost difference between in-state and out-of-state calls
*60% savings when compared to 2003 national average of $79.67 as listed by
Bureau of Labor Statistics, and 2003 data from TNS telecoms stating that
households annually spend $441 on local service and $122 on long distance
American Telecom Services : About our Pay N' Talk Phones
you have always used for
making long distance calls:
U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico:
1-[area code]-[number]
International calls:
011-[country code]-[number]
Pay N’ Talk service is provided by IDT Telecom, one of the nation’s
fastest growing consumer service providers and an award winning
leader in providing prepaid telecom services.
Pay N’ Talk is a prepaid service.
Each time you make a call, the
cost of that call is deducted from
the value of your prepaid
There are two options for
recharging your account:
Option 1: Each time the value on your
is low, you can press the LDS auto-key
and connect to IDT to make a one-time
Option 2: You can set up an automatic
replenishment system with IDT
Telecom. Each time your balance falls
below a pre-set limit (chosen by you),
your account will automatically be
replenished with a pre-set amount
(also chosen by you).
You will be notified by the Pay N’ Talk
system whenever your account is low.
You will be given the option to connect
to IDT Telecom to recharge your
Internet Phones
Pay N' Talk Phones (2 of 2)10/19/2006 6:47:29 PM
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