Access and manage remote USB and Serial port devices

Access and manage remote USB and Serial port devices
Access and manage remote USB and
Serial port devices from anywhere.
A revolutionary service for connecting to remote USB
and COM port devices via Internet or LAN.
FlexiHub is compatible with
Windows, Mac OS, Linux
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Single control panel for USB and serial ports in
the network
FlexiHub is software that enables shared access to all USB and serial ports in the
network. You can access a remote USB port over network in an easy and convenient
way - as long as the computers have FlexiHub installed on it. You can use contents and
functionality of a USB device as if it were inserted directly into your local machine.
The solution is cross-platform, it works equally well on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Benefits offered by FlexiHub:
• Access USB and serial ports remotely
FlexiHub allows accessing USB or serial devices plugged into network computers listed as
nodes. It does not matter where they are located physically - in the next cubicle or across
the globe.
• Connect and disconnect to USB and serial devices
Not only you can access devices, you can also manage them remotely. Your physical
presence is not required. It is totally safe to do it - thanks to use of encrypted communication
• Detect device type automatically
Once you insert a device, FlexiHub automatically detects its type and displays it - a phone,
a storage device, a camera, etc. This makes it easier to identify what device you need to
access. Serial devices are marked with a special indicator to differ them from USB devices.
• Regulate access to devices
You can restrict access to devices connected to your computer via USB or serial ports.
Such devices will not be listed as accessible to other computers, and only authorized users
will be able to access them.
• Invite another accounts to access your devices
Flexihub got an ability to invite other account owners to connect to devices hosted on your
nodes. Now you may share your devices not only inside your own account but with the
other FlexiHub users, too.
Highlights of the technology employed by FlexiHub:
• Unique sharing mechanism: USB or serial ports can be shared and accessed over network
from anywhere.
• Secure data transfer: 256-bit SSL encryption makes it completely safe to use the
• Private communication server: this means that your computers do not need a real IP
address to share and access data.
• Data compression: this reduces traffic consumption and increases the speed of working
with certain devices.
• Access control: you can restrict access to devices plugged into your local machine, so
only authorized users can use it.
Flexible subscription plans:
Free plan: 2 Nodes, 1 Device, and 20-minute session
Paid plans: multiple devices among multiple nodes (computers), users can use FlexiHub's
own redirection server and automatic reconnection.
To know more about subscription plans visit
FlexiHub supports:
Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10, Server 2012
Mac OS X 10.9 - 10.12
Linux - Was tested on Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 15.10, Debian 8, Centos 7
App resources:
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Official Flexihub website
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Skype: doriss.lane
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