Digital Video Interfacing Products
DVB-S (QPSK) Satellite Input
Receiver & Recorder & TS Player
DVB-ASI & DVB-SPI outputs
Standard Features
- PCI 2.2, 32 bit, 33/66MHz 3.3V.
- Bus Master DMA, Scatter /Gather Interface Protocol.
- Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 ( 64bit ) Drivers + SDK.
- Linux Drivers & sample application.
- Accompanied by DVSStaion3, Alitronika’s Integrated TS
Player, Recorder & Real Time Quick Analyser Software.
- Supports DVB Standards A1010Rev1 and EN50083.
- Satellite DVB-S Compliant QPSK Reception.
- Input Frequency Range: 950 MHz to 2150 MHz.
- Symbol Rate: 1 Mbaud to 45 Mbaud.
- Input Signal level: – 65 to -25dBm @ 27.5 Mbaud
- Integrated RF Loop Through output.
- Sync, Error & Code Violation Detection.
- Support for Time Stamping, PID filtering.
- Supports 188 /204 byte Packet Sizes.
- Power & control signals 22KHz/DiSEqC for the LNB unit.
- Two DVB-ASI and One DVB-SPI outputs.
- Programmable Output Bit Rate.
- Null Packet Insertion by hardware.
- Selectable Burst size mode & continuous mode TS output.
RF Input Specifications
On Board Buffer: 16Mbytes
RF Tuner Conne ctor: 75 Ohms Female F Type.
RF Loop Through: 75 Ohms Female F Type.
Input Frequency Range: 950 MHz to 2150 MHz.
Input Symbol Rate: 1 Mbaud to 45 Mbaud.
Input Signal level: – 65 to -25dBm @ 27.5 Mbaud
LO Step Size: 1MHz.
Modulation Method: QPSK
FEC method: Viterbi
Puncture Rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8.
© 2011 Alitronika DVS AT600PCI
Targeted for Digital Video
Professionals, Sophisticated
End Users and OEMs the
AT600PCI is an ideal solution for
A number of applications such as:
- Development Tools.
- DVB to IP or IP to DVB Gateway.
- Transport Stream Recording.
- Transport Stream Playing.
- Transport Stream Analysing
- Transport Stream Monitoring.
- Video on Demand Server.
- Transport Stream Test Generator.
converter hence replacing an IRD.
- Software Based decoding
- DVB-S TS for Tans-modulation into
Output Specifications
RF Connectors : 75 Ohms F-type
Serial Connectors: 75 Ohms BNC
Parallel Connectors: 25-pin sub-D
DVB-ASI Output Bit Rate: 0 to 214 Mbit/s
DVB-SPI Output Bit Rate: 0 to 108 Mbit/s
Bit Rate Stability: +/- 25ppm
DVB-ASI Output Clock: 270 MHz
DVB-ASI Output Signal level: 1.0Vp-p nominal
DVB-SPI Output Clock: 0 to 13.5 MHz
DVB-SPI Output Level: LVDS
Size WxL: 175mmx107 1
A member of Alitronika’s state of art digital video interfacing products.
The AT600PCI is a PCI based interface device suitable for Recording, Playing and Analyzing of DVB
Transport Streams.
FIG4 illustrates the block diagram of the AT600PCI device. The device communicates with the PC via the
PCI interface device. On the input side, the RF signal is demodulated and then de-coded before entering the
PC via the main controller and the PCI bus as Full TS files. On the output side, the MPEG-II transport
streams enter the device via the PCI interface device. The AT600PCI then transmits the transport streams
according to the settings provided by the application software. The data is 8b/10b encoded for DVB-ASI
signals before it is serialized and transmitted via the BNC output connectors.
The external interfaces for the AT600PCI are shown.
There are 2 Female 75 Ohms F type connectors for
the RF input & Loop Through, 2 BNC connectors for
the DVB-ASI outputs and a box header (seen in blue
in the picture) for DVB-SPI output.
The Unit is supplied with a flat cable/D-type/ bracket
combination for access to the DVB-SPI port.
The LED in the back of the unit function as follows:
OFF = Power is off/ device not activated
Flashing (Red) = Play /Record not activated – Error condition
ON (Green) = Normal operational condition
In Record mode this LED indicates that a Carrier has been detected and the device has locked to incoming TS.
In Play mode this LED indicates that the output section has valid TS (normal operating conditions).
Targeted for digital video professionals, sophisticated end users and OEMs the AT600PCI is an ideal
solution for a number of applications such as, development tools, universal interface for MPEG-II Transport
Stream Playing and Recording, video on demand server, transport stream test generator, high speed serial
data link, software based MPEGII decoders & encoders and many other applications.
© 2006
2011 Alitronika DVS AT600PCI 2
5 Software Application, DVSStation3
5.1 – DVSStation3: All of Alitronika devices are supported by DVSStation3, Alitronika’s FREE
Transport Stream Player, Recorder, Analyser & converter application software. Please refer to
DVSStation3 specification and User Manual on our website for more information about
DVSStation3. Even better please download it from our website & try it out. It works in DEMO mode
without any Alitronika devices.
Play Screen
Record Screen
© 2011 Alitronika DVS AT600PCI 3
RF Tuner Settings
LNB Settings
© 2011 Alitronika DVS AT600PCI 4
SPI connector Pin outs
© 2011 Alitronika DVS AT600PCI 5
Alitronika DVS continually strives to improve its products to keep up with ever increasing demands
of the broadcasting industry.
Therefore Alitronika DVS reserves the right to make changes in its product specifications at any
time without notice. The reader is cautioned to verify that the specification documents are current
before placing orders.
Information furnished in this document is believed to be accurate and reliable.
However, Alitronika DVS assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in any of its
documents. Furthermore, Alitronika DVS assumes no responsibility for the consequence of use of
such information or for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties that may result
from its use. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of
Alitronika DVS.
This document supersedes and replaces all information previously supplied.
Alitronika DVS makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of its
products for any particular purpose, nor does Alitronika DVS assumes any liability arising out of the
application or use of any product and specifically disclaims any and all liability, including without
limitation special, consequential or incidental damages. Conformity to standards, all operating
parameters and compliance to regulations must be validated for each customer application by
customer’s technical experts.
Alitronika DVS products are not authorized for use as critical components in any systems such as
life supporting systems.
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