Free Weights FLAT BEncH
Free Weights Flat Bench
Traditional Strength
Science That Sculpts The Human Body
An effective training option every gym needs. Cybex free weights look good
Cybex Plate Loaded and Free Weight equipment offers lines and styling
and are constructed for ease of use. They share the same design elements
created to complement the entire range of Cybex strength products.
as Cybex selectorized and Cybex plate-loaded equipment for the ultimate
The sleek design seamlessly integrates the products into your facility’s
in a well designed gym.
environment and provides the Cybex brand identity to your members value
Cybex science and design in a plate loaded line.
in strength equipment.
Who said hard core has to be intimidating?
Packed with features and exceptional movements, the Plate Loaded line
Built tough to keep looking new.
— like all Cybex strength products — merges superior technology with a
passion for fitness. Backed by exercise science. Cybex equipment reflects
Three point contact provides excellent stability.
our heritage in sports medicine and design engineering based on the
Strong but lightweight design can be easily moved.
proper mechanics of human movement. Given our decades of dominance
in commercial strength equipment, there is probably no true fitness
Advanced Trainging
professional who has not used Cybex strength products.
Superior biomechanics in a space efficient package. The Cybex plate
loaded line is the most space-efficient user-friendly plate-loaded line in
Cybex’s Plate Loaded and Free Weight lnes are the definition of strength
the industry. It accommodates users of almost any size and its superior
training — and equipment no club wants to be without.
design meets the needs of advanced users, without intimidating others
Product Number
Dimensions (L × W × H)
48” × 24” × 17” (122 cm × 61 cm × 43 cm)
43 lbs (20 kg)
Available in 5 standard or a virtually unlimited variety of
custom frame colors
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