club mixed triples – disc draw

club mixed triples – disc draw
Conditions of Play
Start 1.30 pm
Discs must be in by 1.15 pm. (Members can ring - on the day - to be put into the draw)
Entry fee will be $2 per player.
Please note: There needs to be 12 or more members participating otherwise $2.00 need not to
be collected from each player and no vouchers will be given out.
Teams will then be drawn. The team will stay the same for all games on the day.
Organisers will endeavour to balance teams (ie ability of each player)
Three games of 3 bowl triples
Each game will be of 6 ends or 45 mins duration, played to the bell.
The 3 game “Club Mixed Triples - Disc Draw” charts are to be used to make the draw.
Where possible Triples will be played but entry numbers may require teams of pairs.
If a triple should be drawn to play against a pair then the triple team will play with 2 bowls each.
(Note: Games with a pairs team shall only play 6 ends)
It is recommended that the team positions be changed between each game but must be
changed at least once for the 2nd or 3rd game.
(The reason is to allow newer bowlers to play in a different position other than lead)
If the jack is delivered improperly - the opposition skip will place it.
Killed ends – Place jack on 2 metre spot.
The day’s winner will be decided by:
then - ends won
then - differential
The winning team shall receive bar vouchers.
There shall then be a lucky draw (not to include a team that wins a
prize) with bar vouchers.
If there are enough entries the 2nd and/or 3rd placed teams may also get a prize.
(See guide-lines for number and value of vouchers to be given out).
Clothing - Whites or Mufti
CLUB MIXED TRIPLES Conditions Ver 3.docx
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