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What you need
+ wet tennis ball
Draw your play
Find a wall (make sure it’s not near any windows) and draw your
Your target will be a small yellow circle with bigger red and blue
circles around it.
Make your target about as big as a hula hoop.
How to play
1. Choose a spot about 10 metres away from the target and draw a
line on the ground to mark where to stand.
2. Take it in turns to throw a wet tennis ball at the target (the wet ball
leaves a clear mark where you hit the wall).
3. Keep score against your friends:
10 points for a Bullseye (the yellow circle in the centre)
5 points for hitting the red circle area
1 point for hitting the blue circle area
See how many points you can get in three turns.
What you need
+ bean bag
Draw your play
Draw the playing field in the picture.
Make sure you use different colours for different scoring spots.
Draw a scoreboard near your field.
How to play
1. Split your players into two teams.
2. The first player from team one stands at ‘home’ spot and throws
their bean bag towards scoring spots – if they miss, it’s an out.
3. If they land their bean bag on a spot, the second player tries to
land their bean bag on the same spot.
4. If the second player misses, player one’s score counts. If they land
their bean bag on the same spot, the first player is out.
Three outs and it’s the other team’s turn.
Try to score as many points as you can for your team.
What you need
Four Square
+ ortennis
+ Four people
Draw your play
Use your chalk to draw a large square, 5 metres x 5 metres.
Divide this square into four equally sized boxes.
You can label the squares “a, b, c, d” or “king, queen, jack
and joker”.
How to play
1. Use your hands to hit the ball into the ground in your
square. The ball must bounce once in your square and
once in your opponents square.
2. The king, or player A, starts with the ball and serves to
any square. Then it’s game on!
3. You are eliminated when you hit the ball without
bouncing in your own or your opponent’s square, or after
failing to get back a shot.
4. Every time an elimination occurs, participants move up a
square and a new player is rotated into the game.
What you need
+ bean bag
Draw your play
Draw your hopscotch squares so that they are big enough for
your foot to fit.
Number your squares from 1 – 10.
How to play
1. Throw the bean bag into the first square, if it lands in the square
start your turn. If it lands on the line or slides out you miss a turn
and pass the bean bag on to the next person.
2. Hop through each square, missing the one your bean bag landed in.
3. Only one foot is one the ground at all times, except when there are
two squares beside each other – then you can jump on both feet.
4. On the way back, pick up your bean bag before hopping over that
5. If you completed your turn without falling, start again but throw your
bean bag into the next numbered square.
6. If you fall pass the bean bag on to the next player for their turn.
7 8
4 5
What you need
+ basketball
Y ball
Draw your play
Draw two large circles on the ground.
The inner circle 1.5 metres and outer circle 6 metres wide just like the picture.
How to play
1. The aim of the game is to not get caught out!
2. Players take position inside the outer circle.
3. The person with the ball tries to throw it so it bounces inside the
inner circle then inside the outer one – if this happens they score
one point and get another throw.
4. If another person catches the ball, they become the new thrower.
5. If it bounces outside the big circle on the second bounce the
person loses one point.
6. The first person to score five points wins.
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