Apple | LaserWriter 12/640 PS | IBM® 4312 Remanufacturing Instructions

IBM® 4312 Remanufacturing Instructions
IBM® 4312
Remanufacturing Instructions
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Reference Information:
OEM PN: M4683G/A
OEM Yield: 6,000 prints (5%coverage)
Recommended Tools/ Materials
Phillips head screwdriver
Jewelers screwdriver
Cotton swabs
Anakenisis® PCR Cleaner
99% Isopropyl Alcohol
Printer Compatibility Information:
IBM® Network Printer 12
Apple® LaserWriter 12/640 PS
IBM 4312 Cartridge
Separate the Toner Hopper and OPC Drum Unit:
1. Use a spring hook to remove the tension spring connecting the toner hopper
and OPC drum unit (Fig 1).
2. Invert the cartridge (so that the drum shutter is facing up) and locate the locking pins on each side. This position will prevent the locking pins from falling
onto the surface of the OPC drum when they are pushed in. Push the pins
forward into the cartridge with a jeweler’s precision screwdriver (Fig 2).
Separate halves and set aside the OPC drum unit.
Figure 1
Toner Hopper Disassembly:
1. On the left side of the toner hopper assembly, locate and remove the two
screws holding the gear cover in place (Fig 3A). Make a note of the gear
position for re-assembly.
1. Locate and remove the two screws securing the end brace/cover on the right
side. (Fig 3B). Clean off any conductive grease around the contact point with
alcohol and a cotton swab.
2. Gently lift the magnetic roller from the toner hopper assembly (Fig 4).
Remove the mag drive gear and slide off the bushings at each end.
Figure 2
3. Clean the magnetic roller and bushings with compressed air. Note: Make
sure the conductive plastic at the end of the mag roller is clean.
Wrap mag roller in cloth and set it aside.
4. Locate and remove the two screws securing the doctor blade. Now,
gently pry the right or left side of the metal piece with a flathead
screwdriver until the blade lifts up (Fig 5).
5. Inspect the adhesive strip on the blade for wear. (Replace if necessary). Use
a blower to remove excess toner.
Figure 3A
6. Remove the toner hopper plug and use a vacuum or blower to empty out
IBM® 4312 Cartridge Remanufacturing Instructions…
entire toner hopper assembly. Clean all foam pieces and felts
under the magnetic roller with a soft bristled brush (if necessary).
8. After cleaning the hopper, re-install the doctor blade (2 screws).
7. Re-install the magnetic roller (with bushings and mag gear). Note: keyed
shaft goes to the right. Apply a small amount of conductive grease to the tip
of the shaft where it meets the contact.
8. Re-install the end brace (small cover), noting the keyed or “D” shaped slot.
The end of the magnetic roller shaft must be aligned with this slot for proper
fit. Once the cover is in place, secure with two screws.
Figure 3B
11. On the opposite side, re-install all gears and the gear cover (3 screws).
12. Once re-assembly on the toner hopper is complete, re-fill the cartridge with
toner and replace the hopper cap.
Figure 4
OPC Drum Unit Disassembly:
1. Place the OPC drum unit so that the drum shutter is facing you. Locate and
remove the two screws holding the metal drum axle in place (Fig 6).
2. Remove the white plastic drum axle on the right side (Fig 7).
Figure 5
2. Tape the drum shutter down. Carefully lift the OPC. Wipe the OPC with a
clean, lint-free cloth and inspect for damage. Replace if necessary. Wrap
the drum in a clean cloth and set aside in a dark location to minimize light
3. Remove the Primary Charge Roller (PCR) from the mounting clips. Note: the
black c-clip on the right (contact) side. Clean off conductive grease from this
clip with alcohol and a cotton swab.
4. Clean the PCR with Anakenisis® PCR cleaner, applied to a clean, lint-free
cloth. Wipe the entire PCR thoroughly, making sure there is no residual wax
left on the surface. Wrap in a clean cloth and set aside.
Figure 6
5. Locate and remove the two screws holding the wiper blade in place (Fig 8).
With a small flathead screwdriver placed between the backside of the blade
and the cartridge, gently pry the wiper blade until it can be easily removed.
6. Inspect and lubricate the blade. (Replace if necessary). Note the recovery
blade directly opposite. Be careful not to damage or bend it while
removing the wiper blade or cleaning out the waste bin.
7. Vacuum or blow out any toner in the waste bin. Clean end foams with a soft
bristled brush to remove residual toner (if necessary).
Figure 7
8. Re-install the lubricated wiper blade and secure with two screws. Apply a
small amount of conductive grease to the c-clip and re-install the PCR.
IBM® 4312 Cartridge Remanufacturing Instructions…
10. Re-install the lubricated OPC (Fig 9). Release the drum door slowly so it
does not scratch the surface of the OPC. Hold the OPC gear and slide the
metal axle into the opening (Fig 10A). Repeat procedure for the white axle on
the opposite end (Fig 10B). Once the drum is firmly in place, rotate it (turn
drum toward you) so that the cleaning
blade will remove any excess lubricant.
Re-attach the Toner Hopper and OPC Drum Unit:
Figure 8
1. To re-attach the cartridge halves, align the toner hopper and drum OPC unit.
2. Insert each locking pin and push until the end is flush with the opening (Fig
11). Be careful not to push them in too far or they will fall into the cartridge
and onto the OPC surface.
3. Re-attach spring connecting the toner hopper and OPC unit.
Figure 9
Figure 10A
Figure 10B
Figure 11
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