ADS Tech HDTV UpConverter

ADS Tech HDTV UpConverter
ADS Tech HDTV UpConverter
With CinemaView Technology
Convert Any Video Source Into HDTV Progressive Scan Video
Enhance Your Home Theatre Experience
Maximize your HDTV investment by displaying all video sources in
HDTV quality. The HDTV UpConverter will automatically convert your
standard definition video signals into progressive scan, 1080i, HDTV
quality for a perfect viewing experience. Display video from DVD
Players, VCR's, Satellite TV, Cable TV, Game Machines or any video
source in the highest resolution your HDTV was designed to deliver.
Cinema Quality Video From Any Source
The ADS Tech HDTV UpConverter provides superior resolution conversion and image enhancement of standard definition TV and video
signals (480i or 480p) into HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p or 1080i to
provide you with Cinema quality video for an exhilarating home theatre
Watch Movies in High Definition Resolutions Your
HDTV Was Designed To Display!
CinemaView™ Video Scan Conversion Technology From ADS Tech
- Pixel based motion adaptive de-interlacing provides the best image quality from interlaced video sources.
- Inverse 2:2/3:2 film processing provides "cinema-like" progressive scan images from DVD movies many TV shows.
- Film mode detectors and filtering ensure smooth, artifact-free de-interlacing as the characteristics of video content changes.
Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing Produces Sharper Images Than Progressive Scan DVD Players
Line Doubled
Integrated Audio/Video Switching
The HDTV UpConverter is also an Audio/Video Switcher. Connect up to nine (9) video devices, plus connect your Cable TV to built-in
tuner and UpConvert TV to HDTV. Use the remote or front panel controls to switch from one video source to the next.
Connect All Your Video Devices And Convert All Video Sources To HDTV Resolution
High Definition Component Video Output
The HDTV UpConverter turns all your video sources into Progressive Scan Component Video Output for the sharpest on screen
images. Component video output at up to 1080i resolution.
T e c h
Cerritos, CA 90703
Phone: 562-926-1928
Fax: 562-926-0518
Advanced Frame Rate Conversion
Video content that was originally shot on film such as Movies, Cartoons and many TV shows were converted to 30 frames per second
video for TV viewing. The HDTV UpConverter utilizes 2:2/3:2 inverse pull-down to restore the movie back to progressive scan
2:2/3:2 Inverse Pull-Down
Restores Movie Quality
Progressive Scan Images
Image Enhancement
The HDTV UpConverter provides superior image enhancement with features found in profession level products such
Picture Enhancement
- 3D Noise Reduction
- Sharpening
- Adaptive 4 line comb filter
- 9 bit A to D conversion 2X over sampled
- 10 bit digital to analog Progressive or
Interlaced output
Full Color Controls
- Contrast, Brightness, Hue and Saturation
Color Space Conversion
- Standard Definition to High Definition
Advanced Format Conversion
The HDTV UpConverter supports a variety of picture formats
and aspect ratios to provide the optimum display resolution
and format.
Pan-Scan and Crop
Pillar Box
Picture in Picture Modes
The HDTV UpConverter supports various PiP and multi-PiP
windows and re-synchronization of display timing with no
temporal artifacts.
T e c h
- Converts 480i or 480p standard definition video signals
to 480p, 720p or 1080i HDTV resolutions
- Precision quality audio/video switcher for up to nine
external devices
- Integrated 125 channel cable ready tuner
- 2:2/3:2 film detection and inverse pull down of interlaced
video converts video signals back to original film like
frame rate.
- Film Mode Detection and filtering
- Film Mode LED Indicators
- Advanced PIP, POP or PIP blending with multiple display
- Format Conversion for Full Screen, 4:3 Letterbox, 16:9
Panoramic or 16:9 Pillar Box output displays
- Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, sharpness
- Front Panel display, film mode indicator, tuning and
menu buttons.
- On-screen display of Input Source and Resolution
- On screen advanced menu controls
- Infra-Red Remote Control
Front Panel:
- Power On/Standby
- Display showing input, display resolution, TV channel
- TV Tuning buttons
- Source and resolution select buttons
3 - RCA Video jacks
3 - S-VHS jacks
3 - Component video jacks (480i/480p),
1 - 125 channel cable ready tuner
9 - R+L RCA Audio jacks
1 - HDTV Component jack
1 - R + L RCA jack
Video Input:
Std. Definition 480 interlaced or progressive scan (480i/480p)
Video Output:
HDTV 480p, 720p or 1080i
Internal Switching Power Supply
Input: 110-240 VAC
HDTV Ready TV with HD Component Video Inputs (YPbPr)
Analog Video source w/RCA, S-VHS or Component Video output
or analog TV signal
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