AmpliTube | 5 EQ | Welcome to the Pro Tools Ignition Pack!

Welcome to the Pro Tools Ignition Pack!
Welcome to the Pro Tools Ignition Pack!
All Ignition Pack software now supports Intel Based Mac, Power PC Mac, and Windows XP
platforms. Enclosed is the Installation DVD and the Authorization cards needed to install and
authorize your Pro Tools Ignition Pack software. Also included on the DVD are user guides and
other important information regarding your Pro Tools Ignition Pack software.
Customer Support Contacts—Contact Digidesign for technical support related to Propellerhead
Software Reason Adapted, Ableton Live Lite, Celemony Melodyne uno essential, FXpasion BFD Lite,
and IK Multimedia SampleTank 2 SE, AmpliTube LE, and T-RackS EQ software.
Useful Information Regarding Your Pro Tools Ignition Pack Software:
It is Necessary to Manually Launch Live Lite 5—After instantiating the Live Lite 5 ReWire plug-in,
you will need to manually launch Live Lite 5. Reason Adapted and Melodyne uno essential will
automatically launch after instantiating their ReWire plug-ins.
Launch Reason Adapted and Live Lite to Install Needed ReWire Files (Mac OS X Only)—After installing Reason Adapted and Live Lite, you need to launch them in standalone mode to finish installing the
ReWire files needed to work with Pro Tools software. This is only necessary after the initial installation.
Sorting ReWire Client Plug-ins by Manufacturer—When sorting the plug-ins menu by manufacturer,
all ReWire plug-ins can be found in the Digidesign folder.
IK Multimedia Plug-ins
SampleTank 2 SE is not Designed to Work with Control Surfaces—Due to the large amount of
dynamic parameters, SampleTank 2 SE is not able to conform to control surfaces.
Loading a Non-effect File into the SampleTank 2 SE Effects Section Causes PT to Quit Unexpectedly—
If you attempt to load a file into the SampleTank 2 effects section that is not a valid effect file, Pro Tools
will quit. When loading a effects file into SampleTank2 SE, make sure the file has the .stfx suffix.
Two Preset Menus within AmpliTube LE and T-RackS EQ—You will notice two menus for presets
within the AmpliTube LE and T-RackS EQ window. To insure cross-platform Pro Tools session
compatibility, using the presets menu in the Pro Tools plug-in header is recommended.
IK Multimedia Plug-ins are not Compatible with the Older Versions (Issue #78985)—The updated
Amplitube LE, T-rackS, and SampleTank2 SE plug-ins included on this DVD are not backwards compatible
with previous versions. To keep backwards compatibility with sessions created with the older versions,
keep the older versions of SampleTank2 SE, Amplitube LE, and T-rackS EQ installed along side the updated versions. Since the older versions do not support the Intel Based Mac platform, Pro Tools sessions
created with the older versions are not compatible when opened on a Intel Based Mac computer.
BFD Lite
BFD Lite Cannot be Used at the Same Time as BFD (Full version) (Issue #76836)—BFD Lite is a
single-instance version of the full BFD product. It is not designed to be used with the full version.
If you have BFD Full installed, remove BFD Lite.
OSX Users Need to Run the BFD Lite Data Setup—In addition to running the BFD Lite Plugin Mac
Setup, OSX users also need to run the BFD Lite Data setup to install the drum samples. Refer to
the Installation Guide in the BFD Lite folder for more information.
CPU Overload and Buffer Under Run Errors During Playback—You may need to increase the playback buffer size to achieve acceptable playback performance. If -9128 errors occur during playback, try increasing
the H/W Buffer size in the Playback Engine menu option, accessible from the Pro Tools Setups menu.
On behalf of everyone at Digidesign and our participating Development Partners, we wish you many
years of creative productivity with your Pro Tools system. Enjoy!
9340-55552-00 Rev.A
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