Uniduct® 2700 Nonmetallic Latching Raceway
Uniduct® 2700 Nonmetallic
Latching Raceway
Product Specifications
This specification covers a latching raceway system used for data network, voice, video and
other low-voltage wiring. The latching raceway system shall consist of raceway, appropriate
fittings and device boxes to complete installation per electrical drawings.
Latching raceway is to be surface mounted and to be utilized in dry interior locations only. The
system is for low voltage cabling only, 50 Volts or less.
The latching raceway system specified herein for data network, voice, video and other lowvoltage wiring shall be the Uniduct 2700 System as manufactured by The Wiremold Company.
Systems of other manufacturers may be considered equal if, in the opinion, and the written
approval of the engineer, they meet all the performance standards specified herein.
The latching raceway and all system components must exhibit nonflammable self-extinguishing
characteristics, tested to comparable specifications of UL94V-0.
The Uniduct 2700 series latching raceway shall be manufactured with a co-extruded design of
rigid PVC compound with a flexible PVC hinge. The raceway shall have a smooth finish,
available in ivory, white, black, gray and brown colors.
2.2.1 Raceway
The latching raceway shall be a one-piece design with a flexible hinge. The cover shall open to provide
accessibility and latch securely closed. Total width shall be 0.75" by 0.38" [19.05mm by 9.652mm] deep
with an approximate thickness of .04" [1.01mm]. The raceway shall be available in 6' and 8' [1.83m and
2.44m] lengths and be supplied with adhesive tape backing.
2.2.2 Fittings
A full compliment of fittings (2700 Series) must be available including but not limited to flat, internal and
external elbows, tees, drop ceiling fitting, cover clips, and end caps. They shall be manufactured of a rigid
PVC compound. The fittings shall have a smooth texture, available in ivory, white, black, gray and brown
colors to match the raceway. They shall overlap the raceway to hide uneven cuts. A transition fitting shall
be available to adapt to Uniduct 2800 and 2900 Series latching raceways manufactured
by The Wiremold Company.
2.2.3 Device and Communication Boxes
Device boxes shall be available for mounting standard devices and faceplates. A communications box
shall be available to mount voice, video, data and fiber optic connectors. The communications box shall
provide a means of storage for fiber optic cable. Device and communication boxes shall be snapped onto
a base. They shall be manufactured of rigid PVC compound. They shall be available in ivory, white, black,
gray and brown colors to match the raceway.
2.2.8 Communication Devices and Accessories
The raceway manufacturer will provide a complete line of connectivity outlets and modular inserts for
UTP/STP, Fiber Optic, Coaxial and other cabling types with face plates and bezels to facilitate mounting.
A complete line of preprinted station and port identification labels, snap-in icon buttons as well as write-on
station identification labels shall be available.
Prior to and during installation, refer to system layout drawing containing all elements of
the system.
3.1.1 Completeness
Work shall include furnishing all raceway and appropriate fittings and device plates to install a nonmetallic
surface raceway system as indicated on the electrical drawings and in this specification. Installer shall
comply with detailed manufacturer’s instruction sheets, which accompany system components, as well as
system instruction sheets.
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