iProjection Compatible Epson Projectors
iProjection Compatible Epson Projectors
Applicable Projectors
EB-S130/ X130/ W130/ U130/ S31/ X31/ W32/ X36/ U32/
EB-1761W/ 1771W/ 1776W/ 1780W/ 1781W/ 1785W/ 1795F/
EB-1945W/ 1950**/
EB-1970W/ 1975W/ 1980WU**/ 1985WU/
EB-2055/ 2155W/ 2165W/ 2245U/ 2250U/ 2265U/
EB-935W**/ 945H/ 955WH/ 965H/
EB-520/ 525W/ 535W/
EB-575W/ 575We/ 575Wie/ 580/ 585W/ 585We/
EB-575Wi/ 585Wi/ 595Wi/
EB-675W/ 675Wi/ 680/ 680e/ 685W/ 685We/ 685Wi/ 695Wi/ 695Wie/ 696Ui
EB-1420Wi/ 1430Wi/ 1450Ui/ 1460Ui
EB-4750W/ 4770W/ 4950WU/ 4955WU/
EB-G6070W/ G6270WNL/ G6370NL/ G6570WU/ G6570WUNL/ G6770WUNL/
EB-G7800NL/ G7000WNL/ G7200WNL/ G7400UNL/ G7500UNL/ G7905UNL
EB-Z11000NL/ Z11000WNL/ Z11005NL/ Z10000UNL/ Z10005UNL/ Z9900WNL/
Z9870UNL/ Z9750UNL
iOS Version requires iOS 4. 2 or later
Android Version requires OS 2.3 or later
**Requires access point for Android Connection
***Requires access point for iOS and Android Connection
Devices Supported
iPad ®
iPad 1st
iPad Air
iPad mini 1st
iPhone ®
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5/5C/5S
iPhone 6
iPhone 6+
iPod ®
iPod touch
(3rd Generation
or later)
Android Mobile
Android Tablet
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