4v4 Volleyball - University of Wisconsin

4v4 Volleyball - University of Wisconsin
UW – MILWAUKEE Intramural Sports
4v4 Volleyball Rules
Department of University Recreation
Intramural Sports
Updated: Spring 2017
Official Rules
1. UWM Intramural rules are adapted from National Federation High School Volleyball rules, and their WIAA
1. Each player’s UWM Panther card must be presented to a supervisor or scorekeeper prior to the beginning of the
2. Players must also be registered on the online IMLeagues.com roster before participation.
3. We will be using an “Open” format for the tournament, meaning any combination and number of each gender
may be used to hit the 4 player maximum on the court.
1. Players must stay in the order of their initial rotation at all times.
Net Height
1. All Open games will be played at the net height of 7 feet, 11 and 5/8 inches.
1. There is no practice ball available. Matches will start at their scheduled time. Players should arrive 15 minutes
prior to first game time of the tournament to sign in and attend the captain’s meeting.
The Match
1. The match is won by winning 2 of 3 games to 25 points with a cap of 30 points.
2. Each game must be won by at least 2 points. However, the game will end with the first team reaching 30 points
(do not need to win by 2 points).
3. If a decided third game is necessary, the game will be played to 11.
1. The game will be played in a rally scoring format.
Game Rules
1. The ball may be played off a player’s foot, but there will be no snapping of the leg or kicking motion directed at
the ball
a. You may use your foot to “dig” a ball as long as the foot remains on the ground.
2. On a block, the blocking player's arms may cross the plane of the net to block a spike (or third hit).
a. The blocking player may not cross the plane of the net to interfere with the normal play of the other team.
b. This cannot be used to taunt the other team, and cannot interfere with a pass that was not going to be sent
over the net.
1. Carried (or lifted) balls:
a. The ball must be struck, it cannot visibly come to rest while being played.
2. Double hits (or multiple contacts) are permitted only as long as:
a. Contacts occur during one attempt to contact the ball.
b. There is no finger action (as in a set) on the ball.
c. You are receiving a hard driven ball
3. Back Row Attack
a. A player in the back row may not strike the ball above the height of the net unless he/she is behind the 10foot line.
4. Foot Faults
a. Stepping completely across the centerline or stepping on or over the end line while serving is a foul.
5. Net Fouls
a. A player may NOT touch the net while the ball is in play.
6. Double Fouls
a. Simultaneous fouls by the opposing teams will result in a replay of the point.
1. Serves may be either overhand or underhand.
2. A serve may be received with either an underhand pass (bump) or a set as long as contact is made during one
attempt to contact the ball. The serve cannot be blocked or spiked.
3. A serve may not be spike or blocked by the receiving team.
4. A serve may be received with either an underhand pass (bump) or a set.
5. Let serves are allowed.
Out of Bounds
1. A team may play the ball off the ceiling if it remains on their side of the court.
2. A point or side out will be awarded when the ball hits the ceiling and then crosses into the opponents playing area.
3. If the ball hits the wall it is dead and out of bounds.
1. A replay will be called by the referee when:
a. play is interrupted
b. a player is injured
c. a double foul occurs
d. there are conflicting line calls (for games with two referees)
e. the referee’s site line is screened and can’t make the call
Time Outs
1. Each team has one time out per game.
1. Substitutions are made only off the serving corner.
2. Substitutions must be a part of the rotation.
3. If rotating in extra players, you must keep this rotation throughout the extent of the game.
4. Late arriving players must sign in on the roster before participating, and may sub in or play at the next available
opportunity when they can legally enter the game.
1. If a player/team believes a player is ineligible or a penalty was not properly enforced. They may go through the
protest procedure prior to the next point being played.
2. Official's judgement may not be protested.
3. Please see the Protest Policies and Procedures for further elaboration.
1. A team is allowed one default in a season. Any subsequent attempt to default a game will be treated as a forfeit
and all policies governing forfeits will be enforced.
a. Any team who defaults for the first time using proper procedure will not be charged a forfeit fee
2. More information on defaults can be found in the Defaults, Forfeits and Drops Policy document.
1. Teams must have a representative attend the captain’s meeting at 6:45pm on January 26th before the tournament
begins. If your team will not be attending the tournament, you must contact the Intramural Sports and Sport
Clubs Coordinator by midnight on January 25th, 2017. Teams who contact the IM/SC Coordinator after midnight
on the 25th will be subject to a $15 drop fee, and teams who do not contact the IM/SC Coordinator and do not
attend the tournament will be subject to a $30 forfeit fee.
1. Sportsmanship is an important part of any intramural contest. Teams, players and spectators who engage in
negative sportsmanship may be disqualified from current and future contests and playoffs, as well as other UREC
and Intramural activities. Please see the Sportsmanship Policies for more in depth coverage on expectations and
For rule clarification and other questions, please contact:
Skyler Harmon
Coordinator – IM Sports and Sport Clubs
[email protected]
Brandon Altenburg
Coordinator – IM Sports and Sport Clubs
[email protected]
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