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Curriculum Vitae - Suneel Kodambaka
Suneel Kodambaka
Dept. Materials Science and Engineering,
Eng. V 3121-J, University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: 310-206-8174
Nationality -- U.S.A.
Vice Chair, Undergraduate studies (07/2013-present)
Associate Professor, UCLA (07/2013-present)
Assistant Professor, UCLA (02/2007-06/2013)
Post-doctoral Researcher, IBM T.J. Watson (2005-2007)
Post-doctoral Researcher, UIUC (2002-2004)
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL (1997-2002)
Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering (September 2002) Advisor: Prof. Joseph E. Greene.
Thesis: "In Situ High-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Early Stage
Growth Kinetics During TiN Epitaxy."
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL (1995-1996)
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (December 1996) Advisor: Prof. Rasit Koc
Thesis: "Synthesis of WC Powder Using Novel Tungsten Trioxide Precursors."
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India (1991-1995)
Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering (May 1995).
Courses taught at UCLA
Designed, developed, and taught new Characterization of Nanomaterials course (Spring 2008).
Introduction to Electron Microscopy (Winter 2008)
Diffusion and Diffusion-Controlled Reactions Laboratory (Winter 2008, 2009)
Co-designed, co-developed, and taught new Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
course (Fall 2007, Fall 2008).
Guest lecturer in Introduction to Materials, E 87 for Engineering freshmen, and graduate-level
Surface characterization courses (Fall 2007, 2008).
Science of Engineering Materials (Winter 2009, 2010)
Materials Science of Semiconductors (Spring 2009, 2010)
Current/Past funding as a PI or co-PI: ACS-PRF, AFOSR, ONR, NRO, NSF-MSE, NSFMoM, SAIT GRO (Samsung), Northrop Grumman (co-PI/Hicks, UCLA), Easton Sports, UC
Discovery, UCEI, UC MICRO, and UCLA Faculty Grant Program.
Ongoing research collaborations:
Suneel Kodambaka
Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Cristian Ciobanu (Colorado School of Mines): Graphene growth on Pd(111).
Prof. Per Persson (Linkoping Univ., Sweden): In situ high-T TEM studies of ceramics
Prof. Rasit Koc (SIUC): Carbothermal reduction reactions in C-coated titania particles.
Prof. Ryan Richards (Colorado School of Mines): Characterization of metal and metal oxide
Professional activities
Program Chair, Int'l Conf. Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF), San Diego, CA
Symposium (Fullerenes, CNTs, Graphene), AACGE-18, Monterey, CA (2011).
Symposium, Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting, Boston, MA (2008).
Topical session, AVS Int’l meeting, Seattle, WA (2007).
Organizer, AVS Prairie Chapter meeting, Urbana, IL (2004).
Chair, Symposium F, ICMCTF, San Diego, CA (2013).
Focus Session (Surface/Interfaces of Non-Oxides), APS 2012.
EMC meeting (Graphene and Characterization) sessions (2009-present).
CECAM workshop on nanowires, Crete, Greece (Sept. 2010).
Topical symposium, Amer. Assoc. of Crystal Growth, Lake Geneva, WI (2009).
Focused topic, American Physical Society (APS) March meeting, Pittsburgh, PA (2009).
Topical session, American Vacuum Society (AVS) Int’l meeting, Boston, MA (2008).
Topical session in ICMCTF, San Diego, CA (2004, 2005, 2008-'12).
Editorial/Referee (partial list):
(Editor) MRS Fall '08 Symposium NN Proceedings.
(Guest Editor) ICMCTF, San Diego, CA (2013).
Applied Physics Letters (APL), ACS Nano, Chemical Reviews, Chemistry of Materials, J.
Crystal Growth, Materials Letters, Nano Letters, Nature Materials, Physical Review Letters
(PRL), Science, Surface Science, Thin Solid Films (TSF), Vacuum.
Reviewed proposals submitted to (partial list):
Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore; Vienna Science and
Technology Fund (WWTF), Austria; NSF (CBET, MSE, DMR), ACS PRF, DOE, ONR,
Canadian Space Agency, NSERC, and Georgia National Science Foundation.
Professional Affiliations
American Vacuum Society (1999, 2002-'04, 2007-present)
Materials Research Society (2001, '02, '04, 2006-2012)
American Ceramic Society (1996)
Suneel Kodambaka
Curriculum Vitae
American Physics Society (2007-'08)
The Metals Society (TMS) (2008-'10)
Awards and honors
Program Chair, ICMCTF 2015
Member, Executive Committee, Applied Surface Engineering Division (ASED), part of the
AVS (2013-present)
Guest Editor, Proceedings of the ICMCTF 2013.
Editorial Board Member, Vacuum (2012-present)
Discussion leader, GRC (Thin Film & Crystal Growth Mechanisms), Maine (2011).
Alumni Achievement Award, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (2010).
Paul H. Holloway Young Investigator Award, AVS Int'l Conf. (2009).
Member, User Executive Committee (2009-2011), C.I.N.T.
Best Paper Award, IBM Materials Research Community (2008).
Ross J. Martin award, outstanding doctoral thesis, College of Engineering, UIUC (2003).
Best poster presentation award: AVS Prairie Chapter, Chicago, IL (2002).
Gold medal, outstanding graduate research, MRS spring meeting, San Francisco, CA (2001).
Mavis Memorial Fund Scholarship, College of Engineering, UIUC (2001).
Ivan Racheff award, outstanding graduate research, Dept. Materials Science, UIUC (2000).
Best poster presentation award: NSF-DARPA Virtual Integrated Prototyping project review,
Champaign, IL (1998).
Presented over 100+ invited talks and seminars.
Peer-reviewed publications in journals and books (Total: 70+, 2500+ citations, h-index: 25)
Invited Review articles and Book Chapters
1. S. Kodambaka, In Situ Observations of Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Silicon Nanowires, in
[Silicon and Silicide Nanowires: Applications, Fabrication, and Properties] Ed., Y. Huang, and
K. N. Tu, pp 1-14 (Pan Stanford, 2013).
2. S. Kodambaka and F.M. Ross, Ultra-High Vacuum Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies
of Synthesis and Stabilities of Low-Dimensional Structures, in [Handbook of Instrumentation
and Techniques for Semiconductor Nanostructure Characterization] World Scientific Publishing
3. T. Dumitrică, S. Kodambaka, and S. Jun, Synthesis, electromechanical characterization, and
applications of graphene nanostructures, J. Nanophoton. 6, 064501 (2012),
4. S.V. Khare, S.K.R. Patil, and S. Kodambaka, Germanium Nanowires in [Handbook of
Nanophysics: Nanotubes and Nanowires], CRC Press Taylor & Francis (2010).
5. J. Bareno, S. Kodambaka, S.V. Khare, W. Swiech, V. Petrova, I. Petrov, and J.E. Greene, TiN
Surface Dynamics: Role of Surface and Bulk Mass Transport Processes, Eds., O. Miranda, M.
Suneel Kodambaka
Curriculum Vitae
Carbajal, L.M. Montano, O. Rosas-Ortiz, and S.A.T. Velazquez, AIP Conf. Proc. 885, 205
6. F.M. Ross, J. Tersoff, S. Kodambaka, and M.C. Reuter, Growth and surface structure of silicon
nanowires observed in real time in the electron microscope, in [Microscopy of Semiconducting
Materials Part V], Springer Proceedings in Physics 107, 283-286 (2006).
7. T.-Y. Lee, S. Kodambaka, J. G. Wen, R. G. Twesten, J. E. Greene, and I. Petrov, Controlled
Nanostructural Evolution in Ti0.8Ce0.2N Layers Grown as a Function of Low Energy, High Flux
Ion Irradiation, in [Nanoscale Magnetic Oxides and Bio-World], ed. I. Nedkov and Ph.
Tailhades] (Heron Press, Sofia), 156-165 (2004).
8. S. Kodambaka, S.V. Khare, I. Petrov, and J.E. Greene, Two-dimensional island dynamics: Role
of step energy anisotropy, Surf. Sci. Rep. 60, 55 (2006).
Peer-reviewed journal articles:
9. S. Kiani, C. Ratsch, A. M. Minor, S. Kodambaka, and J.-M. Yang, Orientation- and SizeDependent Room-Temperature Plasticity in ZrC Crystals, Philosophical Magazine, DOI:
10.1080/14786435.2015.1012568 (2015).
10. S. Kiani, C. Ratsch, A. M. Minor, J. M. Yang, and S. Kodambaka, In situ transmission electron
microscopy observations of room-temperature plasticity in sub-micron-size TaC(100) and
TaC(011) single crystals, Scr. Mater., 100[0] 13-16 (2015).
11. T. S. Yoder, J. E. Cloud, G. J. Leong, D. F. Molk, M. Tussing, J. Miorelli, C. Ngo, S.
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Solvothermal Synthesis, Digestive Ripening, and Reaction Mechanism, Chem. Mat. 26, 67436751 (2014).
12. J. P. Bell, J. E. Cloud, J. Cheng, C. Ngo, S. Kodambaka, A. Sellinger, S. K. Ratanathanawongs
Williams, and Y. Yang, N-Bromosuccinimide-based bromination and subsequent
functionalization of hydrogen-terminated silicon quantum dots, RSC Advances 4, 51105-51110
13. Y. Murata, and S. Kodambaka, In situ high-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy studies
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14. S. Kiani, K. W. K. Leung, V. Radmilovic, A. M. Minor, J. M. Yang, D. H. Warner, and S.
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16. G. J. Leong, A. Ebnonnasir, M. Schulze, M. Strand, C. Ngo, D. Maloney, S. Frisco, H. Dinh, B.
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17. K. W. Schwarz, J. Tersoff, S. Kodambaka, and F. M. Ross, Jumping-Catalyst Dynamics in
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Suneel Kodambaka
Curriculum Vitae
18. A. Ebnonnasir, B. Narayanan, S. Kodambaka, and C. V. Ciobanu, Tunable MoS2 bandgap in
MoS2-graphene heterostructures, Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 031603 (2014).
19. H. S. Mok, A. Ebnonnasir, Y. Murata, S. Nie, K. F. McCarty, C. V. Ciobanu, and S.
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Suneel Kodambaka
Curriculum Vitae
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Suneel Kodambaka
Curriculum Vitae
46. C.-Y. Wen, M.C. Reuter, J. Bruley, J. Tersoff, S. Kodambaka, E.A. Stach, and F.M. Ross,
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Suneel Kodambaka
Curriculum Vitae
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Suneel Kodambaka
Curriculum Vitae
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