Lunt Double-stack manual
Double-stack manual
1.Double-stack on a Lunt Solar Telescope:
This manual is for double-stacking a Lunt Solar Telescope.
Take the following steps, if you want to use the double-stack
- first go with your manual for the LSTHa-telescope and tune
- carefully screw your double-stack LSFHa-filter into the
solar telescope(pic.1)
- look thru your telescope and tune your double-stack filter
It can happen that you will see the following picture in your
eyepiece(pic.2), after you have your double-stack filter
screwed on. Than you just have to tune your double-stack
filter to move the sun reflexes out of your field of view.
Now you should be able to see much more details on the suns
surface, because with the double-stack filter you observe with
a bandpass of around <0,55A.
2. Double-stacking on your own telescope
This is a short manual for you people using your own telescope
with our LS-Filters. Now take a look how you can use the
Double-stack filter.
- see your manual for the LSFHa-Filter and tune it first
- carefully screw your LSFHa-Double-stack filter on your first
- now look thru your telescope and tune your Double-stack
filter as you did the first one, that´s it!
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