6 Mp USB CMOS digital camera MMC-60C-C, MMC-60M-C

6 Mp USB CMOS digital camera MMC-60C-C, MMC-60M-C
mmc soft
Digital Cameras
MMC-60С-C / MMC-60M-C
Professional Digital Camera for Microscopy
MMCSoft offers a line of professional digital video cameras:
• USB interface to PC.
• Connection via standard A/mini-B USB cable.
• Power supply via USB.
• Fully controlled from MMCSoft software.
• Small rugged housing 53x53x38 mm.
• C-Mount.
• Manually checked CMOS and CCD sensors
from best manufacturers!
• Software+camera kits.
Image Sensor
1" CMOS (Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor)
2208 x 3000
6 fps
20 fps
Pixel Size
3.5х3.5 μm
4,8 V/lux-sec (650nm)
Dynamic Range
59 dB
Operating Temperature
+10 to +70°C
Power Supply
from USB (+5 V),1W
~ 40000 hours
18 months
Intel chipset, Intel Pentium IV processor or higher, 1 Gb RAM, a free
USB port. Minimum of other USB devices to implement the full frame
32 bit Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed
PC Requirements
OS Requirements
Monochrome (MMC-60M-C) and color (MMC-60C-C) version of cameras based on exciting 1" sensor manufactured
by Cypress Semiconductor Corp. Very high resolution of 6 Mp is combined with quite large 3.5 μm x 3.5 μm pixel
and therefore enhanced sensitivity. Excellent color representation in Bayer RGB color version. Because of the extralarge sensor size, these cameras can be mounted on 1x adapter, which allows you to safe on diminishing optical
adapter. Recommended for any areas of clinical, industrial or science applications where higher resolution for perfect details is required.
Camera with MultiMedia Catalog database makes a full-fledged workstation for image and video acquisition, archiving and manual measurement (linear and angular) in real units on video and images.
Camera+MMC MM
MMC MultiMeter equipped with this camera, can be used for automatic detection of complicated objects on image,
measurement of a group of parameters, classification, statistical treatment of a series of images or video (in medicine: histology, cytology; in materials science: particle analysis, phase analysis etc.).
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