204 Frames per Second for $1595
SV642M Monochrome Camera
SV642C Color Camera
204 Frames per Second for $1595
The SILICON VIDEO® 642M and 642C camera systems
provide 640 by 480 resolution at 204 frames per second (fps).
Reducing the number of lines to 4 allows frame rates up to
19,600 fps. Fast frame rates, global shutter, asynchronous reset, and shutter speeds as short as 20 microseconds (1/50,000th of a second) provide sharp
images of high speed motion. Example applications
include high-speed inspection, particle tracking,
kinematics, collision studies, sports analysis, ballistic
analysis, and biological image analysis.
Available in either monochrome or color, this 10-bit
progressive scan camera system includes camera
head, PCI interface board, 7 foot interface cable, and
control software for only $1595.00. The system provides
image transfer to computer memory at rates exceeding
100 megabytes per second.
The rugged aluminum camera case is 3.3 cm high by 3.3 cm
wide by 4.5 cm deep, which includes the RJ45 connector.
Each side of the case has two M2-0.4 screw holes for attaching the ¼-20 tripod mount.
A board camera (no case), with M12 lens mount, is available
for $1395.00 (lens optional).
(Lens not included)
640 x 480 8-bit capture @ 204 fps
Global Shutter (Mircon TrueSNAP™)
Camera Head w Case & C-Mount for Lens
Camera Head w M-12 Lens Mount & No Case
PIXCI® SI Digital Frame Grabber for PCI bus
Interface Cable (data, control, & power)
Infrared Cut Filter (color camera)
XCAP-Lite Imaging Program
Camera Integration and Reset Control
Sequence Capture
Sequence Save (XCAP-Ltd or XCAP-Std)
Video To Disk: 204 fps for hours (XCAP-Std)
Triggered Sequence Capture
132 MB/s Burst Transfers
PCI Bus: 32 or 64 bit, 3.3 or 5 volt
Compatibility: Windows XP, 2000, NT;
ME, 98, 95; 32-bit DOS & LINUX
The category 5e, shielded RJ-45 interface cable is flexible and
only 6 mm in diameter. It provides data transfer, camera
control, and camera power while allowing easy camera positioning in tight spaces.
The PIXCI® SI imaging board provides a real-time interface
between camera head and PCI bus. In addition to providing
power, camera control, and data transfer, the board has a
trigger input to control data capture, and a strobe output to
synchronize external equipment.
The XCAP-Lite camera control and capture program is included
with the SV642 camera system. XCAP-Lite captures up to 218
frames with 640 by 480 8-bit resolution. The XCAP-Std program ($1495.00), provides video-to-disk capture at 640 x 480
resolution, 8 bits per pixel, 204 fps, to the limit of the
computer’s RAID array (potential duration greater than 8
hours). User-selectable playback rates [slow motion] reveal
hidden detail.
Optionally purchase the SV642 camera with an EPIX® imaging
computer system which can be optimized to capture for a
specified frame rate and time period.
The SILICON VIDEO 642 camera is available from EPIX, Inc.,
or from an authorized EPIX, Inc. Distributor. Quantity discounts
are available.
SV642 High Speed Digital Cameras
Sequence Capture
SV642 Camera
and XCAP
Imaging Program
Frame Resolution:
640 (H) x 480 (V) Maximum
4 (H) x 4 (V) Minimum
XCAP Capture Rate & Mode
The SILICON VIDEO 642 camera is
designed to capture thousands of
images at fast frame rates.
XCAP-Lite, included with camera
purchase, will capture for a maximum
of one second at full resolution, 8 bits
per pixel, and maximum frame rate.
Images must be saved individually.
The XCAP-LTD program captures and
saves sequences to the limit of the
available computer memory. Capture
for up to one minute with 4 GB of
computer memory.
XCAP Capture Event
The XCAP-STD imaging program
offers video to disk, which allows
sequences of images to be captured
directly to as few as two hard disks
configured as RAID 0. Using four 500
GB hard drives, 7200 rpm, images can
be captured continuously for 8 hours
(640 x 480 resolution, 8-bits per pixel,
204 fps). Longer durations are possible.
The XCAP program is optimized for
capturing image sequences. The
Capture Rate & Mode window allows
selection of sequence length and
interval rate. Linear and Circular
sequences are offered. A Linear
Sequence is a simple capture of a
preset number of frames. A Circular
Sequence offers continuous capture
until an event stop. The Capture
Event window offers different conditions that can start, modulate, or stop
sequence capture. Events include
(among others) Date & Time, RS-232
Signal, or a Mouse Click.
Images can be overlayed with frame
number and time stamp. XCAP offers
16 different time stamp formats.
The Display Rate window provides
automatic playback at rates easily
selected by the user. A sequence can
be displayed once, or can be
displayed continuously.
Display can progress from
beginning to end or in
reverse. A subset of frames,
extracted from the complete
sequence, can be displayed
or saved.
XCAP compliments the
SV642 camera with sequence
capture, display, processing,
analyzing, and saving
operations. Select which
version of the XCAP program
is best for your application by
reviewing the description at http://
Camera With Aluminum Case,
PCI Interface & 7FT Cable:
SI-SV642C-7FT Color: $1595.00
SI-SV642M-7FT Mono: $1595.00
Board Camera (no case) w.
PCI Interface & 7FT Cable:
SI-SV642C-B-7FT Color: $1395.00
SI-SV642M-B-7FT Mono: $1395.00
Pixel Clock Frequency
Resolution 48 MHz 66 MHz 70 MHz
480 Rows
204 fps 216 fps
148 fps
240 Rows
408 fps 432 fps
296 fps
120 Rows
812 fps 862 fps
591 fps
60 Rows 1172 fps 1612 fps 1709 fps
4 Rows 14305 fps 19600 fps 20861 fps
Notes: Reduced horizontal resolution (less than 640
pixels / line) increases the number of available frame
buffers but does not increase frame rate. Pixel clock
frequencies above 66 MHz may reduce image quality.
CAMERA HEAD (with case)
Dimensions: [without tripod mount]
3.3 cm (H) x 3.3 cm (W) x 4.5 cm (L)
1.3” (H) x
1.3” (W) x
1.8” (L)
Weight: 55 Grams (1.9 Ounces)
Lens: 1/2” optical format C-Mount
CAMERA HEAD (board camera)
Dimensions: [includes M-12 lens mount]
2.8 cm (H) x 2.8 cm (W) x 4.4 cm (L)
1.1” (H) x
1.1” (W) x
1.7” (L)
Weight: 20 Grams (0.78 Ounces)
Lens: 1/2” optical format M-12 mount
PIXCI SI Board Dimensions:
12.7 cm (L) x 7.4 cm (H)
5.0” (L) x 2.875” (H) [short slot]
Shielded CAT-5 with RJ45 plugs.
32 or 64 bit, 3.3 or 5 volt PCI slot.
MICRON MT9V403 Sensor
Pixel Size:
640H x 480V x 10 bits
9.9µm x 9.9µm
2.0 V/lux-sec (550nm)
Supported by XCAP-Lite (no charge with
camera purchase), XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Std,
XCLIB, and XCLIBIPL. Compatible with WIN
XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, DOS and LINUX.
Specifications subject to change without notice. EPIX, PIXCI,
and SILICON VIDEO are registered trademarks of EPIX, Inc.
XCAP, XCLIB, and XCLIBIPL are trademarks of EPIX, Inc.
Other brand, product, and company names are registered
trademarks of their respective owners.
EPIX ® imaging products are made in the USA.
© 2007 EPIX, Inc. All Rights Reserved, 10 JUNE 2008
Cable Options:
CBL-SI- 7FT: (2.14M) $29.00
CBL-SI-10FT: (3.05M) $35.00
CBL-SI-14FT: (4.27M) $39.00
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