Roland FC-300 TurboStart
MIDI Foot Controller
Starting Over
Congratulations on your purchase of Roland’s most powerful MIDI foot controller, the
FC-300. This TurboStart contains step-by-step instructions that will quickly introduce you
to the FC-300’s major features.
If you’d like to redo the FC-300’s settings from scratch, you can use the following
procedure to clear its internal memory and reload its factory settings.
Caution: All of your stored settings will be lost when you perform a factory reset. Be sure to
back up any information you wish to keep first.
Changing the Modes
The FC-300 has four modes of operation you can choose from. They are:
Standard Mode—This mode is for sending both Control Change messages and
Program Change messages.
Control Change Mode—This mode is for sending only Control Change
System Exclusive Mode—This mode is for sending or receiving System Exclusive
Patch Mode—This mode is for sending multiple MIDI messages that have been
previously been saved as patches.
Turn off the FC-300.
While holding down  and , turn on the power—“Factory Reset Are you sure?”
appears in the display.
Press WRITE.
When “Factory Reset Completed!” appears, turn off the FC-300.
Power-up the FC-300 for use.
Here’s how to choose the desired mode:
Press the MODE button repeatedly until the mode you want is selected.
Tip: To select modes with your feet, simultaneously press the up  and down  pedals.
Changing the Control Change Numbers Assigned to the Pedals
You can assign any Control Change number (CC#) to a pedal. Here’s how:
Press MODE until the red indicator is lit next to CONTROL.
Press the PARAMETER  button once—“PDL1:Assign CC#65” appears in the
Press VALUE  or  to change the CC# number. If you’d like to change the
CC# values for the other pedals, repeat Steps 2 and 3.
Once you’ve made all of your desired CC# assignments, press WRITE.
Press 5 or 6 to select a memory location (1-5) in which to store your new setup.
Press WRITE twice—the new settings are now stored into the FC-300’s memory.
©2007 Roland Corporation U.S.
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